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"Oh?"? Visit him? What do you bring? Ji Qingxiang asked, knowing that he would never leave empty-handed this time. Xiangyi! Water to the sky gently spit out these two words. But all the people present gasped in unison, and then all of them showed their envious and greedy eyes. "You are really willing to give up outside the water man." Ji Qingxiang said, but with a cunning and vicious feeling in his eyes. Hum! "I don't believe that King Yi will not be tempted this time!" Water to the sky clenched his fist, if this move does not work, then only. Hum! "Why Xiangyi? In fact, you can use something else." Sun Zhen, however, did not seem to agree that Shuizhitian should take this "Xiangyi" to see King Yi. But before he had finished speaking, he was interrupted by Qian Mei. "Chief Sun, the water man is willing to give up. Why are you in such a hurry?" "I.." Sun Zhen wanted to say more, but was interrupted by Ji Qingxiang with a wave of his hand. "Well, let's settle this first. We'll wait for the good news outside the water crew tomorrow, and we'll all go back to rest today." "Good." All the people come together. At the same time, the lights were also on in the east building of Chengnan Bie Pavilion. In the middle of the building, King Yi was sitting on the table,touch screen digital signage, looking intently at a stack of materials. Qiu Yiyao was holding a volume of books, but his eyes were not on the books, but on the red candles. Yi Yao. King Yi suddenly put down the information in his hand and called out. Uh Qiu Yiyao came to his senses and looked up at King Yi. What do you think of going to Shuifu today? King Yi looked at him and asked. Wealth and honor are pressing. Qiu Yiyao said simply. Well, no wonder it has the name of the Dragon Palace. This kind of wealth and honor has never been seen elsewhere except in the palace. This water dragon king is not simple. King Yi nodded. If it's simple, why bother Wang Ye to come to Xiangjun City? Qiu Yiyao stood up and walked to the front of the case and picked up the stack of materials. How much do you think the Water Dragon King has guessed the purpose of our visit? King Yi raised his head and asked. Not a few minutes, but fully aware that Wang Ye thought about the assassins he met along the way,temperature scanning kiosks, all did not want Wang Ye to set foot on Xiangjun City! Qiu Yi looked at the information in his hand and said lightly. Oh? In that case, why does he still put on such pomp and circumstance today instead of restraining himself or covering up? King Yi mused. This water dragon king is worthy of the name of the dragon king. He is indeed a fierce hero. He can do this with several meanings in it. Qiu Yiyao turned over the information in his hand. How many meanings does it have? The king doesn't know. Tell me about it. King Yi looked at him with a meaningful smile on his face. Is this the talent that the emperor's brother sees? "Wang Ye really doesn't know?" Qiu Yiyao also smiled, and the same smile had a deep meaning. I don't know. You'd better tell Ben Wang. King Yi smiled very gently. Well, I guess it has four meanings. First, he already knew the purpose of Wang Yeh's visit, so there was no need for him to hide it, because he knew that Wang Yeh already knew his background, so he put on the most authentic display for Wang Yeh to see, which was to show his'frank 'side and let him believe that he was'honest with each other.' "Second, tell Wang Ye that his wealth is not of unknown origin and can be displayed in an open and aboveboard manner!" "Third, there are few people who can't be moved by the wealth of gold and jade. If Wang Ye can be lured by it, what else can't be settled?" "Fourth, smart whiteboard price ,temperature screening kiosk, the people who came to Shuifu today can say that all the celebrities and squires in Xiangjun City have arrived. He let Wang Ye see his'heart 'and'human power'!"! And the three people he introduced to Wang Ye in particular were all his in-laws. "That's what he meant today." Qiu Yiyao said as he turned over the information, which made King Yi secretly praise him. He looks down on Ben Wang too much. Is Ben Wang someone he can buy? "King Yi frowned." He just followed his plan, since the road failed to stop the arrival of Wang Ye, now that he saw, he will be polite before the war. This is only the first step, and it will follow. Qiu Yiyao put down the information in his hand and went back to sit down. Courtesy before war? King Yi's eyes flashed and his tone turned cold. Well, according to the information, not only the whole city of Xiangjun is under his control, but also other places and even the capital have his influence. Otherwise, how can he be free so far? Qiu Yi looked at the slightly angry King Yi, who had a temper. "If other officials had come, he might have done it long ago, but Wang Ye is no better than other dignitaries in the court. Wang Ye is the emperor's own brother. The whole court knows that the emperor attaches importance to Wang Ye and favors him. Therefore, he will not act rashly. He will never use force unless he has to." Qiu Yiyao continued, and sure enough, he saw King Yi's eyebrows slowly stretching. This water reaches the sky! King Yi looked at the palm of his hand and said, "It's really not a good person!" "Water Dragon King, this Xiangjun City is surrounded by water on three sides. It is indeed a city in the water, and he is the Dragon King in this water city. This Xiangjun City is like a crystal palace for his family!" "Qiuyiyao has a faint look." Water Dragon King! Water Dragon King! King Yi repeated the words over and over again. Then he looked at the stack of materials on the table and said, "Last winter, Yun An, a native of Xiangjun City, and his young master, Yun Lang, risked their lives to stop the emperor and cry out for injustice. They sued the Shuijia of Xiangjun City. In order to take away his family heirloom, the'Snow Lake Indigo ', they secretly killed thirty-two of his Yun family's masters and servants. Only he and his young master escaped with their lives!"! After receiving the petition, the elder brother sent three assistant ministers of the Ministry of Punishment to Xiangjun City to check the case, but the three adults all replied that'Xuehu Qingdai 'was bought by the Shui family from the Yun family, and the Yun family died of a sudden illness, and praised the Shui family as a great benefactor of Xiangjun City! "Humph!" King Yi clapped his hand on the table, which made the table bang. "These bastards are fooling the emperor's brother as a fatuous monarch!"! The emperor's brother knew there must be something hidden, so he sent me to Xiangjun City and asked me to help him see with his own eyes whether the water family was good or evil? Before I left Beijing, Lord Qi of the Ministry of Punishment had written to me, saying that in recent years quite a lot of cases involved the Shui family, but in the end, either the victim voluntarily gave up,face detection android, or there was no evidence and nothing was done. Therefore, some of the information checked in recent years and the king were considered to help the king. The king must check out the water family this time! "I'd like to see what the Water Dragon King uses to buy off Ben Wang!" "Yun Jia?"? Is it the cloud family of the jade family in Xiangjuncheng? The man is innocent, Huai Bi is guilty! A family heirloom has led to the destruction of the family! Qiuyi sighed. hsdtouch.com