Packers WR Davante Adams joins 'Madden 99 Club'

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Green Bay – Davante Adams received a new honor, which is a growing achievement for the Packers professional bowl receivers in the 2020 historic season. Last Wednesday, quarterback Aaron Rodgers was surprised by the news that Adams was officially welcomed. Adams is a group of existing players currently in the "Madden NFL" video game series with an overall score of $99. Only if you have enough Madden 21 Coins, you can get a star player like Adams.

Rogers said after instructing Adams to open a box at his desk: "I will welcome you to join my friend's "Madden 99 Club". This is the time. We are joking for the top twelve (recipients) After a while, there was a common topic about the top two, my brother, you finally got the reward you deserved." Adams started the season with 94 points. As for middle school skills, he also has 99 in catching, releasing and sprinting. Although he missed two games due to a hamstring injury earlier this season, the four-time Pro Bowl successor may break several franchise records in the Chicago finals of the regular season this Sunday.

In 13 games, Adams has 109 catches, passed 1,328 yards, and is the league's best 17 touchdown catches. He needs 3 catches and 1 touchdown to be consistent with Sterling Sharpe's team records in these two categories. Other members of the "99 Club" include Los Angeles Rams defensive winger Aaron Donald, Carolina's Christian McCaffrey, Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and the hot pursuit Terra Wes Kells, Arizona receiver DeAndre Hopkins and New England guard Stephen Gilmore.

There is a diamond-encrusted gold necklace in Adams' box with the words "99" engraved in the middle. Rogers used this subtle word to express the potential of the Adams Professional Football Hall of Fame. Rogers said: "I think the color of the necklace is the same as the color of the coat worn here about ten years later. I hope you like this color because it looks good." Adams said, "I have liked Madden since I was a kid. '. I still like that game and I did a lot of work for it, so I am very happy that it has paid off, and I am very happy that it has been recognized." If you need to Buy MUT 21 Coins, please visit the famous GameMS.