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They promoting nba 2k21 buy mt gaming in children. In MyTeam there is literally a pachinko machine and a roulette wheel. I should not tell that the effects of systems such as that to you. That is why there has to be strict regulations at least prevent younger gamers. Perhaps you have heard of the many stories of kids spending tens of thousands of dollars of the parents' money? You require a credit card to make these purchases, so we talking about kids who's parents let them, or adults which is their own fault.

You appear to not understand the fact that these 2K matches have been dogshit for a very long time now. Which is a part of these predatory practices. They have had mediocre gameplay but 2K since try-hards the whales and streamers will keep their profits coming in. Which affects those people who need gameplay that is proper with a well-balanced, fair game economy. The franchise has become a straight upward cash-grab. That stinks since it was the only good basketball sim, there are no alternatives.

I do not even actually understand exactly what you mean when you state NBA 2K21 is dog shit. It is incredibly popular and is a glossy and well-featured game. Hell, why I started playing with it at the first place was was sick of NHL games being real dog shit, and NBA 2K21 is far better. You know you could just not play MyTeam. You're walking into a casino and then complaining that they encouraging you to bet. Well, yeah. So we have gone from protecting the kids to saying NBA 2K21 only stinks. I wonder where the goalposts goes next.

Lets be honest as well. Its cash grab. Shameful how some businesses like 2K can make the most of a players legacy. I'm sure Kobe wouldn't have condoned screwing over his fans such as this. The sad part is, Vanessa Bryant (who I am guessing was involved with permitting Kobe to be on there) and all the regulars who barely play NBA 2K21 do not see it as that.

NBA 2K21 is the most likely not even coming together with almost any physical content like 2K10 or 2K17 did, only a whole bunch of useless digital items that are cool for like a month. It's honestly so fucking unhappy how it has come to this and particularly with nba2k21 mt xbox one a basketball legend about the cover, so disrespectful. You are not wrong. But let us also he fair this they are in a situation on the honoring Kobe Bryant standpoint. Ignore Kobe and people will complain. They could just say they don't feel that this proper so shortly, but that is not gonna fly and best situation it does not have any impact to the main point. Its a money and Contain Kobe grab. So they went with the cash grab.