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In 2009 getting the benefit of the vacant No 60, the City District Government Karachi occupied illegally the road adjacent to said merged plots and first converted it into the nursery and then allotted it to KKF's ambulance depot by giving it Number 60.A legal battle started between the local area people and KKF and a Suit number 271 of 2009 filed in Sindh High Court by the six residents of the same area against the KKF.Finally on September 10, 2014 both parties submitted the compromise application in High Court and withdrawn Suit and KKF sold the same property for Rs23.11 million to Ambreen Basheer.Sources of the Sindh Revenue Department and Karachi Municipal Corporation told The News on the condition of anonymity that the initial allotment of the said property was illegal because it was not the waste land and was Road and the Party by getting the benefit of its Nazim allotted a Road to its welfare organization under 'rules for management and disposal of waste lands within the municipal limits of Karachi' policy.Sources are of the view that the policy was misinterpreted and objections of the opposition parties were overruled."Sindh High court was also misguided and some major information was not disclosed before the Court and through a settled plan Suit was filed and then withdrawn", informed a KMC officer.Bungalow was sealed on the orders of Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqi who also had the charge of Administrator Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) on August 7 (Friday) and on August 10 (Monday) approximately half portion of the property which was originally owned by the owner handed over to him and remaining road area still remained sealed.Director Land Karachi Municipal Corporation Aqeel Baig confirmed the move and told The News that property was sealed and on August 10 on the request and after presenting the documents of original property before the Administrator KMC, the original portion handed over to the owner but the road area is still sealed and guards of KMC along with one mobile vehicle are guarding the site.This reporter contacted Chief Trustee Dr Nusrat Shaukat on August 7 and requested for official version.

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