Young Four Famous Captives-Wen Ruian _ txt Novel Paradise

The general has always looked up to them, but think they don't join better than join.


In ancient times, there was a history of sleeping on brushwood to taste gall and humiliation in the crotch. After knowing these stories, people naturally know more about cutting off their opponents. There is a chance for the defeated to revive and escape from death. When he knew that the three swordsmen on Sifang Mountain, the second master of insects, the eight or nine mothers-in-law, and the three jars of sons had all been killed, he felt great. It was a pity that he originally wanted to cultivate "hurt fish", "save fish", "angry fish" and "busy fish" with the four frustrated players of the Wen family. "Fish", finally developed into "one yuan worm", not only can detoxify, but also can improve their own skills for 40 years, this is his original. In private, he ordered Daxia San to stop the task, but unfortunately, Yu Chuntong, who was trained by himself, destroyed it. He also made an introspection: originally, he thought that it was better to buy people's hearts than to buy people's hearts, so that the four outstanding people of Wenmen could have a place to stay. It's better to make drugs for themselves than to force them to work for themselves. Give them some freedom, and you may get more done. Now he knows that this is impossible. Once people have a little freedom, they will be insatiable and ungrateful. Virtue does not understand self-restraint. Hearing what Xiao Dao said,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, they all did not hesitate to heal their wounds in cold blood for the sake of a little selfish desire-and they were cold at that time. Blood is on the opposite side of itself! It's not easy to control people outside. "One yuan bug", he still has to develop. It is good to dispatch warm hot pepper in Lingnan. When the hand comes back, the matter will continue. Forty years of skill, like gold, silver and jewelry, is naturally the more the better. But later, grind The location of the system, in any case, has to be changed to the "Chaotian Villa" and then released for control. To give a man a little more freedom is to give himself a little less power. This kind of thing,steatite c221, the general decided never to do. When he knew that the knife was almost raped by the general who was trained by himself, and the two brothers and sisters were saved in cold blood. In addition to his anger, he had two reflections: First, Yu Chuntong deserves to be a person trained by himself. He knows that the most dangerous place is the safest place. In order to change his name, close to his side, if not for this matter, he had not known that there was such an enemy around him. People! Therefore, since there is such a'dangerous person ', there may be a second, third.. He must not allow this to happen again-that is, if he has such a person around him, he must not. Indulge and let go. Better kill by mistake than let go! Second, he was cold-blooded. Although he incited Laoqu villagers to fight against him as soon as they met, he also saved his son and daughter as soon as he went into battle. Son, this kind of'character ', 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,ceramic igniter electrodes, can be'for their own use'. If you can't take in an outstanding talent for your own use, you'd better kill him. To deal with the enemy, the general has always had only three ways: One is to collect. To take over is to turn an enemy into a friend. The second is to kill. The dead are not the enemy. The third is to destroy. Destroying a person is more deadly, more poisonous, more deadly than killing him: the way to destroy him can be gradual corruption and positive. Attacks, lateral isolation, and setbacks behind the scenes. This principle is the same as revenge: if you kill the enemy with a knife, the enemy will only die; but if you destroy him, he will still suffer. Live hard-to destroy a man is more deadly than to kill him; but to destroy an enemy is not more deadly than to kill an enemy. There is a guarantee: because to destroy the enemy (even if completely destroyed), as long as not dead, it is difficult to guarantee that not in the chance of coincidence, The right time, the right place and the right people can make the Soviet Union great! However, the general thinks that killing an enemy is better than more than one friend! He was determined to try first, Try to collect cold blood. Try to collect cold-blooded. Seven sneezes without snot. There is nothing impossible or impossible in the world, only if you are willing to try. This is the general's consistent idea of terror. He decided to use his cold blood for his own use. But how can we take such a cold-blooded and arrogant young man into account? So he went to ask Yu Yimen, the second mate of the Five Leagues, and the third friend (he also had four killers and nine generals). The general thinks that he has been able to keep his reputation and power, mainly because of his heart of learning and power. Same, to old Julie. He is not ashamed to ask questions. Whenever he encounters something he can't determine, he will consult the good hands around him. He has plenty of good hands. If the "Dalian League" did not have such a good hand, what would he do as the general leader of the Dalian League? He has plenty of talent around him. It was "Yin Si" Yang Yu who presided over "Chaotianmen" for him. " The original leader of the "Five Leagues" has been wiped out by the general one by one, and now he presides over the five alliances of metal, wood, water, fire and earth Yes, it is the "five evils" of the "Ghost Axe Class": spotted star, spotted red, spotted green, spotted flower and spotted tiger. The martial arts and power of these five men Perhaps they are not as good as the Jin people, wooden people, water people, fire people and native people in those days, but they all have the ability of others and their own strengths, which is more important. Yes: they are absolutely loyal to the general. "Second deputy" refers to the new deputy leader of the "Dalian League", "Big Laughing Aunt", and the deputy leader of the "Zhenbian Base Camp". The general's "the road is like the sky, each side of the road" is a whip. " The "three friends" are the three good friends of the general. These three people did not join the "Dalian alliance", also did not become a general, he Some of them are new knowledge, and some are old friends. The general has always looked up to them, but think they don't join better than join. It is more convenient not to be a gang than to be a gang. Some people, sometimes, keep a distance, can be a lifetime; too close, day and night On the contrary, it is easy to turn against each other. "Master Shang" is one of them. The man was born in a distinguished Hou family, but because he offended the dignitaries in the capital, he fled to a dangerous city. The general not only took him in, but also thought highly of him. This man's ability is that he has a complex relationship in the capital,Ozone generator ceramic plate, as long as he smells, he almost knows the wind in the capital. The situation changes; as long as he frowns, he can solve many complicated personnel disputes. The general needs this kind of person very much. This kind of person can solve some things for the general that even the general can't/inconvenient/not suitable to solve in person.


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