Rural daughter-in-law reborn as cannon fodder

Let's go." Hu Youguo was so frightened that his feet were weak.


Back in the study, Luo Haiying's body stuck to the bed, and the whole person fell into a deep sleep. In the east room, Zhang Guilan faintly heard the conversation between the Luo brothers and sisters. "What happened?" "It's okay." Luo Jijun lay on the bed without taking off his clothes. It was the first time I had seen him look so spiritless. I turned over and looked at him sideways. "What's the matter?" For a long time, when Zhang Guilan thought he would not speak, he heard him open his mouth, "Do you think if I retire from the army and go home with you to farm?" "Yes." Zhang Guilan opened her mouth and answered, but her heart sank. She didn't believe that Luo Jijun would say this for no reason. She asked with a quiet smile, "What's wrong?"? Have you met something unhappy? "I've been suspended, and I have to wait for notice to deal with the results. I'll go home with you today." Luo Jijun then learned what Luo Haiying had provoked. "Look, she knew she was wrong this time, and she didn't say much about her." "All right, I thought it was a big deal. So that's it. Then you just go home with me. I think you should take Haiying with you. You've only been here for two days and you've made such a friend. It's really not reassuring to stay any longer." Zhang Guilan could hear that Luo Jijun was afraid that she would blame Luo Haiying again, but she did not mention it. "Since we are leaving today, let's go to the city now. I want to buy something for my parents to go back. Besides, we have to take the train for one day and two nights, and we have to prepare something to eat." Luo Jijun breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. His daughter-in-law did not ask much. After all, this could be related to their lives for the rest of their lives. Any wife would ask, but he could not say what kind of taste it was in his heart. It was sour, sweet, bitter, and more astringent, which made him feel more sorry for his wife. Especially when his wife did not ask to understand himself, Luo Jijun did not know how to face his wife. Zhang Guilan was afraid that Luo Jijun would think too much and dared not ask any more questions. She opened the cabinet and simply tidied up a few clothes that Luo Jijun was wearing, only to find that apart from the military uniform, his ordinary clothes were almost non-existent,heavy duty cantilever racks, and she had only noticed it. In the heart had the dispute, Zhang Guilan also did not say much, "breakfast goes to the city to eat a bowl of chaos.". The cheap minced meat is still big. Add an egg to each person. "Yes." Luo Jijun took the casual clothes handed by Zhang Guilan and changed them a few times. "I'm going to call Haiying. Let's go now." Zhang Guilan himself in front of the mirror tied a ponytail, just carrying the bag out of the house, Luo Jijun with Luo Haiying has come out of the Westinghouse, brother and sister two have no words, one walk with one, Zhang Guilan secretly curled his mouth, if I knew it would be like this, why didn't I leave a way for myself at the beginning, make trouble like this, in the end make trouble. As for Luo Haiying's marriage, Zhang Guilan did not intend to ask any more, heavy duty metal racks ,mobile racking systems, some things have their own destiny, just like the previous life Luo Jijun was not suspended, but this life because of her butterfly effect, but was suspended. When the three men went downstairs, they didn't meet anyone, but when they got to the gate of the compound, they obviously noticed that Luo Jijun's body was stiff. For Luo Jijun, who regarded the escort as his home, this matter actually hit him the hardest, and it was more likely that he would leave the army or accelerate the days of the army. Zhang Guilan did not ask about the matter of further study and knew that it was impossible. Now some people can understand that Yang Zongguo will be in such a mood with Shang Hong. For those of them who want to stay in the army all their lives, anything related to the army is as important to them as life. While waiting for the bus at the small bridge, some of the family members in the courtyard, Zhang Guilan did not know, but Luo Jijun did. Seeing that Luo Jijun was not wearing a military uniform and carrying things, he did not think much about it. They all laughed and teased him about his love for his wife. Zhang Guilan only echoed with a smile and did not explain, until after getting on the bus and sitting down, Luo Jijun wiped the sweat on his forehead, Luo Haiying kept his head down, even if Luo Jijun lied to her that it was all right, but now he was carrying things home, Luo Haiying also faintly knew that things were not so simple, he really knew that he was afraid. Luo Jijun was called up to say back home, has never opened his mouth, even in the face of Zhang Guilan, people also appear to be a little worried, eyes dodge, Zhang Guilan saw her like this, the heart only feel relieved, do not have to say more, and so on back home with Luo's parents to clean up her, just wait to watch the fun on the line. Chapter 71: Luo Ma's mind. In the hospital, Hu Youguo was taking care of Milan when he saw two soldiers and four policemen come in. It was strange that a policeman had come to Hu Youguo. Is this Comrade Hu Youguo? "I am, and you are?" Hu Youguo looked at the two soldiers and wondered how the police could find him. We have a matter for you to cooperate with the investigation. Please come with us. The policeman showed his certificate directly and held it up to Hu Youguo. Hu Youguo was confused. "Police colleague, can I ask what it is?"? I've been in the hospital these days, and I haven't been anywhere. Have you made a mistake? "Just looking for you to do some research. Let's go." Hu Youguo was so frightened that his feet were weak. Fortunately, he now knew that he could not be frightened in front of Milan. When he left, he said hello to Milan, but the pale face could not be concealed. Milan was also frightened. Now he was living alone in the hospital and could not wait for Luo Haiying. He was also worried. He called the nurse to help him get out of bed. He dialed Luo Jijun's unit on the public telephone downstairs. He heard that Luo Jijun had been suspended. Yesterday, Hu Youguo said that he wanted his friend to send Luo Haiying back. Milan's face was white. If the ordinary thing, with this impossible suspension, now Hu Youguo has also been taken away, then he will not be involved? That was Milan's first thought. Touching the wound in her stomach,warehousing storage solutions, Milan returned to the ward with a layer of sweat on her body. She called the nurse to ask for illness. The nurse looked at Milan with a stunned face. Finally, she went through the discharge formalities at Milan's request. With only her small cloth bag, Milan rushed out of the hospital and took a rickshaw to her rented residence. I was relieved when I locked the door inside.