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"What do you want from me?" Asked Pan Xiaojun. "What do you want me to do?" Asked Szeto San. Since you can't ask


"What do you want from me?" Asked Pan Xiaojun. "What do you want me to do?" Asked Szeto San. Since you can't ask me to do anything, I can't ask you to do anything. So the result of the two people later was that neither of them did anything. The butterfly dance gently and gracefully rolled up Cui and stepped down from the carriage. She looked at the grass under her feet, under the soft light of the moonlight, although a little hazy, but still so green. But when she looked up, she found two faces, which were greener than the green grass under her feet. Pan Xiaojun, Situ Sanwei. Not only green, but also livid. You stare at me, I stare at you. Diewu, dressed in an apple-green spring shirt, said lightly, "What are you two looking at?" Pan Xiaojun looked at Szeto three bad: "I am looking at him." Szeto looked at Pan Xiaojun. "I'm looking at him, too." Butterfly dance does not understand: "See?" "Because I suddenly think he's cute," said Pan Xiaojun. "I suddenly think he's cute, too," said Szeto San. Butterfly dance more do not understand: "Cute?" Pan Xiaojun's face was so livid that he almost wanted to break Szeto's nose with one punch. "He's not only cute, but he's really cute." Szeto three bad has always been unable to steal food, but provoked a green face of things, there is no good feeling. So he almost wanted to knock down Pan Xiaojun's teeth with one punch: "He is more lovely,cosmetic tube packaging, so lovely that I am almost not lovely." Diewu frowned and shook his head at Pan Xiaojun. "It seems that you are drunk because you didn't drink." She looked at Szeto three bad: "You drink too much wine, of course drunk." * * * Livid, fortunately not only Pan Xiaojun and Szeto three bad. When they returned to the main hall, they found that the faces of all the people present seemed to be even more blue than the two of them, not only blue, but also very blue. Pan Xiaojun looked at the focus of the crowd's livid face, and he suddenly shook his head. Because he saw something that really shouldn't be there, and it really shouldn't be there. A coffin. Coffin is a good coffin,aluminium laminated tube, but also very new, is dark red Liuzhou superior Nanmu material. Of course, everyone knows that Mr. Guo is having a birthday banquet today, not a funeral banquet. Of course, we all know that no matter how bad the gift is, no matter how bad it is, we should not send a coffin. Did someone make a mistake and send it to the wrong door? The first to feel curious is "not the first scholar" Kong Mingming, he looked calm, slowly walked to the coffin, picked up a white paper tied to the thick hemp rope. Although he was not a scholar, he still had an indescribable love for paper. There are two characters on the white paper, which are well written and very delicate: "Guo Jia". This is not a mistake, it is indeed the Guo family, it is indeed to be sent to the Guo family. Kong's face was pale and his eyes were white. He trembled and held the white paper in his hands. It was neither to send nor to throw, empty cosmetic tubes ,empty lotion tubes, just like holding a hot potato in the palm of his hand. Guo Xiaotian is also motionless lying on the chair, he closed his mouth, wrinkled the eldest brother's eyes in a daze, a face livid, has enough to play the most fashionable, the most brand-new iron. Birthday banquet should be regarded as a wedding banquet, to celebrate the total also want to have a good touch of joy, so that their smooth, it is best to be able to make a fortune. However, if the frustration is different, frustration is sad, that is, bad luck, bad luck. No one wants to be "frustrated" all over the body. So some people have begun to pull up their legs and take the first step. In the main hall, of course, the first to go was Huangfu Erhu and Huangfu Xiaofeng. Before the two tigers of Huangshi left, they looked at the butterfly dance. His eyes were like a wolf who had caught the little white rabbit and could hold it in the palm of his hand. The second one is the Shaolin monk "No Evil Master" and the Wudang celebrity "Mei Zhenren". When they come, they seldom say a word, and when they leave, they leave with clean sleeves and no words. Outsiders have their own ideas, not ordinary people, can understand their intentions. Shaolin monks and Wudang celebrities have all left, and of course others should also leave. Kong did not know behind Xue Huacai, shaking a yellowing folding fan, he did not dare to open his folding fan until now, and waved it smartly, because Huangfu Erhu's golden folding fan was no longer present. * * * It's late at night. The moonlight hung high, and suddenly a dark cloud came from a corner of the sky, covering the moonlight. The last trace of moonlight happened to shine on Guo Xiaotian's face, but Guo Xiaotian still did not move. People have gone, the building is empty, where is all the pride today? Guo Xiaotian heart dribs and drabs of taste, is not the average person can understand. Who sent this coffin? Who sent him a coffin for his birthday? Coffins, of course, contain people, and empty coffins, of course, contain people. Who is it? At the end of his seventieth birthday, he received a coffin! Guo Xiaotian is still motionless, his pale eyes, even can not see a little blood. The burning red candle in front of the hall has also been burned out, leaving only a little shadow, in the eyes of Guo Xiaotian, as if it were the burning white wax in front of the mourning hall. * * * "Why don't we go when everyone is gone?" Asked Szeto San. There are a lot of bad guys. Don't you know that girls are not suitable to walk around outside in the middle of the night? Pan Xiaojun walked beside the butterfly dance and stared at Szeto San and said. You can walk here. As for the inside, you don't have to go in. Pan Xiaojun and Diewu came to the wing on the west side and said to Szeto San. You can't leave me alone and sleep outside. Said Szeto San. You can sleep alone. Who else do you want to sleep with? Pan Xiaojun said,cosmetic tube, "Have you forgotten that there is a wife waiting for you in your family?" "You are the groom, and your duty is to look after the carriage, and never let the night be driven away." Pan Xiaojun wouldn't let Szeto have a chance to talk. "I can also suggest that you sleep in the carriage. You are very poor recently. Maybe he will hit your carriage." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com