The purpose of the Herb run would be to travel as swiftly

The purpose of the Herb run would be to travel as swiftly


Herb running (in definition) is the RS gold running between each one of the herb patches usually in the most time efficent way possible. It takes time for people to actually perfect a decent path running between the one from the swamp (forget the name), the one by draynor manor, the 1 north of ardy, the one in Catherby, and (if the quest is completed ) up the patch in Trollheim.

The purpose is to plant (usually) that the most lucrative herb seed which will leave the maximum profit when harvested. I am not sure on the very best level to begin, or even the current pricing. However, I likely wouldn't suggest you performing it together with your level till you unlock a few more herb choices.

Doing Fairytale part 1 is a fantastic benefit, since the secateurs will boost the amount of herbs collected. Another good idea if looking to do a little bit of herb runs at the future is to invest in the Herb Scroll from Dungeoneering, as it will provide some potential"money back" if you're lucky. Will assist you by providing the ectophile for an easy teleport to the swamp patch. Doing the lumbridge/draynor acheivments will aid you with an easy teleport into the draynor patch.

When farming, you should also use supercompost EVERY TIME. In addition, to clear up any misconceptions, you cannot pay a farmer to watch your herbs, you may only pay him to see the fruit and vegetable plots in the allotment.

Overall, there are many perfect routes to choose, but herb conducting is a really great cash method when perfected to the last gold piece. It can be quite profitable if retained on schedule, while also supplying a pretty decent (but no best) level of farming experience in the procedure.

Herb runs possess an average profit of 2-4m per hour, with the disadvantage which you can only do 6 minutes of it once every 2 hours or so. If you value time at over 4m per hour, do not farm Herbs.

The purpose of the Herb run would be to cheap OSRS gold travel as swiftly as possible to all the Herb spots you have available for youpersonally, harvest herbs to market for cash, and replant the seeds for a later crop. With the best gear and using all of 5 spots, it's possible to complete a run in less than 6 minutes, with the timer starting as soon as you teleport to Trollheim and ending after all patches have been harvested and replanted, and all tools stored.