WoW: Complete Edition is Coming to Xbox Soon

WoW: Complete Edition is Coming to Xbox Soon


WoW: Complete Edition is Coming to Xbox Soon

World of Warcraft: Complete Edition is rumoured to be coming to Xbox in December 2021, possibly at The Game Awards. World of Warcraft has only previously been available on Windows and MacOS, so a console release might be huge for Blizzard.To get more news about buy wow items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Despite its age, World of Warcraft remains one of the most popular MMORPGs and is frequently considered as a genre staple. In spite of Blizzard's lack of transparency, third-party data research sites estimate WoW's membership base to be millions. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the most recent major expansion, has had its endgame content exposed with the WoW Eternity's End patch.

Rumors about a World of Warcraft Xbox release surfaced in a now-deleted Reddit thread, then on the online game site ResetEra. On December 9, a screenshot of the Xbox website's source code showed World of Warcraft: Complete Edition in the “Upcoming” category. On December 9, The Game Awards 2021 will reveal and announce new games. WoW's console launch with Xbox is now being speculated.

A recent tweet by Gaming Updates and Countdowns confirmed the listing on Xbox preload for WoW: Complete Edition. Jez Corden, the reporter for Windows Central also commented on this recent leak.ResetEra had mixed feelings about the supposed leak. Considering the ongoing litigation against Activision Blizzard, many users expect a bad reaction and criticism from such a reveal. Others have imagined WoW on console. The game is a PC product, and many consoles rely on keyboard and mouse inputs and mods. In addition, there are forums dedicated to macros and keybindings, which are created by the WoW modding community. None of them would translate well to console, making cross-platform gaming difficult and unbalanced.

Activision But it's possible Blizzard is keeping the news under wraps until the big event. The company has previously confirmed new experiences for both classic and modern WoW next year, as well as a mobile Warcraft game, although a console version is still uncertain. The Game Awards are just a few weeks away, so those curious for a Warcraft Xbox adaptation won't have to wait long.