Carry a spring with you.

Of course, the beautiful and quiet rural environment of Liujiagou also left a deep impression on the public


Of course, the beautiful and quiet rural environment of Liujiagou also left a deep impression on the public, many viewers feasted their eyes and inquired about the shooting location of the TV series. This eleven can be said to belong to the glory of Liujiagou people. After several episodes of "XX Sunshine" were broadcast, the children's channel of the Imperial Court TV station received many letters and phone calls, and even the e-mail box published on the website was full. Nowadays, children come into contact with computers earlier, and many of them will send e-mails on the Internet. In most of their letters, they asked about Wukong's recent situation and wanted to know which zoo he was in. These letters were transferred to Director Ma and then to Liu Junhao, which made his eyes tingle when he read the letters recently. Of course, many well-informed adults brought their children directly to Liujiagou to see it. Liu Junhao and his wife have a feeling of being overwhelmed. It seems that overnight, the animals in their yard have become big stars. If Wukong can sign, I don't know how many people are looking for him to sign. Although Director Ma had a premonition that this children's drama would be hot, he did not expect that it would be so hot. Seeing the ratings rising all the way, he decided to let the scriptwriter write the script immediately, ready to start shooting the second part at any time, and the shooting location was still in Liujiagou. Now he was glad that the end of the first book was an open ending, and it was not difficult to continue writing it now. The squirrel opened its eyes some time ago, probably because it was injured by a magpie. The little guy did not grow much, so Liu Junhao did not dare to feed it nuts and other food,jujube seed powder, and continued to raise it with milk. However, although the little one is still suckling, his temper is very similar to that of a monkey, and he is particularly clingy. It often climbs on its owner's shoulder and can't be driven away. Liu Junhao was playing with squirrels in the yard at the moment, and when he saw Ma Dao's leader coming to the door, he quickly got up to greet him. When Director Ma came to Liujiagou again, his face was full of smiles. He can be said to be successful now,akba boswellic acid, after this teleplay is successful, investor sends a few scripts immediately, invite him to continue to shoot teleplay. This is a friend of mine, Director Zhang from XX Zoo. He wants to pay a high price for your Wukong. Ma Dao went into the courtyard to exchange greetings and then opened his mouth to introduce it. Director Ma, it's not that I don't give you face. My family really doesn't sell Wukong. No matter how much it costs. Without waiting for him to finish, Liu Junhao refused without any hesitation. There are not one or two people who want to pay for Wukong these days, and they are all rejected by him. Mr. Liu, don't refuse in a hurry and listen to the price. "I don't have to listen. You don't sell it for any amount of money, even a hundred million yuan." Liu Junhao refused very simply. Look, I said you had to come for nothing. "Director Ma made a helpless gesture.". In fact, he was really afraid that Liu Junhao would sell Wukong, so that he would not be able to shoot his second TV series. He brought Director Zhang here this time just because they were old friends and he could not refuse. Wukong, you don't sell it, pumpkin seed extract ,fenugreek saponins, but can you do a favor for our zoo? The man turned to ask for the second place. Busy with what? Liu Junhao asked doubtfully, wondering what he could do to help the zoo. I heard Lao Ma say that this monkey was trained by you. Can you help us train some monkeys in the zoo? Of course, we will pay you. "This.." Liu Junhao hesitated. It was not a difficult thing, but he hesitated, but always felt that it was mysterious. No. "Before he could refuse, Zhang Qian, who had just entered the yard, had already rejected it.". Looking at the three people looking at themselves, Zhang Qian opened her mouth and explained, "Director Zhang, what do you think is the biggest difference between our Wukong and the monkeys in your zoo?" "More spiritual, more lively and lovely than the monkeys in our garden.." Yes, this is because we have never interfered with anything, and it is always free. But the monkeys in the zoo are different. They are kept in cages for a long time, and their spirituality is worn away. Even if you send the monkeys here, we can let them return to their wild nature, but if you put them in a cage again, it will not take long to be no different from other monkeys. What my wife said is reasonable, and she deserves to be a teacher. Liu Junhao kept nodding his head. Their own Wukong became like this, not by training at all, but by natural change. If you really want to train, it's better to find someone to train monkeys. Monkeys like that seem to be able to do a lot of things, but they lose their spirituality. This may be the biggest difference between Goku and other monkeys. It's the only one It seems that the animals in our yard have not been trained very much, and as a result, they are all so spiritual. Chapter 409 the troubles of stars. Before the TV series was finished, Liujiagou's tourism became more and more popular. Most of them are parents with their children, and their main purpose is to see the lovely animals in the play. For a time, Wukong, Xiaopi, Doudou and so on became the focus. These guys did not know how many tourists' films they wasted every day. Wukong was the happiest. He received countless candies and other foods. The monkey's nest was full of them, and even a few cabinets at home were occupied by him. This guy doesn't eat every day recently, and he just wants to eat these snacks. Every time Liu Junhao told the tourists not to give him any more food, but as long as Wukong stretched out his hand, the children kept stuffing, and the monkeys naturally refused all comers, the more the better. But Liu Junhao had to use the key to lock all the candy cabinets to prevent this guy from eating snacks. But he underestimated the intelligence quotient of the monkey, and as soon as he turned his head, Wukong had stolen the key from his waist and a big bag of snacks. Seeing that this move did not work, Liu Junhao simply put the cabinet key in Professor Zhao's place. The monkey had no choice but to turn his attention to the tourists again. Of course, he also became much smarter and hid the candy he asked for without letting his master know. On Saturday and Sunday, the tourism boom reached its peak, and the scene was more lively than the May Day fishing contest and the National Day singing opera. All the rental rooms in Liujiagou are full,stesweet stevia, and even the newly built fourth phase hotel in the village has been vacated to entertain guests, so there are still many tourists who have no place to live. Liu Guangju saw that this was not the way, so he had to lead them back to Qingshan Town to find hotel accommodation.