Cute Mouses Diary After Marriage

Yan Fei Ang is more worried about the eldest brother who seems not to be very active. If the eldest brother


Yan Fei Ang is more worried about the eldest brother who seems not to be very active. If the eldest brother wants to say that he is good, he is really good, but he is a little too good. Even the youngest brother who looks the cleverest is in constant trouble every day. He is the most delicate. He is always bullied by his three brothers. Every time he is bullied, he loses his little golden beans. But every time he sees his brothers playing happily, Can't help but follow behind their buttocks, and then be bullied again. The eldest brother is as good as he is sensible. He not only knows how to protect his younger brothers, but also educates them when they play too much. So he is a little worried that he is too smart, but there is a word in the world that wisdom will hurt. When Kang Wenqing learned of his worries, he couldn't help looking at him and said with a smile, "You still have the nerve to criticize him. I think the eldest son is exactly the same as you used to be when you were a child. At that time, I also wondered if there was something wrong with my youngest son. But now it seems that your character is really innate. My grandson is up to you. Just pay attention to it and don't worry too much." "That's all right." Yan Yunhai also nodded with a smile, "The eldest brother is sensible, and he knows how to take care of his younger brothers in the future, and he can also set a good example for them." Five children grow up together, which means that parents have to educate five children to grow up at a time. Everyone needs to notice that this is not easy. It is necessary for one of the five children to play a good leading role. Yan Feiang nodded, "I know." Novice parents always stumble on the road, afraid of a careless, harm the child for a lifetime, Su Wu only know to educate them well on the line,lycopene for skin, but specific, suitable education methods can not be figured out overnight, Yan Feiang felt that the burden on his shoulders was really very heavy. Su Wu will continue to go back to school after the first month of the lunar year, and the family will only be busier in the future, so Yan Feiang specially found a good evening, intending to take the family to the movies. Ok Su Wu is very happy, their family has not officially gone out together! "But is it all right to take the cubs?" Su Wu was a little worried. "What if they run around?" Yan Feiang has already thought of a good way,ghana seed extract, "I remember Master Aoyama's jade slips said a kind of magic, can lock a certain or several specific objects in a certain range, you try." Of course, the fact that this spell seems to be used to escort a certain class of criminals, he did not say. Ah! This is good! I'll try! Su Wu nodded in surprise. This method is really very easy to use, Su Wu not only successfully circled the five cubs around the two bodies, but also used a way similar to the formation of a contract, temporarily formed a contract with the five little guys, so that in case of accidental separation later, but also with some contact with divine consciousness. With these two good things, a family of seven can be said to go to the street together! Said to be vast and mighty, in fact, is Yan Fei Ang and Su Wu changed the couple's clothes, five cubs into the original shape, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, one after another into their clothes, go out. Five cubs originally thought that their fathers were playing with themselves, drilling their fathers'clothes very happily, but when they wanted to drill out again, they found that it was so cold outside! And a lot of people! There are a lot of huge things coming and going, and it's so terrible! Chapter 88 In the first month of the lunar year, the weather in Beijing is still very cold. When Yan Feiang and Su Wu went out, they wore overcoats outside, and in order to keep the children warm in their clothes, they chose thick overcoats with big fur collars on their collars. The pups burrowed into their fathers' clothes for a while, then got a head out of the collar, scratched their little paws on the fur of the collar, and then were shocked by the outside world! Yan Fei Ang did not drive today, led Su Wu to stop a taxi, two people with the children sat in the car. There are strangers in the taxi who don't know each other. The cubs who are flying at home are now like a few little quails. They dare not make a sound at all. They lie tightly in their fathers'clothes for fear of being robbed. How sad it will be if they can't see their fathers in the future! At the cinema, Yan Feiang bought popcorn, all kinds of snacks, and hot drinks for Su Wu as usual, and then signed him into the cinema to queue up to buy tickets. There are a lot of films released during the Spring Festival. Yan Feiang accompanied Su Wu to watch the movie posters on the propaganda board for a while. She saw several little girls screaming at one of the posters, saying that the male God was so handsome and so on. Yan Feiang and Su Wu also saw it. It was a film about solving a case. Su Wu was very interested in it. So I chose this movie with the little girls. After they went in, they deliberately chose the couple's position, and they sat down on the couch, and the five cubs finally dared to look out curiously with a little head in the somewhat dark cinema hall. Squeak, squeak. The cubs cried in a low voice, still feeling a little scary here, but staying by their father's side all the time made them feel a little safer, and they looked around carefully with their heads stretched out. The film soon began to play, and after the opening of the film flashed on the large screen, there appeared a figure as big as the sky for the cubs, which startled them again, but soon they were attracted by the colorful above, and rows of them braved their heads to lie on their fathers'collars and looked at them curiously with wide eyes. Five cubs, two at the collar of Su Wu, the eldest and the fifth, and three at the collar of Yan Fei, who are used to mischief, look very cute with small heads and big eyes. May be because of the natural blood connection, may also be because a few small and Su Wu's prototype is exactly the same and likable, Yan Feiang's face is not obvious, in fact, the heart of a few sons love very much, from the cup in Su Wu's hand to take a popcorn, break a little to the cubs. The cubs can't eat anything other than milk powder,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, after all, they haven't teething yet, but the sweet syrup on the white popcorn is so attractive that the little flying squirrels who inherited the delicious attributes of Su Wu's father can't help but stick out their little tongues and lick them.