Importance of 45001 certification

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ISO 45001 certification in Poland is the new international certification standard in Occupational Health and Safety(OHS) Management Systems. Acquiring this standard braces, you in implementing a comprehensive approach to occupational health and safety(OHS), or in improving upon an existing OHSMS.

Customer expectations for social responsibility are usually greater than ever. Injury and disaster-related to Occupational Health Safety(OHS) risks are extremely costly in society. Securing the people's confidence is like placing a health and safety management system(OHS) at the heart of a business strategy.

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View on ISO 45001

ISO 45001 Implementation in Poland will help your organization to demonstrate compliance with health and safety law. But, in some times, it goes far off what the law is required, so consider carefully whether to adopt it. If your company has developed a health and safety management structure(OHS), or you may be close with other management standards, it might be the straight forward for you to adopt ISO 45001 certification. However, if your company  is small, with less formal management processes, you may find it difficult to:

  • explain what the standard asks for
  • display what proportionate implementation looks like

This case may be particular if you are adopting management standards to meet the supply chain requirements of customers or contracting bodies.

We are concerned about the practical implementation of the standard, including auditing and certification, and whether it can be easily trimmed to work effectively in organizations for all sizes and levels of involvement in a way that’s in proportion to the risks they must control.

Benefits of 45001:

The benefits of ISO 45001 Services in Poland are endless when it is implemented properly. While the standard requires the OHS risks to be addressed and controlled, it also takes a risk-based approach to the Occupational Health Safety (OHS) management system itself, to make sure that it is effective and that it is being consistency in improve to meet an organization’s ever-changing context. Moreover, it makes sure compliance with current legislation globally.  All these measures combined it establish an organization reputation as a “safe place to work”, getting a host of corollary benefits, from reducing insurance costs to improving employee morale – all while continuing to meet your strategic targets.

  • It Develops an OHS policy
  • the leadership demonstrates their commitment to safety
  • Establishing the systematic processes for safety management
  • Conducting hazard identification efforts
  • Creates operational safety controls
  • Increases awareness and knowledge for workers about safety.
  • Evaluating the OHS performance and develop plans to improve continuously
  • Establishing the necessary competencies


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