They really understand how to catch that realistic playoff atmosphere

They really understand how to catch that realistic playoff atmosphere


They really understand how to catch that realistic playoff atmosphere. I feel this. I know that it's probably dumb to most to be large on immersion but immersion is still a huge key for me. To observe how 2k took measures to bring the Madden 21 coins seat, courtside, and reduced bowl of a stadium to life and also compare it to the lifeless madden sidelines? I just don't get it. I don't even believe referees are back in there. I hope people are ready for the difficult realization that whatever this gen game looks like is what all of Maddens will look like on next gen consoles. They're not making massive improvements year over year. The single shred of hope individuals had was"perhaps they're saving resources to make next gen as good as possible" but it seems like they added nothing lol. 2k8 had interactable sidelines which were believable af. Meanwhile in the year 2020, the sideline does exactly the exact same dumbass jumping animation when the other team has a positive play.

The trailer I read was touting the sidelines as much improved. I read that too but in the trailer that was released this afternoon, it still looks dead. It is not laziness, it is greed. Instead of EA correctly investing the funds required for Madden to be an actual good game, they choose to line their pockets. I don't blame them, if they believe they'll earn more money by not investing it in Madden, and relying upon the rubes who buy the game every year(regardless of quality), then more power to them. I want a fantastic soccer game to playwith, but there is ZERO fucking chance that I purchase a soccer game of the quality that Madden has been for the last few years. Bc a dead sideline is what is important!! Not gameplay!

Why make excuses for the developers? Does PC get the following Gen upgrade? I think its dumb too lol but this really is my source on it. Surely they will explain it someplace soon. They did the same for FIFA 14 at 2013. The next-gen variant (to be fair, it was better for a range of reasons) was only accessible on PS4 and Xbox One. PC did did not see parity until the subsequent year. Same ol' song and dance here. That is hilarious. The press release does not say that they won't. Your source unfortunately says"These features, however, will just be from the PlayStation 5 and Xbox collection X versions of Madden NFL 21, not the Windows PC version."

Making absolutely zero sense, thinking about the new consoles are literally based on the new Zen 2/RDNA 2 architecture that is being released right now using all the Ryzen 5000 series and RX 6000 series. It should take next to no effort for them to vent to PC. I cometely agree. I made this argument to my girlfriend RIGHT before my response haha. This makes no sense. Why do you release an update for PC? EA is truly among the worst companies of all time. Yal got mods that may make the game better anyways. Yal might be better off using the modders which treat this as a labor of love. As to madden that just wants cash. Its the same DANM ANIMATIONS. Saw some of the same animations in the game they have been using for decades. Probably a stupid question but are these upgrades coming into the PC version too? I'm just bummed because I can't carry my offline franchise data over. I am in year 7.

Player established play calling was in cheap Madden nfl 21 coins Madden 2001. Then the remainder is"We can not make the game realistic so we're using machine learning how to try to do it while pushing ads for Amazon on your face" I expected nothing and I am still totally disappointed. I really wish to get back into Madden so bad. I simply can not. Maybe I am biased/bitter since I dropped off way back with 16 but for some reason I simply can not get back into it. It does not seem like soccer. Looks pretty neat but I wonder if this game will have any modifications to franchise mode. A good deal of these features are between real life player data so idk how that would impact generated stats and players. Wow. Im really very disappointed. Most of the gameplay revealed has the EXACT same cartoons out of madden 20. I really could litterally do the specific same things they revealed in the trailer in madden 20. And player special play calling? Its just a old feature they put back into the game (why did they ever take it out at the first place?) .