Yue Guan-the world of great struggle txt full edition fine collation edition

Yue Guan-the world of great struggle txt full edition fine collation editionYue Guan-the world of great struggle txt full edition fine collation edition


Chi Zhong stopped and looked up at Qing Ji. He suddenly bent over and plunged his sword deep into the earth with a snap. Holding the hilt in his hand, he knelt on one knee and said in a deep voice, "Chi Zhong is willing to lead his troops and be loyal to your son!" "You're from Wu," said Qingji lightly. "You should call me Your Highness." Chi Zhong bowed his head and said, "Yes, Chi Zhong's subordinates, I wish.." Be loyal to His Highness Qingji! Now that someone took the lead, the generals of the whole Wu army could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. The helpless Wu soldiers suddenly found the choice they should make. They knelt down with Chizhong to Qingji and swore allegiance. Qingji could not help laughing. Once this army has sworn allegiance to him, from now on, for their own lives, for the lives of their families, for their future, they will have to serve him to the death. More importantly, with the joining of this army, it will seriously shake the morale of Ji Guang, people's herd mentality is very serious, a forbidden place that everyone thought was insurmountable, once someone took the first step, successors will be endless. In the battle with Ji Guang's army, he fought a beautiful battle,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, not only in the gains and losses of this battle, but also in both battles. He won the morale of the Wu army, won the hearts of the people, and opened the heart defense of the Wu people. Volume IV Winner is King Chapter 200 Hongfei Mingming "Come and take Wang Sun-hsiung!" Qingji shouted loudly, and Wang Sunxiong was brought up with five flowers tied up. Get on your knees! Two soldiers rapped out, at the same time in Wang Sunxiong legs on a hard kick, Wang Sunxiong legs a bend, quickly straight,small geared motors, he looked back mercilessly stared at the two foot soldiers, and then proudly looked at Qingji and cover. Qingji and Yu stood side by side in front of the tent. Not far behind Qingji stood two warriors in half-length armor with a sword hilt on their shoulders. Their faces were handsome and interesting. Two people did not seriously cover up the identity, Wang Sunxiong only one eye, then recognized the last time he captured the girl Jisun Xiaoman, the other although he did not know the identity, but also see is a very handsome female. Wang Sunxiong didn't look much. He only turned his eyes a little on the two of them. Then he turned to Qingji and said in a loud voice, "According to your status, Wang Sunxiong should have kowtowed to Prince Qingji. But now Prince Qingji has rebelled against Your Majesty. He is a traitor of the State of Wu. As the chief general of the Wu army, Wang Sun-xiong has been ordered by the King of Wu. I can't pay homage to Prince Qingji." He was furious. As soon as he raised his eyebrows, Qingji stretched out his hand to stop him. He laughed and said, "Wang Sunxiong, you are also a descendant of the royal family of the State of Wu. How can you say such nonsense?"? If Ji Guang does not kill the king and stand on his own feet, if he does not become a traitor, how can he have the title of king today? I, Vending Machine Motor ,gear reduction motor, Qing Jifang, am the genuine successor of the late king. Now I have got rid of the rebels and recovered the state of Wu. How can I become a traitor? What should I do if I don't want to rebel against Ji Guang? Bind yourself to see Ji Guang and let him behead me. Is it a loyal martyr? Wang Sun-hsiung said proudly, "My king is now the ruler of the State of Wu, and even the emperor of the State of Zhou has acknowledged it. How can we say that it is not correct?"? Childe, or admit the fact, as long as you lead the troops to submit, with my king like the mind of the sea. Will certainly forgive you for the crime of conspiracy, give you a body of splendor and wealth, to be a peaceful childe. Isn't it good? Why should people of the same race kill each other and be used by outsiders? Qingji looked at him with a smile, and the smile on his face gradually cooled. He sighed softly and said, "Wang Sunxiong, with your bastard logic, the winner is the prince and the loser is the thief.". I pity you for being a hero and let Uncle Wang keep you alive. I wanted to keep your good body and serve for the power of Wu. It is a pity Alas! Very good. Since whose fist is hard, who is the truth, who is the Lord of destiny, then, let's see the real chapter under the sword. "Somebody.". Bring the wine. Jing Lin was slightly stunned, and then waved his hand to make people obey orders. Moments later, a pawn came back with a jar of wine and two big bowls. Qingji reached for the wine jar, patted off the mud seal, and filled two large pottery bowls with the wine. Then he brought it to Wang Sunxiong and shouted, "Untie him!" "Brush!" Out of the corner of his eye, Qingji saw a figure flash like an ape, and then a sword flash like lightning. The hemp rope tied to Wang Sunxiong's body was broken together. The man went back with a back flip, and the people in the hall were all experts in this field. Seeing such exquisite swordsmanship, he couldn't help applauding with a roar of applause. "Good swordsmanship, wonderful to the top!" This swordsmanship was really very good. The hemp rope on Wang Sunxiong's body was so strong that it almost sank into the flesh. This sword cut off the layers of ropes. Although the sword itself was a very sharp sword, the strength of the hand, the strength of the sword, and the measure of the sword were not enough. Wang Sunxiong was inevitably covered with color, but this sword did not even cut his clothes. Wang Sunxiong had always refused to accept that he had been captured alive by a young girl. Seeing her swordsmanship, he could not help but be shocked and gazed at her deeply. Jisun Xiaoman jumped back to Uncle Sun Shaoguang's side and listened to the cheers of the crowd. Although his face looked like he didn't care, his eyes showed a look of suicide. Uncle Sun took a sidelong glance at her and said in a voice that only two people could hear, "It's so ostentatious that you look like a child who hasn't grown up!" As soon as Jisun raised her eyebrows, she was about to be furious. Suddenly she grinned again. She shrugged her shoulders and whispered back, "The swordsmanship is good. I can't help it." "Humph!" Said Uncle Sun Shaoguang sourly! Is it great to fight and kill in a girl's home? Women should learn piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, otherwise it will be humiliating to be Princess Wu. "Hey, you can play the piano. You don't have to brag all the time. I can play the flute." "I also know how to manage money." "I can cook." "The meal you cooked." The two girls chattered in the back. Qingji and Wang Sunxiong drank a big bowl of wine. They threw the bowl to the ground and shouted, "Qingji respects you as a hero. I can't bear to let you die under the soldiers.". You go back, tell Ji Guang, he took my father, I will personally take back! The city of Yingdu is the place where he was buried! With a flash of light in his eyes, Wang Sunxionghu took three steps backwards,24v Gear Motor, finally knelt down on one knee, folded his fists heavily at him, and turned away without saying a word. ichgearmotor.com