The presidents plaything

Two people walk and laugh, but do not know a black BMW gradually stopped behind, the car Ji Weichen looked at the eyes of the touch

Two people walk and laugh, but do not know a black BMW gradually stopped behind, the car Ji Weichen looked at the eyes of the touch in the sunset under the seemingly romantic figure, frowned with displeasure, this woman is so casual? Have lunch with Du Tianze at noon, in the evening, unexpectedly there is a male companion to accompany, less men, she really can not live? Why doesn't she behave herself in her private life? Xia Yi and Sun Minghui are discussing some of the more interesting topics recently. Suddenly, I feel a cold wind passing by. When I look back, a black aggressive BMW vehicle passes by viciously. The license plate number. Xia Yi's body suddenly trembled, but it was Ji Weichen's. Looking at Xia Yi staring at the car in a daze, Sun Minghui said with some curiosity! What's the matter? Xia Yi came to his senses and shook his head. "Nothing, oh!"! I'm going back. Goodbye. With that, he reached out to stop a taxi, got in the car and left directly. Don't be ridiculous, I don't like him, but I'm very interested in the new handsome guy in our company! I'll show you next time. Xiao Fei's tone is full of excitement. After chatting for a while, Xia Yi hung up and made a phone call to go home. She was so happy to hear her mother talking about her father's recovering body. Xia's mother told Xia Yi to do a good job on the phone to repay the kind boss. When Xia Yi heard this,collapsible bulk container, his heart was filled with bitterness and he had to laugh! Yes, I will try my best. Hung up the phone at home, Xia Yi lay in bed, speechless looking at the ceiling, but the thought of tomorrow's weekend, the bottom of my heart relaxed a lot. On the 32nd floor of Du's Mansion, Du Tianze was studying a pile of drawings attentively. The door was pushed open. Lin Xiaonuo came in in a professional suit and put a cup of tea in front of Du Tianze. He gently told him! Brother Tianze,spill plastic pallet, take a break! Don't wear yourself out. Without lifting his head, Du Tianze continued to study and said aloud! It's too late. Go back to the hotel first. "What about you?" Lin Xiaonuo asked hurriedly, but she had been expecting to go back in his car! "I'll watch it for a while." Du Tianze said lightly, in fact, at the moment Lin Xiaonuo came in, his thoughts were interrupted. He pretended to look at it for a while, but he didn't want to go back to the hotel with her, and he didn't want her to have a chance to get close to him. Girls pester people. For him, it's more annoying than work. He would rather hide than face it. Lin Xiaonuo bit his lower lip and had to say out loud! Fine! Don't exhaust your body. Tomorrow is Sunday. Do you have any program schedule? "You may have to talk to a real estate person about a project." Du Tianze lied and said. But there is no arrangement on your schedule! Lin Xiaonuo was puzzled, but she knew Du Tianze's journey like the palm of her hand. It's a temporary arrangement. Du Tianze continued to make it up. Fine! I'll meet you in your room tomorrow. Lin Xiaonuo was somewhat unwilling to make a sound and reluctantly went out of the door of the office. Du Tianze raised his head from the drawing, his handsome face showed a relieved expression for no reason. He was sure that Lin Xiaonuo really had to go by car. He went out of the office door, went directly to the garage downstairs, drove the car, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet box, and went straight to the most advanced bar in F city. In order to avoid Lin Xiaonuo, he didn't even want to go back to the hotel. Under the dim light of the bar, there are a group of young men and women who are intoxicated in the world of luxury. Du Tianze's appearance and elegant temperament immediately attracted the attention of a group of single beauties. After a while, a sexy and seductive woman approached him with wine. Handsome boy, alone? The woman's eyes stared at Du Tianze's charming face, full of longing. Uh-huh Du Tianze smiled wickedly and stared at the beauty with great interest. 108 Two People's Taste Saturday is a beautiful day for Xia Yi. She sleeps until she wakes up naturally. This lazy day is like a carefree life in college. Think about work, family and friends around her. I feel that life is full of yearning and expectation. Xia Yi while washing his face, while thinking about whether to call Xiao Fei they have no program arrangements, but listen to the mobile phone in front of the bed rang, Xia Yi hurriedly ran over, picked up a look, is Du Tianze, she conveniently picked up, "Hello." "Lazy pig, miss me!" Du Tianze laughed at the other end. You're the lazy pig. I just woke up. What's the matter? Xia Yi was in a better mood early in the morning, so he wouldn't haggle with him. I want to have dinner with you. Du Tianze speaks directly, his purpose is very simple, and Xia Yi together, his appetite is good. Xia Yi raised her eyebrows, thinking that she was going out to buy some kitchen utensils to cook for herself today. The condiments outside were too heavy, and it was always bad to eat too much. She pursed her lips and replied, "How about coming to my house for dinner today?" Du Tianze on the opposite side was obviously a little surprised. "Eat what you cook?" This sentence directly gave Xia Yi a blow, she raised her eyebrows and said, "What's wrong?"? Don't want to eat? Forget it if you don't want to eat. I'm busy. I'll hang up. "Wait, I haven't finished yet!" Cried Du Tianze. In fact, Xia Yi was just playing with him, thinking that he, the son of a rich family, must not have eaten anything cooked by such a poor chef as her. She could not stop raising her eyebrows and said very politely, "What's wrong?"? Changed your mind? "Yes!"! I've wanted to taste your cooking for a long time, but you won't give me a chance. Du Tianze shouted innocently, but he wanted to ask her to be his cook several times, but she was too good at refusing people. Ok! Come downstairs in half an hour and go shopping with me. Xia Yi said with a smile, just borrow his car to sit, otherwise, take things crowded bus is too annoying. Half an hour later, Xia Yi, who was waiting downstairs, saw a red sports car rushing towards him, the sharp brake sounded, the window rolled down, Du Tianze's handsome face came out, his eyes glared at Xia Yi angrily,mobile garbage bin, unhappy! Where the hell are you looking for dead people? It would have taken him twenty minutes to get there, but he had to go back and forth two or three times outside the community before he found it. Xia Yi's grievance curled his lips, "it's all right!"! Didn't you find it? 。