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His face was ugly, he was almost exasperated, his seven orifices were smoking, he was shivering all over


His face was ugly, he was almost exasperated, his seven orifices were smoking, he was shivering all over, and he couldn't help coughing up a mouthful of blood. Xuanshang Zhenji, Starry Sky Vientiane Map, Origin Lingyi.. It's all taken away! All of it! Ah! Ming Zi couldn't help thinking of the tragic scenes he had experienced in the past. His heart trembled and his teeth were almost broken with hatred. Lin Xun.. Ming Zi suddenly looked up, staring at Lin Xun with scarlet eyes, and opened his mouth to say something. But Lin Xun's figure disappeared with a whoosh and swept to the old copper tree in the distance. Ming Zi was stunned for a moment, and immediately realized what Lin Xun was going to do, this guy. It was. I want to take the opportunity to take away the "thirty-six swords"! "Poof!" Ming Zi felt his chest blocked, and a mouthful of old blood in his throat finally spurted out. Go too far! However, when he wanted to resist, as Lin Xun urged Wu Sheng Yin, he smashed the thirty-six imperial swords like a fish that had been knocked unconscious, falling from the void and being collected by Lin Xun. "Ming Zi, who had been eaten back, shivered all over and turned pale." Are you all right? Lin Xun asked the old copper tree. The old bronze tree looked lucky for the rest of his life after the robbery, and his expression was complicated: "These treasures are really awesome. Fortunately, they were accepted by Taoist friends. Otherwise, my old bones would have to be chopped." Anyway, congratulations to Daoyou, these are really good treasures. In the end, there was a trace of uncontrollable envy and covetousness in his voice. Lin Xun put away these flying swords and looked at Ming Zi in the distance with a smile. "Thanks to the boy of scattered wealth," he said. "If it hadn't been for him,pump tube, how could you and I have seen such a wonderful treasure?" The old copper tree nodded repeatedly. Scatter money boy? That's just right! Listening to the conversation of one person and one tree, I felt a rush of blood on my forehead, and I couldn't help coughing up blood again. He hurriedly took a deep breath, suppressed his manic and resentful mood, and gnashed his teeth word by word: "Lin!"! You're going to die this time. No one in the sky or on the ground can save you! His long hair danced wildly, his eyes were about to crack, and the sound shook the world. Boom! At his feet, the refining pot glowed, producing a strange and obscure wave,empty lotion tubes, faintly, as if there were countless laws of order derived from it, winding around the whole body of Ming Zi. As soon as Lin Xun's black eyes congealed, he rushed forward and urged Wu Shengyin to kill him. Strange scene appeared, no life seal how powerful a Kunlun Emperor soldier, but not yet close, was the refining pot released by the power of the law of order shock back! Hum! Wu Shengyin stumbled and almost lost control, which made Lin Xun's blood roll. This is his strongest treasure! The old copper tree is strange. "Nonsense," said Lin Xun breathlessly. The origin of this alchemy pot is very mysterious. In the past, every time Lin Xun thought he would kill Ming Zi, but every time, he was saved by this alchemy pot, which is very magical and incredible. It is no exaggeration to say that if it were not for this refining pot, Mingzi, a "human-shaped treasure" with many treasures, would have been killed many times. At this time, Lin Xun's expression gradually became dignified. Ming Zi in the distance was obviously urging a secret art, which made the refining pot wake up from the eternal silence, tube lip gloss ,cosmetic tube packaging, and the diffused breath was as obscure and mysterious as the order of the road, and the terror was boundless. Without hesitation, Lin Xun made another move, but no matter what treasure he used, what wonderful method he used, he could not shake the power of the refining pot for a while. Lin, aren't you very strong? Come on, kill me? Ming Zi's expression was cold, and his eyes were burning with fierce hatred. The breath of the refining pot became stronger and stronger, as if it was communicating something. Daoyou, what can I do? The old bronze tree also had a premonition of something bad, and his heart was horrified, as if the next moment there would be a disaster. Lin Xun frowned and said nothing. Ming Zi was not afraid, but the refining pot was so strange that he smelled a strong sense of danger. Ha ha ha, you two idiots, don't think about it, such a ghost place, the emperor came to suffer, and I. And how did you get here? Ming Zi looked up to the sky and laughed, with a dense taste. This is indeed what Lin Xun doubts in his heart, the entrance to the hidden purgatory has been controlled by the Bronze Sparrow Tower, which may casually let this kind of thing come in? Moreover, Ming Zi has never become an emperor, and his fighting power is limited. If it were not for the refining pot, let alone the ninth floor, I'm afraid it would be very difficult to enter the sixth floor! "It's normal that you don't understand. There are many things you don't know in this world!" Ming Zi's eyes were cold, his expression was calm and calm, and he had a sense of superiority when facing Lin Xun. I know you are deliberately stalling for time, otherwise with your hatred for me, if there is a chance to kill me, it is impossible to talk so much nonsense. Lin Xun said indifferently, "Old Copper Tree, let's go. Anyway, this trip has won a lot of good treasures. It's not a loss." With these words, he turned away. The old copper tree hurried to follow. Unable to figure out the situation, Lin Xun planned to avoid it for a while, but the pot was too weird. Ming Zi immediately sneered, "Do you still want to go at this time?"? It's late! The sound falls. Boom! The whole ninth floor of the hidden purgatory suddenly trembled violently, as if under the ninth floor, there was a terrible existence to rush out. In fact, at this moment, the eighteen floors of the hidden purgatory all tremble, and a cold and horrible will, like the gods in the deepest part of the purgatory, awakens from the lowest floor, soars up, and rushes all the way to the seventeenth, sixteenth and fifteenth floors.. Along the way, triggered every layer of the world earthquake, I do not know how many of the evil spirits were awakened, and then shivering, panic. When this scene happened, the drunkard man and rhubarb, who were standing outside the hidden purgatory, showed their startled faces and looked at each other,plastic cosmetic tubes, all aware of the surprise. It's the guy who was suppressed on the 18th floor! As soon as the drunkard man's words came out, the rhubarb had already disappeared and rushed into the hidden purgatory. Every time the old dog perceived a chance to fight, he was as impatient as if he were in heat. 。