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Aunt Li, I'm out. He said lightly, opened the door, heard Aunt Li's exhortation to be careful on the way, and left with a sound


Colonel, Colonel, where is yours? Hurry up, hurry up, there's no time, but I'm looking forward to meeting my most admired idol in this world. Just think. I'm so happy. . Holding his face and twisting with intoxication. The running water on one side joined in excitedly, and the two intoxicated eyes looked at me with star eyes. I was in a daze, not knowing whether to tell them the contact information or not. My heart was pounding, but I was pulled by something. I hesitated to sweep the crowd for a week. Come on, come on, Colonel. Time is running out. . It's starting to jump Both of them looked at each other and looked at me doubtfully. Caso suddenly stopped her eerie laughter and said softly, "Aren't you going to tell us how to get in touch?"? It turns out that Xiao has never treated us as friends. Is that so? It was so gentle that I felt a chill in my heart. I threw out a string of contact information in a panic and got off the line directly at a loss. Like this Ok? Xiao seems reluctant to tell us how to contact him. Du Du's soft voice had a touch of worry. Caso felt slightly guilty and suddenly raised his head. "But she told us after all. Even if she didn't want to, she still put us in a very important position. I think it's good for her to force her like this." Du Du nodded quietly and smiled for the last time. "Everyone has their own secrets, Caso.". When will you solve your problem. Don't be an outsider if you need our help. Caso's body suddenly froze and his head drooped. No words. Chirp also smiled shyly: "In fact, if you don't mind, I would like to have one more toy that doesn't mind breaking." As soon as the words came out. Over there, a few little ones who jumped happily into a group flashed far away, looking at the eyes of the little chirp, which was called a fear. Caso's body, which had been frozen, shivered for a moment and laughed with a trembling smile: "Ha." Ha-ha That one I won't bother you, this. I can handle it, ha.. Yeah, I got that, too. He shivered again, his figure faded, and he was already offline. Ling Moxiao's cold eyes glanced at the brocade, which immediately became clear and ran over: "We also went down, Dudu, Xiaocha, and Lala, agile.." Doll,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, you too. See you in three days. Say, two figures are also a light, disappear in place. A number of small ones have also been offline, only a few scattered on the empty slope, even Sheng Mo and others have been offline, and all and small chirps seem to remain in place. Suddenly the little chirp turned sideways and said with a shy smile to a figure who was walking slowly, "Ah, it's very hard for me to hide it for you." "Thank you." A soft, melodious voice thanked him disapprovingly. Thank you, but not necessary. I would like to know what you are hiding from. If you say you are hiding from everyone, I will not believe it. Xiao Chiao still smiled shyly. The girl looked at the small chirp, suddenly a sarcastic smile: "This seems to have nothing to do with you, you hide things for me, I am very grateful, but this does not mean anything." Then, with a snort, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Oxide price, he went to the woods and chose to get off the line. Little Chia Chongdu shrugged his shoulders and said with a laugh, "Ah, ah, it's time to burn the bridge." All lightly threw a supercilious look to the small chirp: "You have many things to do." The voice fell, the figure gradually faded, also off the line. Xiao Chiao smiled so hard that his eyebrows and eyes curved and then left. Hey hey, this world, this world, I pull the small to the side of the cold day how to quack, one by one ambiguous past. In other words, the reason why Xiao Wei asked the man who to choose, this is entirely for the end and the general direction of the man to ask, not to now who who who and Xiao tied together, so Xiao Wei said to follow the decision of the people and swing Lala read! [Chapter 34 a Trip to the Living Library] The morning light invaded the inner room from the window, and the stars were sprinkled on the plain bedding. The human figure in the bedding moved, lifted the quilt, sat up, covered most of his face with his shoulder-length hair, rubbed his eyes in a daze, slid down from the big bed, barefoot, stepped on the smooth ground and walked into the matching washroom in a daze. Washed and washed, completely sober, put toothbrushes and towels in place, lifted a hand-drawn form hanging on the white wall of the line of sight, picked up the pen hanging on the side and circled the numbers on the form, let go of the pen, and left the washroom. Back to the bedroom, I found a set of conservative clothes and trousers from the wardrobe, changed the pajamas, folded them and put them in the most convenient position in the wardrobe. I cut my hair with my hands and walked out of the door. When I came downstairs, I saw an aunt cleaning. I suddenly remembered that today was the day when the hourly worker aunt came. I said politely, "Aunt Li, good morning." "Miss, get up. I've prepared your breakfast for you. It's on the table. Mr. and Mrs. are not at home, so they only make a separate one." Aunt Li responded enthusiastically, stopped her work and smiled. I nodded and got used to it. Aunt Li had been doing part-time work for some time. Generally, if she came, she didn't have to make breakfast and lunch. She turned to the dining table in the living room and looked at the scallion porridge, a dish of side dishes and two stewed eggs on the table. She finished eating silently, washed the dishes, carried her schoolbag on her back and went to the entrance. Aunt Li, I'm out. He said lightly, opened the door, heard Aunt Li's exhortation to be careful on the way, and left with a sound. It seems that there is no need to cook lunch at noon today. The young lady is afraid that she will stay in the library for another day. Oh, pity such a polite girl. How can it be like this? Aunt Li often goes in and out of this house. Nature knows something more or less, sighing and cleaning up the dust that does not exist on the furniture. Out of the entrance, put on the shoes and tie the shoelaces, out of the password door that made me speechless for a long time, step by step on the wide road without people, the light of the morning is not very sunny,calcium ammonium nitrate price, even though it is summer vacation, the morning is still keeping it refreshing. Occasionally. I passed by several people who were running in the morning and didn't know each other. I went out of the villa area and came to the street where the noise had begun. I went to the stop sign and waited quietly. I stared at the ground in front of my toes without squinting. Only when the car came, I looked up.