it'd be nice for OSRS to receive its very own exclusive skill

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It is correct that the very best content of OSRS GP OSRS normally come from BOTH Jagex and community helping each other. But we should remember that Jagex by his very own is also able of great surprise if given the chance ( consider the way Twisted League was amazing, and yet we didnt knew much about it before release) I think when all League content has been polled ahead, it would have been alot different and likely not as exctiting and astonishing. I assume, naturally, that they would only give benefits once.You're telling me that I will not have the ability to do The Knight's Sword over and over for a week to get 200M smithing? And here I thought the whole leveling experience would be shattered with this particular one update.

I agree with everything you said except for you getting your underwear on fire for them asking for telephone number optionally at the close of the survey. There was no requirement, whatsoever, to use your RS email, and you could always give a imitation in Runescape game title if that field was demanded (not sure if it was). Small extreme reaction for three disciplines you fully had on filling out freedom. Employment status is also market study. You'd answer such a question these days for any survey that is trying to be serious about the demographics.

I may be in the minority here but I would really like to see something such as dungoneering added. Found it interesting that this came up in the survey but unlucky it was tied into summoning (yuck). Really enjoyed the group facets of dungoneering and exploring/randomness to it. Also having to create your own equipment was cool so the wealthiest players didn't necessarily have an edge going through the skill (nothing against these players, only found it was fun to the skill). OSRS edition of dung could be sailing. So when its repolled in the vote yes, it'd be nice for OSRS to receive its very own exclusive skill similar to our exclusive quests.

Yes! That's a fantastic point, I enjoyed the motif changed as you got to the dungeons to keep it interesting as it improved. I have not heard much about sailing but id be interested how it would work or if there has been some discussion please join! Sounds fun, I didn't find any mention of teams if it comes to fruition, which could be inserted either with a team or even a fleet in the non PvP part. Just remember a lot of stuff that was proposed because 2015 dev site about sailing eventually came such as fossil island and the new prayers.

Like it'd miss the nuance of rs2007 gold my response some queries felt. For instance the question of me playing less than 6 weeks ago is because I've got a job now. There wasn't any way that so my response could be translated that I am playing less simply because I'm less interested, to describe. Same with the Covid question. I am playing since around the time. How do I answer such queries? The entire survey felt like that. It sure as hell did not feel like"Your survey feedback will affect future upgrades and help form Runescape's direction. It's a chance to pitch the group your articles layouts."