Business Analyst Master’s Program

Business analyst manager: Well, it is a good career option for an experienced Business Analyst who likes to manage a team and would also like to provide leadership to a team.


Project Manager: This role is the most common for Business Analysts because they are aware of this role. They frequently have a functioning example, in the form of a project manager to learn daily. However, the position of a project manager requires a diverse set of skills and the effort is entirely different from that of business analysis. It is a good career option if the business analyst would like to change the directions and skills completely. This option is a very satisfying and highly rewarding career path and a traditional route in which many BA wants to move.

Relationship Manager: This role is all about speaking, understanding, influencing and discussing with the individuals. The business analyst should be able to develop robust stakeholder connections all through their roles. With this competency, the relationship manager is the perfect career path for a Business Analyst, who wants to grow their career into another specialization and progress and improve their profession at the next level.

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Business Analysis Competency Manager: This is another business analyst career option for those who want to play a role in starting this rising profession within the organizations. This career option mainly emphasizes the improvement of Business Analysis competencies to help the business analysis proficiency development within the organization. This career option is primarily suitable for those people who want to hold the theoretical and development aspects of Business Analysis instead of practical experience.