Dark Blood Age

Dark Blood AgeDark Blood AgeDark Blood AgeDark Blood AgeDark Blood Age


Chu Yunsheng's voice did not fall, the soil collapsed on the spot, seven insects at the foot of an empty, rolled into a solid channel around. Puff. Puff. Almost vertical channel, extremely strong, Chu Yunsheng tried several times to stab with a knife leg, but failed, can only let his body fall in the channel. The fall is still falling, as if there is no end. He began to understand a little why Xiao Qingshan and what Haoming on the issue of returning to the second floor of the dispute, their distance is a bit too far. Roll down, keep rolling down.. Chu Yunsheng's body is small, the density is big, the speed of rolling is fast, and an insect takes the lead, rolling in the front. I don't know how long it took, but with a bang, he felt himself thrown into the air and continued to fall in an arc. Click! Follow up the silly bug hurriedly stretched out the pliers to clamp his knife leg, and Xiaohong clamped the silly bug, Lao Zi's flame long beard hurriedly tied Xiaohong, Lao Jin bit on Lao Zi's buttocks, and finally Qingzai struggled to hook Lao Zi's carapace, high-frequency flapping wings, desperately pulling up.. Only the worm clung to Lao Tzu's back safely. Gee!!! Qing Zai raised his head and neighed loudly, exhausted his strength, and finally stopped the inertia of the six insects under his body from continuing to fall! High,white marble mosaic, too high! Chu Yunsheng's back was broken, and if he fell from such a high distance, he would surely be crushed to pieces. They saved their lives again! But this is only his first reaction, and the second reaction is like a lightning strike. Beneath him, in front of him, around him, it was like a boundless grave. Tombs, not human, not insect,Agate Stone Price, but the burial of warships! This kind of epic space battleship, which only exists in science fiction movies, is inserted upside down in the green world, boundless and boundless, like a broken halberd of sinking sand. They are shrouded in mysterious energy, will be sealed like a cover, Chu Yunsheng they descend to a certain height, they can not be half a foot below. Qingzai pulled a string of insects and continued to rise and fly forward. Countless tall and broad warships backed up under them one by one, while there were still countless warships ahead. They flew farther and farther, and in addition to all kinds of warships, the skeletons of giant creatures began to appear, one big enough to scare people to death. Then, a little farther away, the warships and skeletons gradually became less, and pyramids of human skulls piled up like "crystals" began to appear on the ground, each at least 300 meters high. Under the reflection of the green light, the crystal clear head emits all kinds of wonderful halos, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, and the vitality of heaven and earth in the air begins to become disordered.. Chu Yunsheng looked at it and gasped, and the pyramid of crystal heads piled up densely extended to the place where he could not see. Further on, is the air or the vitality of heaven and earth? It's all starting to flow and get chaotic! Whoo. Oh , whoo.. Oh , Gradually came a deep, plaintive sob, rustling and desolate. As if in compassion, as if in repentance, or endless hatred. Chu Yunsheng followed Qing Zai to fly over the pyramid group composed of continuous crystal skulls. Suddenly, a towering Temple of Heaven appeared in front of us, surrounded by countless pyramids. It was so high that Ching Tsai had to start climbing, rising, trying to get around it. As the field of vision rose, Chu Yunsheng finally saw a huge square tripod standing on the top of the Temple of Heaven, a human skeleton still like a crystal bone kneeling in front of the tripod, and under the steps behind it, kneeling full of crystal skeletons. When the seven insects crossed the Temple of Heaven, an ancient, long and sad sad song came clearly into Chu Yunsheng's mind: …… Big mistake cast into Xi, tears fall all over the shirt; Wei Ling is furious, and the protection is not there; The sword wears armor, the flag stands erect; Let bygones be bygones, kill heresy; A strong enemy is like a cloud, and the warriors strive to be the first; Fu corpse thousands of miles, the sun and the moon without light; Relatives wail, broken mountains and rivers; Mistakes are repeated, and I have no face to close my eyes; When the soul returns, it is time to mourn; Return of the soul, forever haze Luyuan; Return of the soul.. Even if ten thousand years are gone, the gods will not be destroyed; Heaven and earth open again; fight again in the world; …… Chu Yunsheng did not know why he could understand, why it was so clear, and why it was still the time to cross the Temple of Heaven. But the sound was carved on his head like a knife, one on top of the other, full of remorse and murder, and the deep sadness almost swallowed up his consciousness in an instant. He found that his insect eyes had never had tears before. "What's wrong with me?" Chu Yunsheng is jumpy. This kind of regret and sadness, he was vaguely familiar with, is the old purple when they suddenly met the human, he had felt that faint, does not belong to the insect's sadness! "Did you hear anything?" Chu Yunsheng sent out a message with a trembling hiss. What. What..? The silly bug answered blankly. Singing! Chu Yunsheng was frightened, he was afraid of this feeling, hated this feeling, if only he heard it! It's a feeling of being played with! "No.." No Silly bug listened carefully, listened disappointedly for a while, and replied dejectedly. He wanted to listen to the singing very much, because he remembered that Chu Yunsheng had said that the singing was very beautiful. How did this happen! How could this happen? Chu Yunsheng found that his emotions began to rage for no reason, hurriedly tunnel: "Qing Zai, quickly, quickly fly!"! Get out of here, get out of here! Leave here, leave here far away, never look back, never look back! How can a worm cry? It's an illusion. Everything is an illusion! Chu Yunsheng did not know why, he had a kind of urgent escape here, a kind of dare not face here uncomfortable. The Temple of Heaven behind him was getting farther and farther away, and a faint sigh came into his head again: ".." One day, you will come back,Artificial Marble Slabs, and we will all come back. To make up for the heinous crimes we have committed. Chu Yunsheng shook his head desperately, as if to drive the sound out of his head, but he could not. forustone.com