A person becomes chastened by negative experiences

A person becomes chastened by negative experiences, such as failure or punishment.


In the examples above, inclined and prone could not be substituted for each other.The adverb jocosely comes from a Latin word meaning full of jokes. The adjectival form is jocular. Thus, a person who is behaving jocosely can be described as jocular.The adjective jocular is in turn similar in meaning to the word jovial, although the words have a different origin.The word chastisement comes from a Latin word that means to make pure, as if to suggest that punishment can purify someone of wrongdoing.The Latin root can be seen in other English words such as chaste, which means pure, or virginal, and chastened, which can mean tamed or restrained.A person becomes chastened by negative experiences, such as failure or punishment.Thus, one could say that when chastisement is successful, the person who was chastised will be chastened.Fill in the blank in each sentence below with one of the words from the following list.You may have to change the grammatical form of each word in order for it to fit into a sentence.One sees a great deal of _____________ among people when they enter the Sistine Chapel for the first time.The fact that my new neighbor owns at least fifteen cats and a parrot was the first sign that she is a bit _____________.Boris was a _____________ man who loved to laugh and tell funny stories.Barbara was severely _____________ for breaking her mother’s favorite lamp.Our personal characteristics can be attributed to the way we are raised as well as to _____________.His two _____________ in the other law firm did not agree with his assessment of this particular case.When I was a child, my father’s bedtime stories were full of _____________ and fantastic adventure.Raul’s _____________ was to doubt what the customer service representative was telling him about the warranty on his stove.In the following sentences, note whether the underlined word is used correctly or not.Her interest in a second job was motivated by pecuniary concerns.The torpor among the surgeons that morning helped them focus more carefully on the patient.The vase was unusually stolid, and thus it did not break when it was dropped.Classical music has a soporific effect on some people but a more stimulating effect on others.From her whimsical remarks, one could tell that she took the memorial service quite seriously.I am inclined to say that the weather will turn cold tomorrow.Draw a line between words that have the same meaning.Read the following passage and use contextual information to guess the meanings of the underlined words.If you think Ingram was an honest man, let me disabuse you right now of that idea.Although he was quite honest in appearance, Ingram had an amazing ability to dissemble whenever needed.In his lifetime he had been an astronaut and a poet, a doctor and a lawyer, a social worker and a spy, shifting with ease from one occupation to the other depending on who he was addressing.Whereas most liars are vague or inconsistent on key details, Ingram’s lies were clear and cogent, and his logic was unassailable.In some cases, when he was talking to uncritical and easily persuaded listeners, his success as a liar could be attributed to their credulousness.In most cases, it was not the listener but rather Ingram’s own consummate skill at prevarication that guaranteed the success of his lies.Draw a line between each fragment in the left column and one fragment in the right column to create a word.She accused my brother of _____________, but in fact he had made an honest mistake.Alice is a _____________ chef, capable of creating not only delicious entrees but also appetizers, side dishes, and desserts.Someone should gently _____________ Mike of his belief that he will be a professional basketball player someday, 1410 Views