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Abuse cry that scum attack [wear quickly]Abuse cry that scum attack [wear quickly]Abuse cry that scum attack [wear quickly]


Liangchen felt that this person was talking nonsense, she had a good impression when she first met this person, but she felt that it was because Greenwell would save her in the plot line. She had not seen Glinville, and there was no memory of Glinville in the memory of the original owner. It may sound a little strange. It's not an ordinary world, but Grinwell doesn't know whether she's affected by magic or not. You've been thinking about this? Glenville was a little embarrassed. She couldn't calm down. She didn't know why. It had never happened before. Liangchen, after solving them, will you go to the Black Forest with me? This is the first time since the birth of consciousness in the world that Glenville has taken the initiative to invite a person to his own territory. Liangchen looked at her with a straight face, she could not guess what this person was thinking and what he wanted to do. Does she really not see her identity or is she acting? The land of the elves. To tell the truth, Liangchen is not very interested. Because you can tell by looking at Glenville how unlikable these guys are. They may find us at any time, so let's wait until we get through this and think about these unrelated things. A disguised refusal. Glenville was a little disappointed. Liangchen sat down and closed his eyes and began to digest the inheritance imprinted in his mind. I'm not lying. I really think you're familiar. It's strange that I didn't feel this way before. Greenwell did not close her eyes, she sat on the ground with her eyes open and looked at Liangchen. Yes, she recognized Liangchen as Aliya. She can't even recognize a person she has seen. She was not sure, even wondering if it was just two people with similar faces, because she had changed so much and her blood connection with her had completely disappeared. However, she did not expect that Liangchen would later say that the prophet had predicted those words, and that she had heard those words before she was sure that this person was the Aliya she was looking for. If it were easy to strip the blood, those tissues wouldn't have been doing taboo research, and there hasn't been any real progress in the research for so long. She is very surprised, very confused, but before and Aliya too stiff, Aliya also did not confess her identity, in order not to be so embarrassed she simply has been pretending to know nothing. But according to what she said, she should have lost all her power, and she was only a senior magician when she met her before, but why does she have semi-holy power now? These are all puzzling questions. But what puzzled her most, even surprised her, was the familiarity and intimacy she had with Liangchen after meeting her again. It's a strange feeling. I've never had it before. Did Liangchen accept the inheritance of one of his former friends? But she did not remember that she had friends from the sea. And this feeling is not like the impression that ordinary friends can leave. Do you have any missing memories? Grinwell was cranky, but she could not think of the reason why she felt familiar. This feeling, the longer you stay, the greater the impact. It was not so strong before. Greenwell does not deliberately dissolve toxins, toxins will be slowly dissolved by the body, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Agate Slabs For Sale, she thought about this matter, looking at Liangchen unexpectedly did not move his eyes. It seems that someone has come. In the evening, Liangchen suddenly opened his eyes and collided with Greenville. What strength? Instead of panicking, Greenwell smiled and asked the question, as if it was just an accident that she had just crossed her eyes. Not strong. Liangchen also did not think much, she noticed that the person who was slowly flying in this direction. Can you dive? Cool Chen out of careful consideration, first to think about the way out. An hour. "Only an hour?" Liangchen murmured, thinking that it was not a good idea to go into the sea, but if he did not escape and fight, he would completely expose the existence of divine power, and the guy who coveted Poseidon's godhood would certainly appear. She can take on the Holy Land, but she can't do anything about a guy who can kill Poseidon. Half a saint somehow with a holy word, not without the existence of half a saint who killed the holy land of vegetable chicken, but the saint and the God are completely two concepts. You don't have to worry. If you really can't handle it, I have a way. ” Liangchen took one look at her, just smiled, thinking that if you had a way, you would have been beaten into that kind of chicken before? Chapter 52 you are just my plaything (10). In the face of Liangchen's doubts, Greenville chose to shut up, and some things became more and more black. The mage who was looking for him was getting closer and closer. He was coming for the island. After all, the elves were not mermaids. They could not stay at the bottom of the sea, so they could only stay on the island. A huge fireball fell from the sky. He's going to set fire to the island! This is indeed the fastest way, rather than looking for it inch by inch. What a tiresome fellow. Cool Chen does not like the blazing flame, did not like before, still do not like now. She tried to open the magic shield, but was caught by the wrist of Glinville, Glinville shook her head: "surrounded by fire elements, then the use of your magic will be found by him." "Do you just sit and wait?" Liangchen did not expect that the comer would be a fire magician, and the plants that had been spawned by Greenville before were now of no use. The Holy Land is also a mortal. Cool Chen sees her embarrassed, frown: "Stand here, we can be burned to death." "No." The jewel on Glenville's ring sparkled, and then a leaf appeared on her hand. Leaf of life? Liangchen looked at her with some surprise. The Leaf of Life comes from the Tree of Life, which is the root of the Elves, and even pure blood elves are rarely allowed near the Tree of Life. The tree of life contains all the life rules of the goddess of life. The spirit is born from it. It is full of treasures. Besides the leaves of life, it is also famous for a pool of divine water under the tree,white marble mosaic, the spring of life. Uh Greenwell nodded, and the leaf of life slowly disappeared from her hand, then turned into a thin green membrane that isolated the raging fire around her. forustone.com