The Spring of Ancient Leftover Women

Looking at Lin Xuan, who seemed to have no spirit, Shen Chenxi suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

Looking at Lin Xuan, who seemed to have no spirit, Shen Chenxi suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. In his impression, Lin Xuan was a person who dared to beat her with a broom. Now it seems too quiet: "We will go back to the main house of the Shen family during the Spring Festival. You should be familiar with it before that. After returning there, you should take over the family affairs as early as possible." Lin Xuan heart a jump, this will go back to power, it seems that the situation is not very good ah! As far as she knew, Shen Chenxi's mother died early, and his father did not remarry, and everything in the family was managed by Aunt Liu, who was close to Old Master Shen. This but let her strange a lot of time, generally come to the home of things should not be to a concubine room, but do not know why, Shen Chenxi home unexpectedly will appear this kind of situation, also not afraid to be outside people know to gossip. Family affairs should always be handled by the mother, and a concubine is not on the table. Shen Chenxi wanted to know what Lin Xuan was thinking and opened his mouth to explain. I see. Lin Xuan nodded and gently poked the dishes that had not been finished in the bowl. Shen Chenxi had mentioned this before, and now he mentioned it again, and that meant that she would go back and take over,plastic pallet manufacturer, as if she was really a little anxious. Did the servants upset you? Shen Chenxi put down the chopsticks in his hand, because he didn't like people around him, and when he ate, people just stayed outside the house. No Lin Xuan looked up and unconsciously diverted his attention under Shen Chenxi's gaze: "The servants are all very good. There are Lin butler and Yuzhen here. There is nothing to worry about." She is also telling the truth, Lin butler and Yuzhen are really good helpers, big and small things through their hands seem to be very relaxed, so that her new wife can not help but breathe a sigh of relief in the heart. Then why don't you look energetic? Shen Chenxi frowned slightly. I don't know if it's his illusion,drum spill containment, but he always feels that Lin Xuan seems to be suppressing something now, and every time he talks to him, he is cautious, which is totally different from when he was in the Lin family before. Could it be said that Lin Xuan was afraid of him? Shen Chenxi rarely felt a little depressed, unconsciously staring at Lin Xuan. Does he really look scary? The people at the bottom didn't see them have such a big reaction! Lin Xuan is also depressed, do not know what Shen Chenxi is not right, delicious food does not eat, staring straight at her to see what, she is not a beautiful woman, Shen Chenxi this guy does not know that looking at her will make her very stressed? "Nothing, just a little uncomfortable." Lin Xuan lowered her head and silently picked up a mouthful of rice, which was much better than when she was in the Lin family. She wanted to eat well, stackable plastic pallets ,heavy duty plastic pallet, but Shen Chenxi's appearance really affected her appetite. Shen Chenxi was slightly unhappy, he did not believe what Lin Xuan said now, but the other side did not want to say that he had no way. After putting a piece of meat into Lin Xuan's bowl, Shen Chenxi said calmly, "Madam is not feeling well. It's better to eat more." Lin Xuan stared, this Shen Chenxi is concerned about her? She saw that Shen Chenxi sometimes had a strange attitude towards her and thought that the other party didn't like her very much. Could it be that she was wrong? "The autumn harvest has begun, so I will be busy recently, and you should pay more attention to things at home." Shen Chenxi took a look at Lin Xuan: "Dou Yi has always been around to take care of Yimeng, but she is always just a maid, a lot of things still need your mother to manage better." Shen Chenxi mentioned Yimeng, Lin Xuan came to the spirit, she came to the Shen family a large part of the factor is to take good care of Yimeng, but it seems that some people are not very happy. Sir, is Dou Yi the only one around Yimeng? Lin Xuan very cleverly ate the meat that Shen Chenxi gave her. Well, it's so delicious. The feeling of the landlord's house is good. "No, because I usually have a lot of things to deal with, so Yimeng's side arranged a lot of servants, but Dou Yi is his mother's former maid, so I let her become the first of these servants." Shen Chenxi thought about it and felt that Lin Xuan felt uncomfortable because of his mother, so he thought he was very considerate and added: "If you don't like it, you can make other arrangements at any time." Lin Xuan can not help but secretly despise Shen Chenxi in the heart, look at what he said, as if she asked this is jealous, she Lin Xuan has not reached the point of jealousy with a dead person, she is now in the relationship with Shen Chenxi, jealous of this thing is still some distance away from them, and it is not certain that there will be such a situation in the future. Think of Yimeng pitifully pulling her clothes, Lin Xuan's contempt is deeper, this Shen Chenxi is really, his children are not very concerned about, so simple to take care of, no wonder little Yimeng is not very stuffy all day, only when she is around a little lively. Unfortunately, Lin Xuan did not dare to say these words for the time being, but quietly stared at Shen Chenxi, and before the other party did not find out, he took back his eyes and pretended to eat seriously. Eldest brother Shen Yan suddenly appeared at the door and called out to Shen Chenxi in a low voice. Lin Xuan shook her hand and almost threw the chopsticks out of her hand. Miss Shen had already been put on the list that she could not touch much. She had not recovered from the shock she had suffered in the morning. How could she meet again in such a short time. Shen Chenxi didn't seem to be surprised that Shen Yan would appear here. He casually glanced at Lin Xuan and then said to Shen Yan, "Do you know you're wrong?" Shen Yan's face quickly turned red, his chest began to rise and fall eagerly, and his eyes stared fiercely at Lin Xuan, looking like a firecracker that was about to erupt after being lit. Answer me. Shen Chenxi's cold words,foldable bulk container, this seems to be about to erupt firecrackers so Yan, retracted his neck, no longer dare to look at Lin Xuan.