Ruyi good son-in-law (ancient saying crossing)

"No, I'm not pampered at home. I have to work every day and I'm in good health. How can I be stumped by a quagmire?"


"No, I'm not pampered at home. I have to work every day and I'm in good health. How can I be stumped by a quagmire?" Liu Qing felt that her body was much stronger now than in her previous life. Besides, even if she was really stuck in the mud and couldn't get out, there were still Chiang and Lin, and they couldn't watch. But Liu Qing thought very well, was chatting with Aunt Yan and a woman who had just come over, Jiang Shi, who was still paying attention to her behind. As soon as he turned his head and saw Liu Qing about to take off his shoes and go into the water, Chiang immediately frowned and said in a deep voice, "Qingqing, what are you doing?" Liu Qing felt that Dahua had so many worries that she refused to go into the water. If she really went to ask Chiang for instructions, Chiang would probably not agree. So while she was chatting happily with several women, she planned to go into the water quietly, but she didn't expect to be caught. But Liu Qing didn't feel guilty either. When he heard this, he raised his head and said to Chiang with a smile, "Milk, I'll go down and help Aunt San." "With your small body, it's good not to make trouble for your third aunt, and you want to help her." Hearing Liu Qing's reply, Chiang's face softened and he only changed into a dumbfounding look. "All right," he said in a gentle voice, "you can just watch from the shore." "Milk." Liu Qing pursed his lips and said coquettishly in a soft tone, "They all went down, and I want to go down and have a look." "No." Chiang's face did not change, but his tone could not be ignored. He waved to Liu Qing again and said,die cast light housing, "Come here." Liu Qing is naturally reluctant, but Chiang said so, she did not dare to say anything more, only slowly moved to Chiang's side. When Chiang saw that her little mouth was pouting and her face was full of displeasure, he was in a good mood to persuade her: "What's so funny about this quagmire?"? If you step on it, you will sink to the bottom, and you can't pull it out for a long time. It's not as interesting as watching it on the shore. Standing next to Aunt Yan was the village head's wife. When she saw Liu Qing like this, she laughed. "Aunt Jiang, you Qingqing are still young. It's normal to want to go down and play. Isn't my family crazy at the bottom?"? So many people are watching,Investment casting parts, but nothing can happen. Hearing someone intercede for him, Liu Qing immediately raised his head and looked longingly at Chiang. Chiang, however, looked at her unmoved. Then he turned his head to the village head's wife and said with a smile, "You don't know. This child is not in good health. He had a serious illness a few months ago. He asked a doctor to come to see him and said he would take care of him slowly.". Because of this, I didn't dare to ask her to work in the fields for fear that she would get tired again. It's not hot today. The water under the pool is cold. If she really wants to go down and play crazily, it's not easy to catch a cold. The village chief's wife repeatedly nodded: "Auntie is right, since the doctor said to raise, really can not be taken lightly." Jiang Shi said so, Liu Qing can only completely rest down to play the mind, obediently stand beside Jiang Shi to watch the fun. The village chief's wife seemed to have something to say to Chiang, and when people were not paying attention, she pulled Chiang aside and did not know what to say. When she came back, Chiang's face was not very good, and she looked out of her mind. Although Liu Qing did not know anything, but also did not in front of so many people, directly asked Chiang what, car radiator cap ,car radiator cap, and she is a child, can not do everything at home to think of ways, it is too easy to make people suspicious. Besides, if it was really something that only she could solve, Chiang would naturally come to her. Liu Qing, who had made up his mind, thought he had seen nothing and watched the excitement for a while. About an hour later, the lotus root was almost dug, not all of it was dug, and some of it was left. It was said that it was just waiting for the year before to dig again. When the time comes to dig out the lotus root, the village head will not take it to the town to sell, but sell it directly to the villagers at a low price. In winter, there was a shortage of materials, and everyone had enough food, but the vegetables were far from enough. Even if there were enough vegetables in the cellar for the winter, they were not fresh. So the lotus roots sold by the village head's family at that time were particularly popular with the villagers, mainly because the price was half cheaper than buying them in the town. After watching the excitement, Jiang and Lin went home with several sections of fresh and tender lotus roots in their arms. Liu Qing and Dahua went back to the master's house and walked to the door. Liu Qing remembered something and hurriedly turned back to Jiang and shouted, "Milk, don't do these lotus roots first. I'll fry them when I get back.". ” Chiang had long been used to Liu Qing's cooking, and from time to time strange ideas came up. Without looking back, he said, "OK, I'll leave it for you to come back and do." Sister Dahua took one look at Liu Qing and said with a smile, "What fresh way have you come up with?" "Keep it secret." Liu Qing smiled and said, "Sister Dahua, you can rest assured that I will definitely make one more and send a bowl to the master and you in the evening." The two families are now coming and going. If the Liu family has any food, they often go to Dahua's house. Dahua's family digs lotus roots in the lotus pond. Originally, they only ask relatives to pick up cheap ones, but now they also call the Liu family, which is enough to see the relationship between the two families. Therefore hears Liu Qing to say so, the big flower elder sister also has not been polite, nods generously: "that I may wait." Liu Qing's previous life as a four-body not diligent pure food, the thing is really very little, just also is just a flash of inspiration, suddenly remembered the previous life to eat spicy lotus root slices, this just remembered to change the taste. However, Liu Qing has only eaten spicy lotus root slices and has never cooked them herself. However, she knows that the most important thing in this dish is to mix chili sauce, and the method of chili oil is much the same. It is nothing more than adding sesame seeds to the dried chili powder, heating the oil in the pot, pouring the hot oil on the dried chili powder, and stimulating the flavor of the chili. So this spicy lotus root slice, Liu Qing also felt that it was not difficult for him. When he got home, he began to wash and slice the lotus root, boil it in boiling water, and soon a bowl of spicy lotus root slices was made. Liu Qing gave one to Jiang, who had been standing beside him: "Milk, do you want to taste it?" "It smells good." Chiang only broke off a small piece and put it in his mouth, savoring it carefully. After eating it, he smashed it twice before nodding and saying, "In the past, this lotus root was just cooked in a pot with water. I didn't think I could do that. This pepper tastes strange and fragrant." Liu Qing smiled, and Chiang came to his senses and gave her another white look. "But it's too much oil. It's not worth putting so many sesame seeds in it." As soon as Chiang's words fell,deep draw stamping, several children rushed in and said with a grin, "Milk, it's worth it. It smells better than meat!" 。