Master Doomsday

Master DoomsdayMaster DoomsdayMaster DoomsdayMaster DoomsdayMaster Doomsday


Since the men in white have such strong vitality, the creatures in the hammer belong to the same level and should not be weak. He hurried to the edge of the dark mass. Only then did Zhao Bin see clearly what this group of things was. Even with his experience, he could not help squinting his eyes and showing a slight consternation on his face. Although there is a certain degree of psychological preparation, this degree of the strong is absolutely extraordinary, but after really seeing it, there is still no small shock. Or, to be more precise, weird. Unlike the man in white, the hammer has been sealed in this dark space, I do not know how many years, the energy in the body has been constantly extracted, the overall strength has dropped to an extremely low level. Now this song form should be his seal form,large inflatable water slide, in order to quickly restore the original strength. Feeling the breath of the other side a little, Zhao Bin knew that this was the only chance to recover the other side. Unlike the man in white, the biological strength in the hammer is only about the peak of level seven, which is similar to Zhao Bin's strength now. But also has just passed on the stimulation of the scene, he believes that the other side will be very appreciative to cooperate with themselves. Don't pretend. I know you're awake. Zhao Bin said calmly. How about we talk about it? Don't you want to get out of here? The black mass moved,Inflatable indoor park, opened its big eyes and straightened up. This is a typical creature in the shape of a pug. "Two balls of fat on both sides of his mouth hung over his chin, and his black eyes stared at Zhao Bin viciously." God damn it! You must not fall into my hands, or I will certainly let you understand why the flowers are so red! The pug straightened up and pointed its front paws at Zhao Bin to make a gesture. "" Zhao Bin looked strangely at the pug, which shrank together but was the size of a palm. What should I call you? "Listen to me!"! I am the Great Lord of the Black Dragon King of Carlo Banustan, you humble ephemeral! As a member of a lower level creature, you should feel extremely honored to be able to meet the great Lord Carlo! The pug seemed a little tired, sitting on the ground with his paws in front of his chest and his hind legs spread out. I can't believe you actually killed him. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I might have thought I was hallucinating. For the sake of saving me once, say it. If Lord Ben is in a good mood, Inflatable water park factory ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, he will satisfy your wish. The pug sighed. What's the matter? Is the man in white famous? Zhao Bin asked. It's not just a name, it's a name! The pug snorted a spark from his nose and snorted heavily, "If it hadn't been for the appearance of the old human men before, you would have to kill him, at least to raise countless levels to be qualified.". Even in my prime, I couldn't fight it head-on. "Don't you look like you know him well?"? He shouldn't be against you. Zhao Bin continued to ask. Shit! These two words are really incisive, and they are very appropriate here! The pug sighed with satisfaction and continued, "All the creatures he talked to are dead, without exception. If it weren't for the sudden change in your affairs, those old immortals.." His voice sank slowly, and his face showed a very human look of fear. He looked around, as if he was afraid that the five old men would appear again. Those old men. He changed to a slightly more civilized address. It's too powerful. I could feel that it was only a little bit of their will that came, but even that purified his mental power in an instant. "Then how could he." Zhao Bin frowned. That's because his body is still in a sealed state, the power of the seal for him to block more than half of the danger, after the leakage of mental power was purified, the seal has not yet escaped the mental power just escaped, although the same is seriously injured, but there is still a trace of residue. Pug explained, "I don't know what those old men have to do with you, but I think they have a lot to do with you.". But it's better this way. Let's sign the contract. "Sign a contract?" Zhao Bin looked strange and said that this was what he wanted to say. In the name of the tree of law, they form an alliance with each other and never abandon each other. Boy, I'm very optimistic about you! The pug touched his paws behind his back, and a black scroll appeared in his hand. I've already signed the World Tree Covenant once, and I can't sign it again. Zhao Bin refused. It doesn't matter "The pug has a big face and makes bold gestures with his paws." I have a lot here, take your pick! "Wow." A pile of scrolls appeared in front of him. Ancient vows and contracts. This is no good, the conditions are too harsh. "The psionic war clause, this object is not right, it is signed with the enemy.". It doesn't fit. "The plane binding contract is too narrow." "Dragon Oath, this can only be used between dragons." "Infernal Sea Scroll. This one only works on infernal creatures." "Blade of Light, not counting this one,Inflatable indoor park, is a stolen scroll of alliance between humans." …… …… …… An hour passed. Two hours passed. A day has passed. “……” The pug looked at Zhao Bin with dull eyes as he turned over and over in the stack of scrolls like hills. It's completely numb. At first it had the energy to rummage with him, but now. He had had enough of the boring days of being sealed, and now the most important thing was to go out and breathe fresh air after signing the contract. I say Did you find it? "That's it." Zhao Bin took out one from the scroll pile and threw it in the past. The pug quickly caught it. This is Styx contract? Why don't I remember I have this scroll? The pug looked blank. Maybe you forgot. Zhao Bin is lying with his eyes open. This scroll is the one he made himself. The pattern on it secretly joins a large number of unequal treaties. The surface looks blank like other scrolls.