The Empress Is a Net Red Meow [Ancient and Modern]

The Empress Is a Net Red Meow [Ancient and Modern]The Empress Is a Net Red Meow [Ancient and Modern]


The clear cheeks and whiskers of the picture are clear, soft white fluff, sea-blue pure eyes, pink and moist nose, slightly raised three-petal mouth as if smiling, through the phenomenon to see the essence, this is like a white and flawless beauty, which has blurred the race. Liang Liang looked in a daze, smart sea-blue eyes and the acquaintance in the picture, two small paws on the SLR as if to touch the other self in the picture. Harold looked amused and uncontrollably freed a hand to touch Liang Liang's head. The moment he touched the soft and smooth hair, he suddenly remembered that the cat seemed to be reluctant to be touched by anyone other than An Rongxu. During the break, several staff members wanted to play with her and were scratched by her sharp paws. Just as he was about to withdraw his hand, Harold felt the palm of his hand being gently rubbed, and the temperature of Liang Liang's body was conveyed to his palm through his fur. For the sake of your hard work, I will give you a touch. I'm not a ferocious cat. What are you afraid of? Liang Liang obviously noticed Harold's intention to quit and took the initiative to rub his head against Harold's palm. Looking at the obedient and incredible kitten "relying" on his palm, Harold was a little surprised and suddenly a little soft in his heart, which was totally different from the way he refused to be teased by the staff before, or the way he was noble and cool when taking pictures. She's thanking you, too. An Rongxu explained. It's a magical bond that makes me want to have a pet, too. Harold carefully stroked Liang Liang's hair, not daring to go beyond half a minute, and his eyes were full of surprise. Then I wish you can find a pet that can accompany you. An Rongxu looked down at Liang Liang with gentle eyes and raised the corners of his mouth inaudibly. After seeing Harold off, An Rongxu was also ready to go back. He walked out of the studio for dozens of meters but was stopped by the representative of the advertiser. General Manager An, please wait. With a huge beer belly, the distance of tens of meters made him run out of breath, not to mention that he was holding a large box. It was not easy to get to the front of An Rongxu. The representative of the advertiser panted for a long time before opening his mouth: "Mr. An, you see your cat has helped so much. I don't know how to thank you. This is the pet shampoo of our company's new product. A little token of my appreciation. Don't dislike it." What is it? Smells like cherries. Liang Liang climbed up an Rongxu's shoulder, stood high and looked far, and saw a group of pink bottles neatly stacked in the box of the advertiser's representative. Is it the kind of fragrant, tubular thing that Wang Yan once ate for himself called "nutritional cream"? And is it cherry flavored? Liang Liang's eyes glowed in an instant. Feilong City is located in the northwest border, where the climate is very dry, food can not grow up, not to mention those delicate fruits, temperature check kiosk , so Liang Liang basically did not eat any decent fruit in Feilong City. Cherries are very rare even in the imperial capital, and only the royal family can afford to eat them. Liang Liang only ate them when his father was rewarded by the emperor when he was young. Liang Liang can't forget the fresh and sweet taste. Liang Liang jumped back into his arms from An Rongxu's shoulder, blinked his big eyes, and pushed An Rongxu's hand with a meat pad: "Stupid master, take it quickly!"! Go, go, go! When An Rongxu looked down, he saw that the restless kitten in his arms seemed to have starlight in its eyes, and every meow was extremely soft. When he attracted his attention, he no longer scratched directly with his paws, but gently pushed his hand with the soft plum blossom cushion. With a slight flash in his eyes, An Rongxu put Liang Liang back on his shoulder, took the small box of pet shampoo, and casually replied, "Thank you." Until An Rongxu left by car, the representative of the advertiser had an incredible expression on his face. Originally did not think that an Rongxu would accept, just habitually want to flatter, the result actually patted! More incredible than the representative of the advertiser was Sun Jingtian, who couldn't believe that two hours ago she said she wanted to keep her own person in name, but after visiting the class, she left without even leaving time for her to say hello! Sun Jingtian could hardly figure out what An Rongxu was thinking. He promised to give himself the corresponding resources, but as long as he pretended to be with him. Put oneself such a point is the body stick, the beauty who knows the rare knowledge and interest is around just to pretend?! Doesn't he pretend to be too serious? Cheng Wei just packed up his things at this time and was about to leave when he saw Sun Jingtian looking at the place where Anrongxu had parked before with a lost face. Want to know what Sun Jingtian is playing with his knees. Cheng Wei only needs to do his duty as a seat broker to remind Sun Jingtian not to go too far: "Don't be too greedy. Do what you should do. You will continue to live. Do you know?" Sun Jingtian immediately restrained his eyes, bowed his head and said meekly, "I know, Sister Cheng, I will work hard." Cheng Wei also wanted to say something, which eventually turned into a sigh and turned away. Sun Jingtian clenched his fist and let his long fingernails pinch his palm red. She thought bitterly, "I don't need you to teach me to hook up with men, old woman.". On the other side, Liang Liang's mood is not so wonderful. She lay in the arms of an Rongxu, looking at the roof of the car without love. Because that day kills the mouth cheap An Ronghui to tell her unexpectedly, that box of cherry flavor bottles unexpectedly is not edible! It's not food!!! What's the use of you! "So General Manager An, who never accepts gifts, did not hesitate to accept gifts because his stupid cat wanted to eat, or a box of cherry flavored pet shampoo?"? Ha ha ha ha.. An Rongxu couldn't help laughing at the thought of Liang Liang's expression. As soon as she got on the bus, Liang Liang couldn't wait to let An Rongxu open the lid of the pet shampoo. When the two brothers couldn't react, she licked it up. The taste buds on her tongue quickly passed the taste of the shampoo to her brain. An Ronghui saw Liang Liang's pupils tighten suddenly, and the fluff around her eyes was wet. Didn't you just eat the shampoo? It's not minty. As for crying? Ha ha ha 。