A patient in hospital

She was a nurse, and I lived with her every day, and she died in this place. Now I'm squatting in the same place.


She was a nurse, and I lived with her every day, and she died in this place. Now I'm squatting in the same place. The vest instantly came out with countless sweat, but it was chilly. As if there was something cold behind him, attached to his clothes, it was extremely uncomfortable. I can't help wondering whether I should come to keep a diary at this time, or whether I should not squat here and hide. My head and eyes began to ache again, and I realized that when I got up, I just thought about it and forgot to drop and take medicine. The medicine is in the room opposite me, and now I can only endure the pain, and there is nothing I can do. Outside the door came the clear voice of the key, and the voice of Hu Hu cursing: "Damn, not this bunch of keys!"! You watch the door and I'll look for it right away. But if you don't hide here, where can you hide? It looks like the only place to hide. By the way, last time, I also hid here unintentionally and overheard the conversation between Hu Hu and Lao Liu! The last time I squatted here, there was still some sense of pride in my heart, but now I just keep sweating in my palm vest. A normal person wouldn't be bored enough to hide here. The only reason to hide here is to hide from something like me. It must be so! Cao Hu will choose this place, judging from her performance,wire nail machine manufacturers, she must be avoiding something to chase, panic, and finally into a dead end, so had to choose this hiding place. In the dark night, the figure of Cao Hu running desperately appeared in my mind. She kept running, looking back from time to time. But the terrible thing could not be shaken off by her, but followed her closely. She works here, and if I'm right,High Speed Nail Making Machine, she even knows something about the mystery surrounding me. But at the moment, she ran desperately, even the mask that never left her face at ordinary times did not know where to go. The door of the computer room was never locked. She suddenly pushed the door and turned over to lock it. Then he hid under the desk, just out of instinct. I don't know if they did an autopsy, but since the medical facilities here are complete, it shouldn't be a problem. It's just that these people really don't look professional enough to clean up the scene. I'm sure they didn't mean to protect the scene before calling the police. What did Cao Hu see? It was only after I had grabbed my head hard, neither easing the pain inside nor stopping the cold sweat from sliding down my temples, that I realized that my body was again reacting faster than my brain. Since the scene was not destroyed, the last thing Cao Hu saw was what I could see now! Cao Hu's twisted and ferocious face appeared in my mind, and I shook my head desperately, trying not to think that her ghost was behind me. When I was a child, I heard that ghosts were said to follow people behind. I remember Cao Hu's strange and twisted posture at the end, with his legs facing inside, wire nail making machine ,Nail machine supplier, one hand outside, and his face not facing inside. I subconsciously turned my face inward, and a strange thing appeared in my eyes. A white coat hung on the desk. Ordinary, white coat, any office in any hospital, any chair, a hanger or a desk, a white coat is absolutely not a problem. But if I'm not wrong, from this point of view, this is the last thing Cao Hu saw. My heart was beating wildly, accompanied by a sharp pain in my eyeballs and a constant blackening of my eyes. But I still touched the white coat with trembling hands. The day before, and Jin Luo two people heard the song rushed out of the door, trance seems to be such a white coat shaking in the corner. In a flash, I'm not sure who is wearing it, or if anyone is wearing it. In the chase, I accidentally looked back and saw a figure in a white coat at the door of the restaurant. The light cast from the dining room, and I could only see a shadow. Now Cao Hu was dead under the desk, and her ferocious and horrible expression foreshadowed the strangeness of her death. And at her last moment, she also saw a white coat. It's the one in front of me. Perhaps, the mystery arises from it. I picked up the corner of my white coat. The clothes are light, but my hands are heavy. The ordinary creases in my clothes looked terrible under the drive of my beating heart. The soft texture also gives me an abominable sense of nausea. I unfolded my clothes, which were no different from other clothes. Just as the word "coincidence" was soothingly flashing through my mind, a strange symbol appeared on the corner of my clothes. It was embroidered with the English letter "L" written in flowers. It's the missing Li Hu! I felt that my heart, which had been beating rapidly, stopped in an instant, and my eyes were black. When I opened my eyes again, the desk and the white coat disappeared. I was lying in the hospital bed, and my eyes were dry and uncomfortable because I had not moved for a long time. I'm unconscious again. There is eyedrop on the head of a bed, it seems that when I am unconscious, someone still opens the eyelid to drop medicine for me. If I hadn't experienced so many things, I'm afraid I would still feel that the care of patients here is quite thoughtful. However, after the confrontation with President Huang just now, it is hard to say whether he will get such care in the future. Inside the head, there are still lingering palpitations after the headache and eye pain. I got up and dropped my eyedrops, closed my eyes and waited for a while to let the medicine work slowly. Then I got up and went to the window. The sky was dark, and there were many towering trees outside the window, very close to each other. If the window wasn't barred, I could have leaned over and touched it. A gate is tens of meters away from the window. There is a narrow road outside the door, but it should be accessible to cars. Obviously, this is not the room I was in before. From the view from the window, it looks like it's under the restaurant. I remember it was like this outside the restaurant, with many big trees stretching all the way into a dense forest. It seems that this is not far from the restaurant. It should be when I was unconscious that they moved me to the empty room next to Jin Huisheng. If I still have the strength, maybe I can stay by the window and wait outside to shout for help when someone or a car passes by in order to save myself. But my body did not allow me to do so, I stood by the window for a while,Nail machine supplier, my feet were weak, the mountain wind was dizzy, so I had to go back to bed. 3shardware.com