Personality of the fallen tank commander

Personality of the fallen tank commander


Lolita Hrihorieva 13:26
So, I just want to say that this person was a hero in the beginning just for putting up with all the rejections he got, just for leaving whenever he ended up in this story, and everyone is proud of, my family Proud of him, we won 't forget. And I just wanted to tell him a story. Many people will know that nothing is impossible in this life, and you should stand up for your rights, you want to defend everything in this life, and know that in Ukraine we have There is another hero. thank you.

Samuel P.N. Cook 14:1
Lolita, thank you. So much to share. And I know that every loss in war is very personal and very hard on families. So I know it's hard to even talk about it, and I think it helps everyone who cares about this fight understand the personal cost. So thanks for sharing.

Lolita Hrihorieva 14:33
Just thank you for inviting me.

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