OSRS FARMING GUIDE The most efficient routes to 99

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OSRS FARMING GUIDE The most efficient routes to 99

Farming skills can be divided in two types based on player's skill level. Early levels (before stage 15) players have to level up on allotment patches that contain various plants, herbs and various other plants. After that, we are able to jump right into the main farming method that takes us even into 99 levels, which is farming trees. There are other ways of gaining farming experience and all methods involving training in farming will be covered in this OSRS Farming guide.

Farming leveling revolves mainly around clearing out dirt in plant patches as well as planting seeds into the soil, assessing how healthy the grown plant, and removing it when it has fully grown. When leveling, there is a lot of running involved therefore gaining a few levels in agility prior to the process could prove useful. Knowing your running routes might be an important thing to know since it can cut down on the time it takes to level.

You will visit several locations across Gielinor like Port Sarim, South of Falador, Fishing Guild, Falador Park on north east side of town, Kourend, Canifis and others . Make sure you carry items for travel such as Ectophial, Games Necklace, Amulet of Glory, Xeric's Talisman, and many more. Be sure to put to a good use of the Lunar Spellbook for buy rs 3 gold farming fruit trees, trees, hops, crops as well as other items to make your travels more efficient.