Design Your Own Porsche Timepiece to Match the Porsche in Your Driveway

Design Your Own Porsche Timepiece to Match the Porsche in Your Driveway


Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur has been offering customization services for a long time, with customers able to choose from hundreds of options in terms of everything that goes into their car. Based on the success of this program and inspired by it, Porsche Design is introducing a new customization program, this time for Porsche merchandise.To get more news about custom watch, you can visit official website.

As of July 1, 2020, Porsche customers will be able to design (sort of, more details on that later) their own chronograph, which can be either tailored to personal taste or made to match the Porsche(s) in their driveway. Much like certain rappers do, you too can match your wristwatch with your car. The service launches in Germany first and will come to Great Britain and the U.S. in September this year.

To be clear, customers won’t be designing a watch from scratch. They’re given a base to start from, which they can customize with any of the 1.5 million design options available. Everything from the bracelet, the bezel, the stitching and the leather can be customized, with colors and design elements taken from the 911.

“No other timepiece brand or automotive manufacturer currently offers such a personalized and exclusive timepiece concept with 1.5 million design options,” Jan Becker, CEO Porsche Design Group, says in a press release. “Both the materials and colors from the car, along with the types of leather and decorative stitching, are adopted from vehicle production for the custom-built timepieces.”

All watches are made in the Porsche workshop in Switzerland and will feature the in-house, self-winding WERK 01.100 mechanism. The case is made of titanium, while the strap can be either titanium or leather. For further personalization, the bottom of the timepiece can be engraved with a message, name or the chassis number of the Porsche that inspired it.