Beg the devil

"Maybe it is." Grandpa Mo Sang said with a smile. Jingnan laughed, but the heart is a little surprised


"Maybe it is." Grandpa Mo Sang said with a smile. Jingnan laughed, but the heart is a little surprised uncertain, for Mo Sang's words, he did not know whether to believe, this kind of thought makes him very unhappy, in his growing years, every time he met with Mo Sang, will give him this feeling. At that moment, suddenly in the uproar of the discussion in the square, there was another exclamation! It's moving again! How many steps does he have to go before he stops! Look, 168 steps!! "172, 179, this speed, for example, is a little slower." "Should be the final impact, I am sure he is at most two hundred ranks, will never exceed!" "Almost, perhaps even one hundred and nine are very difficult to enter, after all, this is late at night ah, and the more up, the heavier the pressure!" In the sound of discussion, countless eyes condensed on the ranking of each statue, those eyes are indifferent, disdainful, expectant, envious and jealous. At this moment, Su Ming, surrounded by the moon, walked step by step towards the mountain steps ahead. As he walked, 53 blood lines on his body burst out with bright red awn, and 54 blood lines appeared in the process of moving forward. Then, 55, 56, 57 blood lines, surfaced at the same time, making Su Ming's whole body more bloody, so that his body was filled with a great force to burst out. With a low roar, Su Ming suddenly took a big step forward. After he reached the 186th step, the sound of blood lines increasing came from his body again. The sound made Bi Su, who was on another path beside the fog, frown, and Chen Chong, who was listening in the distance,best green coffee bean extract, gnash his teeth, wishing he could make the same sound in his body. 189 、 192 , 199 …… Two hundred! The ranking of the statues in the square is changing rapidly! First, Ye Wang, six hundred steps. Second, Bi Su, order 397. Third, Chen Chong, order 391. Forty-eighth, Beiling, 206 steps. Forty-ninth, Sikong, order 201 Fiftieth, Mosu, two hundred steps. ----------- Is brewing an outbreak, yesterday's recommendation ticket is very powerful, the root of the ear can not be repaid, there must be an outbreak recently! The goal of today's recommendation is 44000 tickets! Already very close, only a few hundred, ears are not greedy, 44 thousand will be satisfied ~ ~ [Www. 13800100. Com Text First Issue 138 Reading Network] The first volume of life is just like the first chapter 58 broken bamboo! Fiftieth, Mosu, ghana seed extract ,naringenin price, two hundred ranks! In the rankings on the statues, this line of handwriting made all the people who saw it change their looks. Their previous disdain, contempt, and the pleasure of passing the time all seemed to be swept away by a strong wind and completely disappeared. [Www. 13800100. Com Text First Issue 138 Reading Network] No one thought it was fun to pass the time, they witnessed a miracle, witnessed an incredible rise! From the last counterattack, into one hundred, into the fiftieth! Even some of the clansmen in the square could not believe what they had seen, and could not imagine that such a big accident would suddenly come out. Even because Mo Su is in the case of others do not move, is from the last one to break into the top 50, but also in the middle of the night, its performance is too shocking, so that hundreds of clansmen in the square at the moment, have ignored the glory of the top ten, ignored the second Bi Su, all by the name of Mo Su, attracted all the attention. How many people can he break into in the end. "This man must be in the top 30!!" "Not necessarily, I think he should be lack of stamina, but in any case, can enter the top 50, it is enough to show that this person is very strong!" The voice of discussion one after another, in this square in an uproar, this night, should be quiet, but now, it is unprecedented, can not be quiet, even more than during the day, but also boiling. Su Ming broke into the 50th place, and received attention not only from the hundreds of people in the square, but also from those who participated in the competition who were also in the mountains. After fifty, for him this suddenly beyond the people, mostly not angry at the same time, but also awe, as for the fifty, one by one staring at the token in hand, watching Su Ming's ranking, for them, Su Ming, has produced some threats, although this threat is not too big, but people have to pay a little attention. But for the top ten or even the top twenty, there is little emphasis on this. However, it must be Sikong and Beiling who are the most nervous at the moment. One of them is in the 49th place, and the other is in the 48th place. For the 50th place, it is like choking in the throat. Sikong, in particular, looked pale at the moment and clenched his fists. As the son of the head of the Oolong tribe, he finally gritted his teeth and won the place. He was still a little complacent, but now his heart was beating faster. I can't get up! I can't get up! Can't come up!!! He kept shouting in his heart, red-eyed, looking at the ranking in the token in his hand. Far away from his steps on a mountain path, Beiling stood up, also very nervous, eyes wide open, looking at the token, not like Sikong's inner cry, but gritted his teeth, suddenly turned around, toward the two hundred and seventh steps, resolutely walked. When almost most people were staring at the ranking, Su Ming stood on the hundredth step, took a deep breath, his eyes were as firm as iron, and on his body, 58 lines of blood emitted a strong light, which would surely rise to the sky if not covered by the fog around him, even if it was far away, he should be able to see it,carnosic acid price, but now, because of the existence of the fog. So that all this is deeply buried in the mountains. Feeling the strong power that grew out of his body, Su Ming raised his head and looked at the bright moon and the dark sky through the thin fog above.