Wolong gives birth to a double phoenix flag

Brother Yung started to speak, but before he could speak, Huang Shifeng shook his hand and strode


Brother Yung started to speak, but before he could speak, Huang Shifeng shook his hand and strode straight to the middle of a hall. Looking back, he saw that the white horse had been led into the backyard by another beggar. Brother Rong hesitated a little and followed Huang Shifeng into a hall. Eyes turn, only to see the hall, gathered in the old call, call, small call, no less than 30 people, in the middle of a wooden table, the seat is empty, left and right sides, each sitting a beggar. Huang Shifeng walked to the front seat and sat down. Pointing to the vacant seat opposite, he said, "Brother Rong, please sit down." Brother Yung leaned slightly and said, "Thank you, Sect Leader." Sit down slowly. Turning his eyes slightly, he saw an old beggar with white hair and beard sitting on the left seat. His left eye was blind, leaving only one eye on the right. The man on the right looked no more than thirty years old, and although he was also wearing patched clothes, he was spotlessly washed, full of energy,brass tube fitting, and had a lean face. Pointing to the old beggar, Huang Shifeng said, "This is Jiang Shangyuan, one of the three elders of the Beggars' Sect." Brother Yung folded his fists and said, "Elder Jiang, the younger generation has been admiring you for a long time. I'm lucky to be warm today." Jiang Shangyuan nodded slightly and said, "It's easy to say, easy to say." Huang Shifeng turned his eyes to the young man and said, "This is Chen Lanfeng,stainless steel tube fitting, the leader of Shenji Hall in our gang." Brother Yung leaned over and said, "I've heard a lot about you." Chen Lanfeng smiled and said, "The Sect Leader often talks about Brother Rong's Quick Sword. My brother has admired it for a long time." "Brother Yung said," I hope Brother Chen can give me some advice. Huang Shifeng answered, "This is Master Rong." With a slight pause in his voice, he said, "Brother Yung failed to make an appointment yesterday. I know he was lured by someone. He sent a disciple of my Beggars' Sect to look for him everywhere, but he never got any clue." "It's a long story," said Brother Yung! The treachery in Jianghu is really impossible to guard against. Chen Lanfeng answered, "What happened to Brother Yung?"? I hope you can elaborate on it, which may help us to understand the enemy's situation. Brother Yung nodded and told the story very carefully. Chen Lanfeng listened very attentively. When Brother Rong had finished, he heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Listen to Brother Rong. The place where he was killed for the first time is in Ximen City." "Yes," said Brother Yung, "it's also a secluded lane. It's somewhat similar to this lane." "Of course," said Chen Lanfeng, ball valve manufacturer ,14 tube fitting, "those people are not the ones who come to the door." "I don't think so," said Brother Yung. Chen Lanfeng said, "Before Master Wan saw Brother Rong, he seemed to have known that Brother Rong's Jade Frog was not genuine." Brother Yung said, "Did he know it at that time, or did he already know it? I can't say for sure." Chen Lanfeng said, "He knew that the jade was a forgery, and the secret book inside was also a forgery. Why did he let Brother Rong go and give him a thousand-mile horse as a gift?" "That's what I don't understand," said Brother Yung. Chen Lanfeng said, "There are things in the world that go beyond common sense, and we can't measure them with common sense." Brother Yung had already heard from Huang Shifeng that the leader of the Shenji Hall was a conceited person full of talent and learning. Listening to his two words, he could not help nodding his head secretly and thought, "It seems that the leader of the Beggars' Sect is a resourceful person." The one-eyed old beggar, who seldom spoke, suddenly stood up and said, "The most important thing at the moment is how to get the medicine back."? What about the man's intentions? As for the matter of Master Wan and Master Rong, we'll talk about it later. Huang Shifeng nodded and said, "Elder Jiang is right." "In my opinion," said Chen Lanfeng, "there are two strategies to follow at the moment. One is to use the elite of our Chang'an Bow Sect to fight them to the death. The other is to withdraw our Beggars' Sect from this dispute for the time being, according to what the man said in his letter." Huang Shifeng said, "Our Beggars' Sect is handed down from generation to generation with loyalty and righteousness. How can we flinch when we are in distress?" Chen Lanfeng said, "Since the Sect Leader is determined to fight a war, there is no need to discuss it any more. His subordinates will immediately appoint people." Huang Shifeng seemed to have unusual respect for the solitary God. Looking back at the one-eyed God bow, he said, "What does Elder Jiang mean?" Jiang Shangyuan said, "The old man and the Sect Leader have the same opinion. They would rather fight a fierce battle than accept their threats.". ” Huang Shifeng turned his eyes to Chen Lanfeng's face and said, "Reply to him and say that we will keep the appointment on time." Chen Lanfeng stood up and hurried out of the hall. Moments later, he walked back to the hall again. "Did you see the man off?" Asked Huang Shifeng. Chen Lanfeng said, "Listen to what the Sect Leader says." "Pass it on," said Huang Shifeng. "I want all my brothers gathered here to sit down and rest in preparation for tonight's fierce battle." Chen Lanfeng answered and looked around at the dozens of disciples of the Beggars' Sect in the hall. He said, "You can sit out of the hall and rest. Tonight's battle is related to the honor and disgrace of our Beggars' Sect. I hope you will have a lot of rest and spirit. When you start, all of you will strive to be the first." The disciples of the Beggars' Sect all around answered and filed out of the hall. Although Brother Yung could not identify the identities of these people in the Beggars' Sect, they all looked like small leaders. He thought to himself, "It must be a big deal for the Beggars' Sect to gather so many leaders here." Thinking about it, the beggars in the hall had disappeared, leaving only Jiang Shangyuan, Huang Shifeng, Chen Lanfeng and a few others. Huang Shifeng said in a low voice, "Has Master Chen ever seen anything?"? —— Chen Lanfeng said, "It's hard for my subordinates to say for sure at the moment. However, as far as my subordinates are concerned, we can certainly see some clues before the third watch tonight." "It's a serious matter," said Huang Shifeng. "I hope you can make good arrangements." Brother Yung asked in a low voice, "Brother Huang, did something big happen to your gang?" 。 "Brother Yung is not an outsider," said Huang Shifeng. "It doesn't matter. After we broke up with Brother Yung, we went back to the sub-rudder of the Beggars' Sect. But the sub-rudder had already become a piece of rubble, with more than ten charred corpses lying in the middle." Brother Yung was taken aback and asked, "Has Chief Escort Wang been hurt?" With a heavy face, Huang Shifeng said slowly, "General Manager Wang,stainless steel needle valve, Lord Zhao, and Lord Tian Shao have all been seriously injured. However, their lives are not in danger. What is comforting is that no one has died except my disciples of the Beggars' Sect." 。 chinaroke.com