Cell Site Selection for Telecom Operators

It’s easy to think that the next-generation wireless network, or 5G, is all about having access to lightning-fast internet on smartphones. But in reality, 5G technology is poised to have a far-reaching impact on several areas of the economy. In particular, time-sensitive sectors like ene


So much so, management consulting company Accenture is convinced that 5G cell site deployment will boost the United States economy by $500 billion and create up to 3 million new jobs.

Clearly, the world as we know it is projected to change with the launch of this high-speed wireless internet technology, which is why all major service providers in the country are preparing aggressively for a 5G network launch. The first 5G rollout will happen in select US cities by the end of 2018, but nationwide 5G coverage is not expected before 2020.

This is because a robust infrastructure is central to effective 5G deployment. And this new kind of infrastructure mandates that telecom companies divorce their old approaches toward infrastructure development.

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