Why keep a task that is slow?

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This is quite impressive but OSRS GP you'll get out of inventory spaces for the terrorbird prior to this, it appears, Maybe just the monks in your inventory it appears that b2p are sufficient for 80 defense but the terrorbird wouldn't hurt I'd say, try playing with it.

It's fairly profitable to take down a foe, especially with falador shield 4. In other words, make use of the terrorbird to ensure it starts fighting with the mole every time. What happens is that the terrorbird will follow in the general direction of the mole even having dug it, giving you a great idea of where it might be located.

The terrorbird can also allow the player to run endlessly (with its scrolls) which is a massive helm. If you're ranging use an overall run setup consisting of Dragonhide as well as some Prayer or Defence bonuses mixed into (Helm or Nietiznot for example). I'd suggest that diamond or ruby bolts (e) are the most appropriate to use. When you're fighting whips or chaotic rapiers and ddp/claws. If you're a melee, you should bring proselyte armour to preserve prayer pots , and also use Piety.

To melee, can guthans or a super set work? I was playing with a range setup (rune plate granite shied the hide) and it didn't hit frequently, so I thought guthans, barrows gloves, as well as some super sets would be really useful and id gain money faster since i did not use diamonds and food as much?

If you can find a safe spot (using the small gap next to the obelisk so it doesn't hit you until it burrows) you'll not require much food, if any. Guthan's probably wouldn't be very efficient.

I suggest you try the broad/emerald (e) setup, start by using the emerald (e) to poison, switch to broads after which you can finish it off. Every kill is worth 20k or less. I myself do 2 kills each run (using eagle eye and prot melee at times) and then go home port. recharge at altar, make use of the fally portal, then bank and come back to wait for my next run.

Hey. Every person is runescape 2007 gold unique. Are there any "correct" method of killing something? I would say, simply blast them with your strongest equipment and weapon, while raising the intensity! However, I've never killed one. Just cancel what is hardest and/or what is bothering you. Why keep a task that is slow?