Emperor Qianlong February River,

Emperor Qianlong February River,Emperor Qianlong February River,Emperor Qianlong February River,


"Your Majesty!" Her ladyship knelt on the ground with a splash of her two maids, choked with sobs, and could not say a word. Qian Long approached the Kang and touched Yang Mingshi's forehead, which was soaked with sweat but not hot. "This Kang is burning too hot," he said. Song Gong, what do you think? Yang Mingshi lay in a daze on the Kang, heard the call, and slowly opened his eyes. Seeing that it was Qianlong, his eyes flashed and two lines of tears flowed silently down his cheeks to the pillow. Qianlong saw that his lips were moving and his chest was rising and falling in a hurry, as if he had something to say, so he bent down and listened closely, but after listening for a long time, he only vaguely heard him say, "Elder brother.." "It doesn't matter, brother," said Qianlong with a smile. "Don't be in a hurry. Take your time. Illness comes like a mountain and goes like a thread. Being in a hurry will aggravate the condition." Yang Mingshi seemed more excited, wriggled his lips, raised his right arm, scratched it feebly, and fell down again, looking at Sun Jiagan imploringly. "Master,artificial grass panels," said Sun Chia-kan, grieving and surprised, "he wants a pen and paper. He has something to say." When seeing Yang Ming, he winked and sighed. He hurried over to fetch the pen and ink. Because the paper was too soft, he asked Mrs. Yang, "Do you have a convenient wooden board?" Mrs. Yang looked around and shook her head. Just as she was about to speak, Qianlong said,decorative palm trees, "Your illness doesn't matter. Yin Tai's stroke is so serious. He has lived for twenty-five years and died in eighty years. Don't worry." Yang Mingshi stared at Qianlong and tried to sit up with his right arm. Only then did Mrs. Yang realize that her husband really had something urgent to report to the emperor. In a hurry, she took down a folding fan from the top of the cabinet. Shi Yizhi and Sun Jiagan worked together to help him sit up. Yang Mingshi's left half of his body was as soft as mud, and his right half of his body was barely able to move, holding the pen just shaking. It took a long time to draw two words askew, but it was still "elder brother". The third word is only shadowy to see that there is a walk (), how can not identify what the word is. Yang Mingshi lost his pen in despair, looked up to the sky with a deep sigh, tears fell like rain, and could not say a word. Song Gong, no matter how big it is, don't think about it now. Qianlong felt a sudden sense of surprise in his heart, but he did not take it out of his face. He bent over and said in a gentle voice, "I can trust you, and you must trust me too.". I'll come to see you when I'm better. Then he came out and ordered the imperial physician to present him with a prescription. Seeing that it was nothing but medicines for dispelling wind, calming the nerves, artificial plant wall panels ,silk ficus tree, and suppressing evil spirits, and seeing that there was snow lotus in it, he said, "This is a strong tonic for tigers and wolves. Remove it!"! "Tell your hospital doctor to come and look at the pulse tomorrow-let's go." Youyou Shumeng uUTxt. Quan Mosquitoes Edition of Yue Dou Volume I, Chapter III ? Eighteen Talks on Official Affairs Qian Du Accepted the Grace of the Emperor and Asked the Cause of the Disease Qian Longcha Zongxue Three people came out of Yang Fu, only to know that it had snowed heavily outside. When Qianlong saw that Gao Wuyong was already lying beside the car, he put his foot on his back and was about to get on the car. But he stopped and asked Shi and Sun, "You two usually have a lot of contacts with Yang Mingshi. Do you know what his third word means?" Sun Jiagan and Shi Yizhi looked at each other, and the word "inverse" crossed their hearts almost at the same time, but how could such a thing be guessed casually. After hanging his head for a long time, Sun Chia-kan said, "Your Majesty, the calligraphy and paintings are so unclear that it's really hard to recognize them.". But Yang Mingshi did seem to have something to play. The two of us walk around here frequently, and when he can speak and write a little, he will play in time. "All right." Qianlong nodded and got into the rickshaw. "I'm still going to see Li Wei," he said to the two of them through the window. "You don't have to follow me. It's cold. Take care of yourself, too. I'll give you a decree later." He put down the curtain, the car moved, the royal horse ran wildly, surrounded by dozens of guards. Returning to the Hall of Mental Cultivation from Li Wei, Qianlong felt tired and hungry. He asked for imperial food but couldn't eat it. He stopped and looked at the heavy snow outside the hall. He was just in a trance. He didn't even know what he was thinking. Seeing Qin Meimei with snow on her face, she asked, "What's the matter with the empress?" Qin Mei-mei paid her respects to Qianlong and replied, "The old Buddha is with you now.". The old Buddha said that the master had gone out for a day today and asked the slave to see if he had come back. The guards shot a few pheasants and cooked a pot of good soup. The old Buddha said that the master came back to buy a bowl! "If you go back to the Empress Dowager," said Qianlong with a smile, "you can tell her that I still have some things to take care of and that I can't get by until it's dark. I haven't seen the book today. This is a good snow. Tomorrow I will accompany the old Buddha to enjoy it. The fold is too heavy, and the heart is not happy when enjoying the snow. That's all. Qin Meimei promised, but stepped back out. Qianlong ate two more mouthfuls, and felt more and more like chewing wax, so he ordered people to withdraw their meals. He got up and strolled a few paces before calling the eunuch, "Go and see if Prince Zhuang is in the upper study. If he is, ask him to come over." "Long live back," said the eunuch with a bow. "The Sixteen Princes had just been here. They said they had just come back from Master Zhu's mansion. They asked their master if he had come back. The slave said he hadn't come back yet. He said he would go back for dinner. The master called him, and the slave passed it on. "Tell him an hour later." Qian Longshu stretched his body and said, "I'll go out for a walk now and let Gao Wuyong follow me." Gao Wuyong came out and told the bodyguard Leng Saige to follow him far away. Then he came in and dressed Qianlong in a big cloak and buckskin boots, and walked out of the Hall of Mental Cultivation with Qianlong. In this world of ice and snow, Qianlong first stepped on the snow and went to the greenhouse of the imperial garden to look at the plum blossoms. Then he went around the Chenggan Palace, came out of the Yuehua Gate, and wandered around the three main halls for a while. Qianlong's mood seemed to be getting better, his face showed a happy smile like a child, and sometimes he squatted down and grabbed a handful of snow and kneaded it in his hand to play. It took half an hour to turn around, and it had already passed the West Zhengshi card. By this time, the upper study of the Military Department had already been dismissed, and all the foreign officers had withdrawn, leaving only 36 bodyguards standing like nails in the heavy snow in front of the gate. Seeing that the door of Zhangjing Military Department was open, Qianlong went to the window curiously and saw that there was a charcoal fire inside,Faux cherry blossom tree, and a man who looked like a scribe was sorting out the documents in front of the case, carefully pasting them with paste. There was a pot of wine and a dish of peanuts on the small table beside the charcoal fire. Qianlong strolled in and asked behind him, "Are you still busy?" 。 hacartificialtree.com