Distinctive Qualities of Descriptive Essay

Everyone wants to nurture his knowledge especially those who are fond of writing. So, you should know that descriptive write-ups initiate a remarkable platform for a student to express his thoughts and point of view on a specific theme or subject.


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Basically, there are some key characteristics that exist in Descriptive Essay that makes it different from other forms of essays like narrative, argumentative, persuasive, and so on. It focuses on the description of a person, place or thing and composes the intro, main body as well as conclusion on a particular topic. The descriptive style of writing is expressive that might incorporate demonstrations, viewpoints, personal judgments, and sensual insights. The core purpose of the essay of descriptive type is to associate the distinctive qualities of the object or person intensely and comprehensively.


What makes the Descriptive Write-ups standout in other pieces of writings?

Captures the interest of the reader

It specifically aims to engage the attention of a reader by considering the preferences of the audience. It is written in an appealing way to encounter the descriptions and words usage that grab the interest of the reader. If your assignment deadline near you can take help from a writer ask him to write my essay for me. Our essay writers deliver original professional academic writing at the lowest cost. For instance, a piece of the descriptive write-up about a vehicle, composed for target customers will demonstrate mechanical and design stipulations but will exert a high focus on facets that are highly concerned with customers like the speed of a car, fuel mileage, luxury, and other special add-on characteristics.


Visualizes the ideas of a reader

It also envisions the views of the readers because the descriptive piece is substantially based on “express” than “demonstrate”. So, with the aid of vibrant portrayals, the writer can convey individual impressions to readers based on opinions and emotions.


Sensory Acquaintance

The essay of descriptive style uses five senses to express the content. So, the personal perceptions of Essay Writer are conveyed on the theme by using sensory and metaphoric details. Sensory details entreat to the five intellects whereas, metaphoric details composed of usage of metaphors and similes to explain the theme. The usage of such details turns out the essay quite pulsating and vibrant to the imagination of a reader. Use these outstanding college essay examples to learn how to write your personal statement and supplemental essays for college.


Idiosyncratic vs. Unprejudiced Viewpoint

Descriptive writing could be either unprejudiced (concrete, unbiased) or idiosyncratic (personal, biased). So, the sort of writing piece composed by a writer could be exclusively determined through the type of emotion and sentiment that the essayist wants to bring about from bookworms. However, it is difficult to present a pure objective. On the other side, the writer could diminish biasness in a writing piece by incorporating more concrete factors such as shape, size, color, and other characteristics shattering them prior to inserting subjective views or emotions.


Vivid Tone

One of the distinctive qualities of a descriptive style of writing is that they depend on the ironic eloquent terminology of the English semantic. The well-structured and well-written essay of descriptive style includes vivid vocabulary. The writer of an essay spices up the prose using vibrant words. He might include "steed" rather than "horse". Similarly, if the writer is talking about Paris, he might associate it with "the town of light".  You need dissertation writing help? Who could blame you? The professional dissertation writers at  Dissertation Writing Services are here to help. Additionally, the words in a descriptive piece are distinguished from emotions that segregate the reading articles and transform them into literature work. So, as an academic writer, students should include emotional dimension while choosing vocabulary.  They should also add an array of literacy devices such as hyperbole, exclamation marks.



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