Best Job Search Engines

Best Job Search Engines
Indeed features millions of job listings from thousands of different websites


Best Job Search Engines

1. Indeed
Indeed features millions of job listings from thousands of different websites.They’re going to have more job opportunities listed than any other site we know, and job seekers usually report that it’s the fastest and easiest application process among the online job search engines.

For these reasons, it’s the #1 recommended job board on our list, and the place we’d recommend starting in terms of job boards.
Along with applying for jobs on Indeed, you can also set up job alerts to be notified when new jobs that match your criteria are posted, research and compare salaries, and much more.

(NOTE: We recommend only using job search engines and job portals for 20% of your overall job search effort. So we are not saying to go out and spend your entire job search on sites like Indeed. That’s not the best approach, and you’re better off also networking and applying directly to companies that interest you!)But for the time you do spend on job boards (and again – we recommend 20%), Indeed is where we’d start!

2. CareerBuilder
CareerBuilder has been online for more than 20 years and offers highly customizable search features so you can quickly see job postings that match exactly what you’re looking for.

Unlike Indeed, CareerBuilder gathers job postings directly from employers (they post their jobs directly to the site). CareerBuilder also partners with many local news organizations to be able to list their local job ads from their “classifieds” section.
This is why it’s a good idea to check a few job boards out – they gather data in very different ways, so you’ll see different jobs posted on different job search engines/sites.

Someone in one industry might find that Indeed works great for them, but CareerBuilder doesn’t.Someone in another industry might find the complete opposite to be true.So it’s all about testing and seeing which of these top 5 online job search engines get YOU the best results.

3. LinkedIn
LinkedIn offers a lot – networking, a great online course platform called LinkedIn learning, and yes – job searching!In fact, LinkedIn has one of the best online job search engines.Around 50% of jobs posted on LinkedIn offer “EasyApply” where you can submit your information with just a few clicks (and without needing a cover letter!)
You can also customize your searches to see the exact type of jobs you want.Note that LinkedIn’s effectiveness for you will depend on the industry/field you’re searching in.We’ve spoken with a lot of job seekers and people in tech jobs, engineering, etc., and they seem to report that LinkedIn works great for them as a job search website.Unfortunately, people from a few other industries have said LinkedIn was not the best job search engine for them, so that’s why we recommend trying a few to see for yourself.