Illusion God

Thinking of this, I could not help closing my eyes, holding the bridge of my nose in my right hand, relaxing my eyeballs, but the next moment


Just when I was sighing secretly, suddenly. Xiaoqiang that huge figure quickly appeared in the distance, after a few jumps by force, suddenly fell in front of me, a pair of pliers constantly compared to me. Although Xiaoqiang can not speak, although his drawing is completely random waving, but from his excited expression, I can see at a glance that he must have found the right place. Without saying a word, he quickly jumped on the back of Xiaoqiang. With a wave of his big hand, Xiaoqiang jumped up at full speed. After a turning point, he ran back fiercely. A few minutes later, Xiaoqiang and I came to the right side of the waterfall, in front of a cave on a huge stone platform. The huge waterfall rushed down dozens of meters on our left. Standing in front of the cave, it was like standing in a thick fog. The diffuse water vapor was really strong! This is a huge stone platform hundreds of meters high, from the appearance, as high as a 30-storey building on the earth, so thick, the stone platform is close to the mountain wall, in the part where the stone platform connects with the mountain wall, there is a round cave. Appreciative patted Xiaoqiang's big head, I walked into the cave alone, no way. Although the cave is not small, but Xiaoqiang still can not get in anyway, it seems. He can only be outside the cave. This is a typical Q-shaped cave. When you first enter the cave, there is a large oblique passage of about three meters, followed by a round cave. The shape of the whole cave is exactly a Q-shaped one. Looking at the cave with satisfaction, although the doorway is very damp, but the inside is surprisingly dry,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, the cave is very empty, about 50 square meters, although the light is a little dim, but it is enough to practice, in addition. It's better to sleep when it's dark. If it's too bright, you won't have a good rest. Excited to unload all the supplies on Xiaoqiang's back, one by one moved into the cave, tidied up a sleeping position, I know. I will be here for a long time in the future! After pressing the paragraph, I sent Xiaoqiang to move freely,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, and then. After a good sleep, I began my practice. Before reading, in order to avoid the low-level mistakes of the last time, I went down the mountain to collect some strong branches, woven them together with rattan, and then pasted them with sticky mud on the door woven by the branches to block the light of the golden book. Because there was too much moisture outside the cave, I was afraid that the moisture would wash away the mud, so I pressed the door on the inner side of the cave corridor. Because the cave corridor was inclined, it was unlikely that the treasure light would spread out. In addition, the inner door made of branches and mud, I thought there would be no problem. Lying comfortably on the recliner, covering my legs with an animal skin quilt, and immersed in a warm feeling, I took out the golden book that Alice had given me from my bosom-Kamikaze Spectrum! With the magic lamp ready, with anticipation, I finally opened the Golden Book again, immediately. Under the illumination of the magic light, the dark cave was immediately enveloped by the golden light, in which the purple gas was constantly floating. Kamikaze spectrum, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,dap diammonium phosphate, a total of nine pages, only one side of each page is written, the handwriting is purple, in the light, shining with magnificent, amethyst-like brilliant light. Read it carefully, one page. Another page, ten minutes later, I put down the kamikaze spectrum doubtfully. Is this the secret book of kamikaze fighting? I think the introduction of Kamikaze is more like it. The book records in detail the origin of the kamikaze spectrum, as well as the characteristics of the kamikaze fighting spirit, especially the brilliance created by the kammon fighting spirit. From the nine pages, I don't see any way to practice. What's going on? Could it be. Just talk about the power of kamikaze, even if it is the practice method of kamikaze? Could it be. Looking at the kamikaze spectrum in my hand doubtfully, I recalled the intensive martial arts on the earth, such as hiding the head, hiding the tail, and pouring three sentences. As long as I had all the methods in my memory, I experimented with them one by one, but the result disappointed me. These effects were useless at all. I even use blisters, use fire to burn, the result is not any change, looking at a line of shining handwriting, I was completely at a loss, Alice said very clearly at that time, ah, this is the secret book of kamikaze, is it.. Is she mistaken? Do not give up, I opened the golden book again, from the first page to see, page by page analysis, as long as we can find a clue, then everything can be completed as a matter of course. So I checked almost every corner of the first piece of gold paper carefully, and made the words in the first page clear, and finally.. I finally gave in, completely unable to find the slightest clue. Staring at the handwriting on the first page, my eyes are straight, staring at a book for a long time, and the light is so strong, anyone should have straight eyes. The line of sight is slightly blurred, the two black spots in the middle of the page in the book move fiercely, with a wry smile, I know. I'm already dizzy, and if I continue to watch it, it's too harmful to my eyesight. Thinking of this, I could not help closing my eyes, holding the bridge of my nose in my right hand, relaxing my eyeballs, but the next moment, I suddenly froze, a completely impossible idea, suddenly appeared in my mind. Three-dimensional stereogram? Suddenly stopped the movement, I was attracted by the idea I thought of, suddenly opened my eyes, looked at the two black spots on the book, yes. It's a black spot! The whole first page, except for these two black spots, is purple handwriting, so. What are these two black spots used for? Is it.. Is it used for! When I was on the earth, there was a popular three-dimensional painting in the school. The painting was very complicated. On the surface, it was just a plane painting. But when your eyes focused and the two points given on the three-dimensional painting coincided, the whole picture became three-dimensional. It was very magical! Looking at the kamikaze spectrum in the middle of the two black spots,Magnesium Oxide powder, my heart is not nervous to jump up, this is the last hope, can it be said that this is the real secret book to crack it.