What kind of salary do you get with CISSP certification?

The average salary in the US for CISSPs is, according to Payscale.com, between $68,594 and $128,338 if you’re male, and between $59,810 and $119,553 if you’re female. Glassdoor has similar figures.


 The problem is that because cissp salary certification does not apply to a single occupation, this key issue becomes complicated. You will find a large number of different positions in various industries that require or like CISSP certification. Another consideration is that the salary grades for these positions may be very different. In addition to the significant changes due to the actual work itself, you must also consider the cost of living in multiple areas. For example, if everything else is the same, the CISSP in New York will earn more than the CISSP in Atlanta because their money is farther in the South than in the Big Apple. Therefore, although technically your income in New York City will be higher, you are likely to enjoy a higher standard of living in Atlanta, even if in absolute terms your salary will be lower. However, items that affect your income, such as years of experience and other skills that are not directly related to CISSP or information technology (such as HIPAA, HITECH, or PCI-DSS, to name a few). When discussing salary data for certificates spanning so many different industries and positions, we can gain some insights. CISSP salary statistics Indeed, the best way to discuss CISSP certification salary is not in the details, but in statistics. This will give you a good idea of ​​what you can expect to win and where in the United States you can expect to win. What is the average salary of CISSP? According to data from Payscale.com, the median salary for CISSP in the United States is between US$68,594 and US$128,338. If you are a male, it is between US$59,810 and US$119,553, if you are a female. Glassdoor has similar numbers. Indeed.com shows that the average annual salary of CISSP holders is $99,000, but a quick glance at the CISSP certification salary details for their different positions shows that the salary ranges for different positions are similar. However, the 2016 figures shown by Global Knowledge are very different. His CISSP certification salary is $121,923 (compared to $99,000 on Indeed.com). Interestingly, CISSP certification did not enter the top 15 in 2014; although most of the classification criteria are met, it does not meet the criteria for the sample size to be included in the survey.