A scientific and technological power in the mountain nest

A scientific and technological power in the mountain nestA scientific and technological power in the mountain nest


When the news came out, it really shocked the world. The performance of Britain and France is relatively stable. After all, I didn't pinch the Japanese devils too much. Although the German reaction is somewhat as angry as betrayal, to be honest, after the formation of the German-Japanese-Italian alliance, Japan has not been able to provide Germany with too many practical benefits and benefits. Had it not been for the early alliance between Japan and Germany and China's explicit proposal of non-alignment, the Germans would have kicked this drag oil bottle away long ago. What if it's just anger? At present, Germany and the Soviet Union are at loggerheads, and there is not much energy to do other things. The reaction of the Chinese side is not very big. After all, one of the two families had a grudge earlier, and the other has long been regarded by senior leaders like Duan Guoxue as the biggest competitor in the future. The alliance between the two families, though unexpected, is not impossible. This is because Japan now understands that it is no longer realistic for it to become an independent and autonomous world power, and that its culture, its environment, and even the era of its rise can no longer be like the era of great navigation, like Britain, which established a global colony as an island country. Japan is destined to become a subsidiary of a country. In this country,x56 line pipe, only China and the United States are now in front of Japan. Japan is a wolf dog whose fist is bigger and more ruthless than it, but from any point of view, Japan can not choose China as its master. This question has been answered before. The alliance between China and Japan, not to mention the feelings of the Japanese side, just talk about the history of blood and tears in the hearts of the Chinese people, the Sino-Japanese alliance can not be passed from the hearts of the people. The same is true of Japan,x60 line pipe, all the time, or since the victory of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895. Japan's news media, propaganda agencies and various folk voices. He has been committed to slandering and vilifying China. One of the reasons they do this repeatedly and tirelessly is to strengthen the national mind. Greed for China's land and yearning for resources. They are constantly telling people how vast China's land is and how rich China's land is. How many resources are there on China's land? All this. It is precisely occupied by the weak and incompetent Chinese garbage, Japan is to take over the Chinese to manage this resource, to use these resources to become the world's most powerful country. The Japanese team's hatred and peeping at China. Not a day or two days, nor a year or two years of cultivation, but experienced decades, experienced a generation, two generations of livestock cultivation! In this way, the Chinese people in the eyes of Japan is a garbage, waste, the sick man of East Asia, such as the most despised disgusting role from the heart of Japan. From a psychological point of view, 316ti stainless steel ,x60 line pipe, you can ally with a strong man, but will you ally with a rubbish man? Unable! At the same time, Japan's top leaders also know that their soldiers have created many bloody cases in China, and the Chinese people will not forget who stabbed their relatives with bayonets. Who is poisoning his friends with poison gas! Therefore, between the two future masters of China and the United States, Japan can only choose the United States as its master. At the same time, the choice of the United States as its master also has the consideration of interests. China, Japan and the United States are three countries. Geographically speaking, Japan is the closest to China and the farthest from the United States. But it is precisely this geographical location, as well as historical grievances, that makes it impossible for China and Japan to form an alliance. More than two thousand years ago, ancient Chinese had clearly put forward the wisdom of making friends far away and attacking near! Judging from the perspective of interests, if China loses in the Sino-Japanese alliance, Japan will have no benefits and no interests; If China wins, Japan also does not have too many benefits and benefits to gain, because from the public speech of Duan Guoxue, the current top leader of China, he has clearly stated that Japan is a vicious dog that can never be raised. Japan's top leaders clearly know that even if they win the war behind China, China will not give Japan an inch of colony as a reward. Even if to, to where? Philippines? North Korea? Or Alaska? No matter where it is given, it is impossible for Japan to satisfy its greedy desire. But following the American master is different. The US-Japan alliance, if the United States loses, of course, Japan will not benefit, but it will lead to madness. The United States is so close to China that, as the saying goes, it is very close to China, and it is precisely able to "manage" this rich land under the American masters. And for Japan. It is precisely because it has been coveting China for many years that it must be more familiar with China than its American masters. From various angles, if Japan follows its American masters to win the war, then Japan can once again run its own yellow ointment army across that rich land! Those resources on Chinese land can once again fall into the hands of Japanese devils! Moreover, the alliance with the United States does not have as many historical grievances as the alliance with China. Even after two years in the Pacific, Japan and the United States really have no other history of blood and tears. In the words of Duan Guoxue, it is nothing more than that the two robbers have divided the spoils unevenly. Once there is a new meat ticket in front of them, the two robbers will be good brothers shoulder to shoulder. But now for Roosevelt. How to appease the mood of the domestic people is not his most concerned and headache problem now, these things will be handled and solved by a special person. Besides, the war between the United States and Japan did not last long. At the same time, it is not so tragic. This is for the Americans, for the Japanese devils, hum, from the point of view of national interests and civil grievances,x70 line pipe, it is not very difficult to deal with. Although there are some troubles on the Japanese side, the Japanese envoy has already said that if the US-Japan alliance is successful. Then the Emperor of Japan will come forward to call on the Japanese people to fight together. Judging from the status of the Emperor of Japan in the eyes of the Japanese people, this is not too difficult to do. lksteelpipe.com