Privacy Policy

What is our purpose?

The mission of Actsfile is to create space for people to record their Acts to stimulate personal development and build bridges, networks and partnerships for sustainable development in all sectors and communities. When you use Actsfile, then you agree with this Privacy Policy. As described in this Privacy Policy, Actsfile gives its users the opportunity to choose the data we collect, use and share.

What data do we gather?

The information you give. We gather the information generated through your online activities through Actsfile Website and other data you give when you utilize the Actsfile. This includes when you navigate the Actsline for records, make or offer of your ideas, solutions and comments to others, and message or speak with others.
You can decide to give data in your Actsfile profile fields. However, your real name, your email and your gender are required on Actsfile. Networks and associations. We gather data about the individuals, pages, accounts, hashtags, associations (groups and organization) and gatherings you are associated with and how you interface with them over the Actsfile. For example, you are an important associate of individuals you speak with the most or group with other users. We likewise gather contact data when you decide to transfer, synchronizes or import from your gadget, which we use for things like helping you and others discover individuals you may know, or those with similar interest that you may wish to know.
Your usage. We gather data about how you utilize the Actsfile website, for example, the sorts of content you see or connect with; the highlights you use; the moves you make; the individuals or records you cooperate with; and the time, recurrence and length of your exercises. Things others do and data they give about you. We likewise get and investigate content, correspondences and data that others give when they utilize the Actsline. This can incorporate data about you, for example, when others offer or remark on a photograph of you, make an impression on you, or transfer, sync or import your contact data.
Device properties: data collected from your gadget, for example, the working framework, equipment and programming variants, battery level, signal quality, accessible extra room, program type, application and document names and types, and modules. Device tasks: data about activities and practices performed on the gadget, for example, regardless of whether a window is foregrounded or backgrounded, or mouse developments (which can help recognize people from bots). Device signals: Bluetooth signs, and data about close by Wi-Fi passages, reference points, and cell towers.
Data from gadget settings: data you permit us to get through gadget settings you turn on, for example, access to your GPS area, photographs. Network and associations: data, for example, the name of your versatile administrator or ISP, language, time region, cell phone number, IP address, association speed and, at times, data about different devices that are in range of your network. Cookie information: information from cookies put away on your gadget, including cookies IDs and settings.

How do we use your information?

Individual Information That You Provide We may request that you give us certain data, including individual data, when you interface with the Actsfile Services. Data that distinguishes you as a specific individual is imply to in this Policy as Personal Information". This would incorporate, without restriction, your complete name, email address, phone number. In Actsfile, user authenticity is indicated through verification of user account. Users are therefore required to verify their accounts with valid ID. We gather Personal Information through the Actsfile Services when you decide to interact with such data, for instance, when you register to become a Member. We may likewise gather Personal Information through an assortment of different techniques including, certain content on your Personal Information, (for example, your age, location) to make anonymized measurable data about our User base.
User/Member Information Certain highlights of the Actsfile Services are just available for Users who have registered with Actsfile and have an Actsfile account. To become a member you should first fill in a membership form that require certain essential data from you, for example, your complete name, gender, email address, location, date of birth (optional), interest in developmental sectors such as the SDGs (all in all, "Membership Information").
Profile Content At the point when you join as a User, you are required to complete Actsfile profile. Actsfile may permit you to populate your Profile with certain content picked by you, and we may likewise connect extra content with your Profile dependent on your interactions with the Actsfile Services, for example, your Actsline content and other related information. We track such Profile Content. Any Profile Content that Actsfile permits you to submit must conform to the limitations set out in our Term and Conditions. Your Profile Content may contain Membership Information. The data in your Profile Content is gathered into two primary classes – Restricted Information and Public Information.
"Restricted Information" applies to those segments of the Profile Content and Activity Notifications related with your Profile to which you may choose to limit free access by changing the Profile settings that Actsfile may make accessible to you every once in a while ("General Settings") or by changing other usefulness explicit settings on the Actsfile Services. These General Settings may allow you to make a "Restricted Profile" by deciding to empower certain (yet not total) accessibility of specific parts of your Profile that are not required by Actsfile to be Public Information, certain related Profile Content, and a portion of the warnings that Actsfile produces with respect to your exercises ("Activity Notifications"). Further, except in cases indicated by Actsfile, the entirety of your Profile Content and Activity Notifications will be accessible to the individuals whose Profiles you permit to associate with you.
"Public Information" applies to the segment of your Profile Content that can generally be seen, gotten to, and utilized by anybody with access to the Actsfile Services (e.g., Actsline, different Users, web indexes, sponsors, application designers, other outsiders, and so on.). Any Profile Content that doesn't in any case establish Restricted Information is viewed as Public Information for the reasons for this Policy. The accompanying data is Public Information that can't be changed to Restricted Information:
  • Full Name
  • Username
  • Profile URL
  • Biography
  • Profile Photo
  • Profile Cover
  • Stated Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Actsfile IDs

Public Information incorporates:

• Any extra Profile Content related to a "Public Profile," which applies to any Profile for which a User has set the Profile's perceivability status to "Public" in their Profile Settings.
• Activity Notifications distributed on the Actsfile Services from Public Profiles;
• Affinity Information (e.g., the overall extent of your fondness for Profiles and content); and
• Associations that you join and associations that you leave.

Record ID and Profile ID At the point when you create an Account, Actsfile assigns a "Record ID" to distinguish and sort out data identifying with your Account and a "Profile ID" for each Profile related with an Account (by and large, your "Actsfile IDs"). The Profile ID may permit Actsfile to give a unique web URL to your ("Profile URL"). As portrayed above, Actsfile IDs and additionally Profile URLs consistently establish Public Information and may consequently be seen, gotten to, or potentially utilized by anybody with access to the Actsfile Services. You can't limit access to Public Information through your General Settings, and you can't make your Actsfile IDs and Profile URLs Restricted Information.

When do we share individual information?

Profile Your profile is completely noticeable to all users of our Services. Subject to your settings, it can likewise be obvious to others on or off of our Services (e.g., Visitors to our Services or clients of outsider web search tools). Your settings, level of association with the survey Member, the memberships they may have, their utilization of our Services, get to channels and search types (e.g., by name or by catchphrase) sway the accessibility of your profile and whether they can see certain fields in your profile.
Posts, Likes, Inspires, Follows, Comments, Messages Our Services permit survey and sharing data including through posts, inspires, followings, comments and remarks. At the point when you share a content (e.g., a post, an update, picture, video or article etc) freely it very well may be seen by everybody and re-shared anywhere (subject to your settings). Individuals, Visitors and others will have the option to discover and see your freely shared content, including your name and photograph.
In groups and organizations, posts are visible to other users. Your membership in groups and organizations are visible to the group/organization or public based on your settings. At the point when you follow an individual or association, you are noticeable to other people who visit the site. We let senders know when you follow up on their message, subject to your settings. Also, subject to your settings, we let a Member know when you see their profile. At the point when you like or re-offer or remark on another’s content (counting advertisements), others will have the option to see these "social activities" and seek partnership with you.
Others' Services
You may log into Actsfile with your account on others' Services. When you decide to interface your record with different Services, your individual information will open up to them. The sharing and utilization of that individual information will be portrayed in, or connected to, an assent screen when you pick to interface the records. For instance, you may connect your Twitter or Facebook record to share content from our Services into these different Services, or your email supplier may give you the choice to transfer your Actsfile contacts into its own. Outsider Services have their own security arrangements, and you might be allowing them to utilize your information in manners we would not. You may repudiate the connection with such records. Subject to your settings, extracts from your profile will show up on the services of others (e.g., web search tool results, mail and schedule applications that show a client constrained profile information of the individual they are meeting or informing, web based life aggregators, ability and lead services). "Old" profile data stays on these services until they update their information store with changes you made to your profile.
Related Services We share your information over our various Services and Actsfile subsidiary elements. We will impart your own information to our offshoots to give and build up our Services. We may join data inside over the various Services secured by this Privacy Policy to enable our Services to be progressively pertinent and valuable to you and others.
Specialist co-ops We may engage other experts to assist our Services. We use others to assist us with offering our Types of assistance (e.g., upkeep, examination, review, installments, misrepresentation recognition, advertising and advancement). They will approach your data as sensibly important to play out these errands for our benefit and are committed not to reveal or utilize it for different purposes.

Legitimate Disclosures

We may need to share your information when we trust it's legally necessary or to help ensure the rights and wellbeing of you, us or others are respected.
It is conceivable that we should uncover data about you when legally necessary, summon, or other lawful procedure or on the off chance that we have a decent confidence conviction that exposure is sensibly important to;
(1) research, forestall or make a move with respect to suspected or real criminal operations or to help government implementation organizations.
(2) authorize our concurrences with you.
(3) explore and protect ourselves against any outsider cases or charges.
(4) ensure the security or respectability of our Services, (for example, by offering to organizations confronting comparable dangers).
(5) practice or secure the rights and wellbeing of Actsfile, our Members, faculty or others.

We endeavor to advise Members about legitimate requests for their own information when proper in our judgment, except if precluded by law or court request or when the solicitation is a crisis. We may question such requests when we accept, in our circumspection, that the solicitations are overbroad, ambiguous or need appropriate power, however we don't vow to challenge each request.

Change in Control or Sale

We may share your information in the event of changes in Actsfile ownership arrangements. Actsfile may transfer all or part of this Agreement to an Affiliate or, if Actsfile is sold, to a third party.
Analysts and scholastics We may give data and content to academics and research partners to conduct research to generate innovations to promote discoveries on areas covered by the SDGs, Agenda 2063 and other developmental goals to advance the purpose of Actsfile for individual contributions towards sustainable development and rapid transformation of communities, nations and the world.

Where do we store and process individual information?

We share data remotely with our partners and with those you interface and offer with around the world. Your data may, for instance, be moved or transmitted to, or put away and handled in different nations outside of where you live. These information moves are important to offer the types of assistance set out in the Actsfile Terms and to all-inclusive work and offer our types of assistance to you. We use standard agreement provisos and acquire your assent for these information moves to the Ghana and different nations.

How would we secure individual information?

In light of a lawful solicitation (like a court order, court request or summon) in the event that we have a decent confidence conviction that the law demands us to do as such. We shall distinguish, forestall and address misrepresentation, unapproved utilization of the Products, infringement of our terms and conditions, or other destructive or criminal behavior; to forestall avoidable mischief.
To what extent do we save your information for?
We give you the ability to get to, redress, port and delete your information. We store information until your record is erased. When you erase your information, for example, your posts, photographs and notices, you won't have the option to recover that data later. Data that others have shared about you is not your information and cannot therefore erase.
Utilization of cookies and different technologies Cookies are little bits of text used to store data on internet browsers. Cookies are utilized to store and get identifiers and other data on PCs, telephones, and different gadgets. Different innovations, including information we store on your internet browser or gadget, identifiers related with your gadget, and other programming, are utilized for comparative purposes. In this approach, we allude to these innovations as "cookies." Cookies enable Actsfile to offer Actsfile Services to you and to comprehend the data we get about you, including data about your utilization of different sites.
Cookies help us give, secure and improve the Actsfile, for example, by customizing content, fitting and estimating promotions, and giving a more secure encounter. The cookies that we use may change every now and then as we improve and update the Actsfile.


We use cookies to check your record and identify when you're signed in so we can make it easier for you to access the Actsfile and give you a good experience. For instance: We use cookies to keep you signed in as you explore between Actsfile pages, and for security of the site to assist us with keeping your record, information and the Actsfile sheltered and secure. For instance: Cookies can assist us with recognizing and force extra safety efforts when somebody might be endeavoring to get to an Actsfile account without approval, for example, by quickly speculating various passwords. We also use cookies to store data that permits us to recover your information in the event you've overlooked your secret word or to require extra confirmation in the event that you disclose to us your account has been hacked.


We use cookies to give you the most ideal experience. For instance: Cookies assist us with directing traffic among servers and see how rapidly Actsfile load for various users. Cookies, additionally assist us with recording the proportion and measurements of your screen and windows to determine whether you are empowered with high differentiation mode, so we can make Actsfile sites and applications efficient. Cookies assist us with seeing how individuals utilize the Actsfile Service, examine which parts of the Actsfile highlights individuals find generally valuable and connecting with, and recognize highlights that could be improved.

How to contact us

Our Contact information, Help Center, also provides information about our Services. You may contact us online for general information. For legal notices or service of process, you may write to us at these addresses.

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