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A few women in the yard looked a little dumbfounded, which girl is so bold, dare to punish the master on the head? No wonder people say that this girl should not be offended, and the girls around this girl should not be offended, otherwise it would be more serious than offending the girl. It seems that this is the case. Several women looked at each other, secretly glad, fortunately, she has always treated these girls are also respectful, otherwise I do not know how to rectify it! Although cinnamon is the adopted daughter, but Mrs. Chen clearly trust the daughter, the power of the house is in the hands of the girl, Yu son is also very close to the sister, the girl's position in the house is absolutely no place to shake. Since even the girls are so indulgent of these girls, from now on, they can be more respectful. When the fight was over, he went into the house to wash his face and practiced boxing with Wuchou in the yard. He was not qualified to practice with Wuchou now. He practiced separately, but he had a companion. No disaster is Pianpian late, no way, she is weak, usually lift whose blanket will not lift her, afraid of a careless make her really sick. So she was the only one of them who survived. She walked to the side of no disease, two people silently looked at the figure of no sorrow and the usual practice of boxing, without the turbulent waves of the past few days, such a quiet day is the most valuable. From time to time, Wuyou picked up some pebbles and threw them at Wuyou, sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes up, and sometimes down. It was euphemistically called helping Wuyou practice. In fact, who doesn't know that her little ninety-nine is totally taking the opportunity to make trouble and have fun? No, it really adds a lot of entertainment effect to everyone, so that the usual and worry-free morning boxing time has become a common entertainment for everyone. Two serious practice boxing, plus one effort to make trouble, plus two spectators, became a constant scenery in the morning of Zhi yuan. Although the same greetings,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, usually these days the state is not good, but also never slack, the courtesy, the things to do, it is not a lack of one, but people obviously feel that there is something missing, but can not say, in short, it makes people feel uncomfortable, mood also followed by depression down. So even Xiao Yue, who has served Mrs. Chen for many years, has been particularly careful recently. Mrs. Chen has been waiting for a few days. She has broken the tea lid, stepped on the clouds, and swept the snow. Several maids have been scolded by Mrs. Chen with tears. You should know that your ladyship always keeps his countenance and seldom gets angry with his servants. In the past, it was mostly for the sake of Yu's son's illness, but now even this new ordinary girl can attract his wife like this. It can be seen that the madam is somewhat sincere to this ordinary girl. Xiaoyue was Mrs. Chen's confidant, and she was not ignorant of Mrs. Chen's usual plans, but also because of this, artificial coconut palm trees ,outdoor ficus tree, she was more aware that Mrs. Chen was not completely using the ordinary girl, otherwise, she would not be affected just because the ordinary girl's mood was not right these days. In the past, this is only the right of Yu son childe. Therefore, this time, as soon as I saw the usual exquisite and full coming to pay my respects, I breathed a sigh of relief, and there was a rare smile on Xiaoyue's expressionless face, but people who didn't know her, I'm afraid they couldn't find it, it was too light. Finally, the dreary days are over. Xiao Yue hastened to lead the ordinary people in. "Madam, the girl is here." "Mrs. Chen was having breakfast, and Yu'er, too, listened to Xiao Yue's words. When she looked up, she saw a beautiful face like a spring flower and a bright moon." Mother and Yuer were so bored that they didn't wait for me to eat by themselves. Usually very naturally half with blame and half coquettish tunnel. Elder sister Yu son first happily rushed over, "sister can be very good?" "Mmm." He pinched Yuer's face and said, "It's great, it's great." "Xiaoyue, don't give the girl a pair of chopsticks." Although Mrs. Chen's face was calm, there was still some joy in her words. A few days ago, she was not ignorant of the child's movements, but it was a pity that yuan Childe was indeed a passable object. Although it was a pity that he was not the eldest son and could not inherit the Duke's throne, there were not many children in the Duke's mansion. Brothers and sisters were famous for their friendship. In addition, the family was prominent. If he could be with yuan Childe at ordinary times, it would not be unacceptable. Yu son now to this sister is also like tight, Mrs. Chen will not want to usually marry the object is too bad, and hurt Yu son's heart. Had better be that has the power and influence, the disposition is also also good, like this, also has a confession to Yu son. As for Chen Rulan and Bi Yaohuan, she doesn't want to care so much, that yuan Childe doesn't like Yao Huan, don't you allow my family to be ordinary? Just, unfortunately, obviously look at that yuan Childe also like intentional, how to say to go to the end? Today's young people are really hard to understand. Therefore, these days of unusual, Mrs. Chen has seen in the eyes, but has not interfered, this kind of thing, or she has to think about it slowly, said broken, I am afraid that the girl's family is thin-skinned, but a bad thing. Fortunately, she did not fail to live up to her expectations. Well, she was open-minded, so that she would be blessed. The three of them had breakfast together for a long time. You clip this for me, and I clip that for you. Spring is happy. Yu'er, in particular, put all the delicious food into the ordinary bowl and said, "My sister has lost weight and needs to make up for it." Mrs. Chen was so jealous that she raised so much and changed her mind so quickly? If you have a sister, you don't want a mother. The three of them talked and laughed as they ate. Madam, Mammy Xia is here. But the snow sweeper came in to announce. Chapter 194 Wan Jin wench. Mammy Xia? How did you get here? What's the big deal? In general, this Mammy won't come here easily. Mrs. Chen hurriedly asked Mammy Xia to come in. Ordinary originally prepared to take Yuer to avoid, but Mrs. Chen let Xiaoyue take Yuer down,faux grass wall, but let ordinary stay down. It's good for her to hear more about things and gain some knowledge. Hello, madam and girl. "Mammy Xia gave a salute and then sat down at Mrs. Chen's signal." What's the matter that makes you old? Mrs. Chen and Mammy Xia had been master and servant for many years, so they didn't beat around the Bush.