Aion Classic Experience the fastest MMO.

Aion Online is a long-running MMORPG. Has a loyal fan base and long-term relatively successful reputation.


target system and a balanced open-world system. The final PvP game content has been proven to stand the test of time. However, due to the age of the entire game, the developers tried to take advantage of the nostalgia of the Aion Classic.

One disadvantage of bringing back existing games is that players will also get older. No matter how good this game of Aion Classic was originally designed. Many players mentioned that they are unlikely to have time to train in the Aion. Upgrading is a long-paced process. Players who want to save time can choose Buy Aion Classic Kinah. Players want to see some changes in the rules of the game to reduce the important time for character upgrades to reach the final content.

As players spend more money and more game time. It seems that players are looking for a shortcut. Take action content to a new level. And completed the destruction of the irreparable in-game economy within 72 hours. One of the methods that Aion Online aims to combat in-game inflation is actually through any available method related to game features. Set a hard-core cap on the amount of money earned in the Aion Classic, with a cap of 1 million kinas per day.

However, players are using real-world currencies, buying Aion Classic Gold and then selling them at market prices. Let other players resell at the market price, thus bypassing the upper limit of the difficulty of creating Kinah. The game setup requires the help of developers. Players only need to choose Buy Aion Classic Kinah. As a result, resulting in a lot of inflation and over-saturation of the market, it is obvious how many players have left the experience after only 3 days of launch.

The impact of this event is that it effectively won the Aion classic. This is also the main reason for the player's complaint when asked why they stopped playing the game. For action developers, Aion Classic was originally a goose that lays golden eggs, imitating the success of the action when it was released, but the excessive enthusiasm of the fans, or perhaps their selfishness, mainly makes this dream stay in that one, a dream. See the past.