Why Should You Start a Career in Real Estate?

Thinking of switching career paths and joining the real estate industry? Working in real estate offers good income potential.


Thinking of switching career paths and joining the real estate industry? Working in real estate offers good income potential, and that is a major reason why many are taking the leap to be a part of this industry. What are your options and how do you get started?

Qualifications to Become a Real Estate Agent

To become a real estate agent, you have to meet certain requirements. While the specifics may vary per state, the general set of qualifications usually looks like this:

  • You need to be at least 18 years old.
  • You have to attend and complete a required pre-license education course.
  • You have to take and pass a real estate licensure exam.

It is best that you contact your state’s real estate department to get the correct and exact list of qualifications and requirements to become a real estate agent in your area.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent

A typical day in the life of a real estate agent involves a lot of administrative tasks. It includes:

  • Completing, filing, and submitting paperwork, such as lease records and real estate agreements
  • Attending meetings, appointments, and open houses
  • Creating budgets
  • Responding to phone calls, emails, and other communications
  • Updating and managing electronic records, client information, and other documents in a database
  • Posting updates to websites, social media accounts, and other marketing sites

It also involves finding clients and creating a real estate leads list. For this, a real estate agent should learn some effective techniques and strategies to find high-quality real estate leads. A common method for generating real estate leads and making a real estate leads list is by using the people you know, such as your family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and other social contacts. Another way to go about this is by growing your social network using various advertising methods like billboards, establishing partnerships with local businesses, organizing housewarming parties, investing in online ads, and maintaining an active online presence. Learning to use real estate lead generation software is also a big plus.

Other Career Opportunities in the Real Estate Field

When people talk about real estate jobs, the first thing that probably comes to mind is real estate agent or realtor. But did you know that there are various other real estate jobs? They may not be as renowned but they are equally or even more profitable careers. These include:

Commercial real estate agent – For a lot of people, a real estate agent is someone who sells houses. But a real estate agent can also sell office spaces, buildings, and other commercial properties.

Real estate investor – This is someone who purchases a property, does improvements or makes repairs and renovations to it, and then puts it up for sale to earn a profit.

Property manager – Sometimes, owners cannot personally attend to their own real estate properties. So, they hire a property manager to manage, oversee, or run their property.

Appraiser – To know the current market value of a residential or commercial property, a real estate appraiser must be ready to inspect, analyze, and immerse themselves in the local real estate market.