Three Kingdoms Road

As soon as he got up from the ground, he began to scold: "Granny, what did you use to plot against this general?"


But when Cao Cao rode to the front of the battle array, he was only a few dozen paces away from Cheng Yu. On his horse, he also handed his hand from afar and shouted, "How are you, brother Cheng Xian?" Although he was not tall, he was full of energy. His voice was rich and long, and he was not much worse than these generals. After saying hello, he also began to fight back against Cheng Yu: "I think I haven't been in the court for a long time, but I don't know when Cheng Xiandi will be promoted to the post of fu. I didn't tell the foolish brother. Let me celebrate for you." Between two people talk, unexpectedly like old friends for many years, there is no smell of gunpowder at all, but between the words, there are hidden thorns everywhere. Tso for the country, I'm afraid it's hard to know that now the emperor has been held hostage by a small night, XiaGuan by the emperor's blood letter to the thief, just Tian Ren Sima, to assist prince of Zhao thousand years old crusade against the thief, but I don't know the prime minister for a long time on the side of the emperor, have seen the face of the traitor? Cao Cao laughed and said, "I think Cheng Xiandi has been hoodwinked by a traitor. In my opinion, the emperor is now surrounded by loyal ministers and righteous men, and there are not one or two traitors among them. Instead, bandits are swarming around, each claiming to be a prince. They support the army and respect themselves. They have a bad heart, which worries the emperor.". Since the good brother has the heart of serving the country,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, why not come back to the capital with me, and really receive the grant from the emperor to fight against the traitors for the country? To here, but has completely denied the identity of Cheng Yu, but also in the words of their own elevated to the orthodox status. Cheng Yu also don't think, oneself have always thought that eloquence, just ready to debate with Cao Cao in front of a few LiWei, but with Cao Cao a few words, only to find that once the outstanding really want to, since two people from just now has been keeping the principle of politeness, now if you turn to the Cao Cao's personal attack,outdoor endless pool, must surely be laughed at by all, It seems that it is difficult to get the upper hand of Cao Cao by language today. There is only one more switch strategy. So Cheng Yu, still smiling, shouted to Cao Cao, "Although Cao Gong regards all the people in the court as loyal and righteous, he really doesn't know that all the people in the world have rebelled against the Prince of Zhao and killed all the traitors to save the emperor.". Different ways do not seek each other, I am afraid that none of us can convince each other, in that case, why not leave this difficult matter to be discussed later. When I heard that Cao Gong had swept away the Yellow Turban, he had a lot of martial arts. Today, he will hunt with Cao Gong at the gate. He and I will practice with each other to teach you to open your eyes. Originally he changed the subject to invite Cao Cao singles, such a level of singles is unprecedented. Although he didn't have a little hope for Cao Cao to fight, but if Cao Cao for the current situation run live and fight, according to the understanding of their own martial arts, should be better than Cao for so many years of pampered without battlefield. Even if Cao Cao refused to fight, is also a little bit of the upper hand. Sure enough, Cao Cao was a crafty old man. How could he accompany Cheng Yu to fight on the battlefield? He laughed and said, outdoor whirlpool tub ,whirlpool hot tub, "Cheng Xiandi is joking. I think you are also a noble man. How can you do this? I'm afraid it will make the world laugh. Since Xiandi wants to see it, I have countless warriors here. I can practice the battle array for Xiandi." Then dial the horse back. On one side, Dian Wei was the first to rush into battle before Xu. He was not so polite to Cheng Yu. He put out the two halberds in his hands and shouted to Cheng Yu: "Anti-thief, the prime minister gave you a chance to repent, but you didn't know how to cherish it. When your grandfather captured you, he confessed in front of the prime minister's horse." Although Cheng Yu thought it was not difficult to defeat Cao Cao, but not stupid enough to fight with Cao Cao's first fierce Dian Wei, now his love will not cluster, although also not afraid of Cao, but don't want to fight with him, so also turn the horse head back to the array. As soon as Dian Wei saw that Cheng Yu wanted to go, where he was willing to let go, he chased him. As soon as several generals in Cheng Yu's array saw that the enemy had come after him, they also prepared to stop Dian Wei first. Cheng Yu on the horse is a wave of his hand, motioned them to step down, and then a wave to Chen Gong, who was supervising the battle in the array. Chen Gong knew in his heart that it was also a flag display. The drums of war changed steeply, and a group of archers flashed out of the array. They took a few steps forward and knelt down on one knee in front of the array, with their bows and arrows pointing to the air. When Cheng Yu's horse had just passed through them, the arrows in their hands rose into the sky almost at the same time, blocking the sun and flying to Dian Wei. Dian Wei is also startled, he just put all his attention on Cheng Yu, did not notice these small movements in front of Cheng Yu, hurriedly with the hands of the double halberd dial, but also busy. But these arrows can also stop Dian Wei for a while, with his martial arts, but also in such a long distance naturally will not have any problem, riding in the hands of all the bows and arrows have been shot out of kung fu, Dian Wei roared at the enemy: "Xiao Xiao generation, unexpectedly use such shameless means to plot against people, what kind of hero is it?" The words did not fall, immediately let him see more shameless means. But see a few black spots such as electric shot, unexpectedly let him even dodge the time also did not have, had to hurriedly with the weapon in the hand to knock hard outward, which know the force of the head-on encounter is too big, he is not by for a while, although blocked out, he was also abruptly lifted down from the horse. Although Dian Wei's nature is not too simple, but after all, forthright and simple is his nature. Suddenly, he suffered such a sudden loss. As soon as he got up from the ground, he began to scold: "Granny, what did you use to plot against this general?" As soon as I looked up, I saw several unknown instruments placed on the ground. It turned out to be a bed crossbow. Since that day, Cheng Yu defeated Guan Yu with a crossbow in front of the battle, he never thought of using this kind of thing in the frontal battlefield, just as Zhang Liao came from Runan and found this kind of thing in Xuchang. He thought that since he was going to attack Chen Liucheng, these siege weapons could naturally come in handy, and when he defended the city, he could also play its role, so he also brought them to the front with the army. Jade see these treasures is exultation, oneself is about to face the decisive battle with Cao Cao, with the help of these things, nature can get twice the result with half the effort, but in the siege because the city is strong, and guarding city equipment is also sufficient,China spa factory, so there is no way, since back to the army and Cao Cao, these things will be brought over.