Zodiac Killer Robert Graysmith

Zodiac Killer Robert GraysmithZodiac Killer Robert GraysmithZodiac Killer Robert Graysmith


Another car came around the corner in the distance, its headlights shining like a pair of glowing eyes peeking out from behind the mountains, catching the figures of Betty Lowe and David, who were hugging each other. But instead of passing by the pumping station, the car stopped just 10 feet to their right. The figures in the car were blurred, perhaps only outlines could be seen, hunched and strong, like the dark hills winding around them. In the dark curtain, there seemed to be a flash of light, like the reflection of glass. The man in the car was hidden under a windbreaker. On the side of a remote country road, two cars were parked side by side. At 11:10, a worker at the Benicia Hamber oil refinery was on his way home. When he passed the Ambler station wagon, he noticed the situation, but did not pay attention to the make and color of the other car. The refinery worker's car disappeared into the distance. A dry wind blew slowly, and the cold grass rustled by the roadside. What happened next may be like this: Finally,inflatable amusement park, the stranger rolled down his window, spoke to David and Betty Lowe, and told them to get out of the car. The young couple were very surprised and refused the request. So the stout man opened the car door. When he got out of the car, he pulled a gun from his dark coat. The stranger stood in front of the open window next to Betty Lowe's seat and glared at her. But instead of rushing into the car through the most obvious entrance, the passenger door, he began to move around the car body with a murderous look between his steps. Suddenly he stopped,inflatable air dancer, aimed at a point near the center of the right rear window, and fired a shot. The bullet shattered the glass. He went to the left side of the car and fired another shot at the left rear wheel frame. He seemed to be forcing the two men out of the right side door of the car. He made it. The two young men stumbled out of the passenger side door, and the stranger followed them around the car to the right. Betty Lowe has come out. Just as David moved to the right seat to head out the door, the man leaned in through the left window, put the barrel of the gun behind David's left ear, and pulled the trigger. The bullet traveled horizontally, leaving a powder burn at the muzzle contact point, and then cracked the boy's skull. Betty Lowe screamed and ran down the road toward Vallejo, to the north. Behind her, the chaser raised his gun, and less than 10 feet away, inflatable amusement park ,inflatable floating water park, the stout man fired five shots at her, all of which hit the upper right side of the girl's back. The shooting was incredible: moving targets, gunmen running on gravel, and on a nearly pitch-dark country road. Betty Lowe collapsed 28 feet, 6 inches from the rear bumper of the Ambler Station Wagon and died instantly. The girl who ran for her life could not even run to the pavement of the highway. She landed on her right side, face down, feet to the west. David was lying on his back with his feet toward him? The right rear wheel of the car The shortness of his breath was almost imperceptible, and around his head, a large pool of plasma began to accumulate and spread. The stout man backed up onto the dark winding road and drove off into the distance. Before she took off her coat, Mrs. Burgess hung up the phone and took her mother-in-law and daughter to the car to go to Benicia. She glanced at the kitchen clock. It was 11:10. She drove at 35 kilometers per hour, and after four or five minutes, she came to the place where David parked. As she turned from the intersection near the edge of the chain-link fence, she saw the terrible sight in the light of the headlights. At first, Mrs. Burgess thought the man in the car had just fallen out. But then, a little farther away, next to a yellow diamond traffic sign, she spotted Betty Lowe. The right front door of the Ambler station wagon was still open, and there was a dead silence all around, except for the constant hum of the heater in the car. Mrs. Burgess sped down the narrow expressway to Benicia for help, reaching speeds of 60 to 70 miles per hour. Just north of the Interstate 680 expressway, she saw a Benicia police patrol car, honking its horn and repeatedly turning its lights on and off to attract attention. The two cars then stopped in front of the Anke gas station on East Second Street, and she told them about the tragic situation on the side of the highway. It was 11:19. The patrol car sped along, its blue lights flashing in the night. Three minutes later, they arrived at the scene of the accident. Inspectors Daniel Pitta and William T. Warner noticed the boy's faint breathing and immediately called an ambulance. They took a closer look at the two-tone Ambler station wagon. The engine was warm, the car was still firing, and the right front door was open, while the other three doors and the tailgate were locked. They found a.22 caliber pistol shell on the floor of the right front of the car. The gravel floor at the scene was frozen, so there were no tire marks or signs of struggle. Betty Lowe's body was covered with a blanket, and a pool of blood gathered around her was mostly from her mouth and nose, and a blood path extended to the car. David was lying on his face. Inspector Pitta surmised from the dark area on the edge of the wound in his left ear that the bullet had been fired at extremely close range. There was a large swelling on his right cheek, and his hands and sleeves were covered with blood. Warner drew a chalk outline of David's figure, with his feet next to the front door on the right side of the car. The red headlights of an A-1 ambulance streaked through the night and then braked sharply. David was put on a stretcher and placed in an ambulance. Then the car sped to Vallejo Central Hospital at a speed of one mile per minute, and the sound of sirens sounded in the sky. On the way, a doctor took care of David. At 11:29, Peeta called the county coroner,Inflatable bouncer, Dan Hoan. The attack took place in Solano County, which is not officially under the jurisdiction of the Benicia police, so he radioed the Solano County Sheriff's Office and asked for a team and an investigator. joyshineinflatables.com