How many exams can you fail and how can you improve your exam score?

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Not all students set themselves the goal of getting a diploma with the highest mark, someone studies for their own pleasure and sometimes allows themselves to "fill up" some example. But how many disciplines are allowed, so to speak, to "fill up"? Of course, it is best to eliminate academically debt as soon as they appear, but this is not always possible. Therefore, we at decided to figure out what to do in other situations.

For future holders of a diploma with the mark "best", another topic is relevant: what to do if you are not satisfied with the assessment? Is it possible to retake the exam that I passed at 4, because for the red "crust" it is necessary that 75% of the certificate have the mark "Excellent"? Let's deal with everything in order.

What does it mean to "fail" the subject / exam?

Let's quickly define what it is to "fill up"?


Failing a subject - unsatisfactory results of intermediate certification in a partial or full scope of the disciplinary module.

If you "fill up" several items, then this can lead to serious problems with the dean's office, up to and including expulsion.

What to do if you fail the exam?

First of all, understand that nothing fatal and terrible happened, because even according to the law, it is forbidden to expel a student from an educational institution due to failure to pass one exam: the student has the right to retake the subject, and twice.


How is the retake at the university going?

  1. Retaking the exam, as a rule, should take place after the session, but with the agreement of the teacher and the dean, exceptions are possible. For example, if a student missed an exam due to illness (a certificate confirming this fact is required).
  2. Any retake takes place in the direction of the dean's office. The student must have an individual examination sheet signed by the dean of the faculty with a note on the timing.

All other questions are already being resolved with the teacher taking the exam. But it should be borne in mind that each educational institution has its own norms for the number of "tails" that a student needs to eliminate as quickly as possible. They are established by order of the rector during the session.

Each student who has received a "tail" during the session has the right to two retakes for each academic discipline within the time allocated by the dean's office, which should not exceed 12 months from the date of receipt of academic debt. Of course, it’s better not to wait 12 months, and as soon as possible to get hold of your head and solve your debts. Even if it's such a small thing as writing a biography, you can always solve it with our company

How many times can a student retake the exam?

If you did not succeed in passing the exam, then it is best to close this gap in the very first academic month of the new semester.


As mentioned above, the student has two attempts to retake.
The first retake: accepted by the same teacher as with the general delivery, within the allotted time for the elimination of academic arrears.
Second retake: takes place in the presence of a specially assembled commission.

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