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Wang Miaosheng had intended to say that the Republic was about to launch the Ryukyu Islands Campaign


Wang Miaosheng had intended to say that the Republic was about to launch the Ryukyu Islands Campaign, which is still unknown to Japan, and it is even difficult to say whether the Japanese government knew that the Republic was about to launch a landing operation on Jeju Island, so that they could predict that the Republi C would take the initiative to break the rules and take the last colony under its control directly. This is obviously more difficult. According to the operational plan of the Navy Command, the threat capability of the Fourth Fleet of the Japanese Navy is very low, at least in the Republic Navy, where radar equipment has been popularized to ordinary coastal defense torpedo speedboats, if it wants to escape the battlefield surveillance of t he task force and the cordon of submarine forces and suddenly kill the landing site, it can be considered with such probability. Even if the Fourth Fleet of the Japanese Navy has the courage to come out to fight, the naval task force will leave the landing operation at any time and turn to meet their challenges. According to Luo Yong's assumption, he was naturally more willing to be perfect in the Sino-Japanese naval confrontation, winning the first and second fleets of the Japanese joint fleet in the first Sino-Japanese naval battle in the East China Sea, and killing the third fleet of the joint fleet in intercepting the Japanese transport fleet in the Korean Strait not long ago. The whole so-called Japanese navy is only the fourth fleet is still a piece of fat meat, Luo Yong's idea is to kill the last threat first, and then no matter how the Republic acts in the waters around Japan, Japan, which has lost its navy, is always helpless. If I can really promise you, it can only be the Navy Command, and the consequence of promising you is that the whole battle plan will be greatly revised, and even your task force will need to be replaced after receiving new ammunition supplies. Wang Miaosheng looked at the navigation bell, stood up and patted Luo Yong on the shoulder. He said helplessly, "Anyway, the remaining piece of meat of the Japanese Navy will not be yours sooner or later. What's the hurry?" Wang Miaosheng left, leaving behind Luo Yong, whose mind was still a little confused. After half a ring, he said to himself and sighed: "I want to clean up the Japanese Navy first, but the Navy Command is in a hurry to clean up the Ryukyu Islands. This time it seems that I am really too anxious and I am wrong." Out of the fleet commander's office, Luo Yong came to the navigation bridge and watched the huge fleet breaking through the waves in the afterglow of the sunset. In the distance, the aircraft carrier Shimin was recovering the fighter planes carrying out the fleet's air defense. Nearby, on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier Yanhuang, two Marines were parked in the temporarily idle landing area. Two fighter planes carrying out night air defense missions were waiting for ejection in the preparation area. Looking back at the lower right, Luo Yong soon saw Wang Miaosheng boarding the plane and leaving accompanied by the adjutant. This tireless little old man really convinced Luo Yong. On the amphibious assault ship "Luliangshan", the flagship of the landing combat fleet, collapsible pallet bin ,collapsible bulk containers, helicopters are still circling and landing slowly on the direct deck, carrying a large "helicopter carrier" assault ship with a standard marine battalion and its equipment, and now carrying 26 helicopters, two of which are standby multi-purpose (transport) helicopters for the assault ship. The remaining 24 helicopters, in addition to a squadron of six armed attack helicopters, are 15 "Black Cavalry" multi-purpose transport helicopters and three "Steel Bird" medium transport helicopters. A "Black Cavalry" multi-purpose helicopter can carry a standard infantry squad and a certain amount of ammunition supplies it needs at one time, and 15 helicopters can directly transport a reinforced company of troops together, and with it, there is also a "Steel Bird" medium-sized transport helicopter with strong transport capabilit y, which uses two tandem counter-rotating three-blade rotors. It has two engines with low front and high rear, symmetrical configuration, an internal payload of 6.5 tons and a maximum hanging load of 10.6 tons, which can transport more than 30 soldiers or an artillery platoon at one time, and cooperate with multi-purpose helicopters to transport enough ammunition supplies for the reinforced company. It replenishes heavy materials including light howitzers and battlefield assault vehicles. The dock landing ship brought this time, in addition to carrying four large landing hovercraft, can also allow a regimental force to launch a beachhead landing battle, but its ability to take off and land two helicopters at the same time, four can also take off and land eight helicopters at the same time, which can be a good supplement for two attack ships accompanying aircraft landing operations. Therefore, the air transport capability of the Republic Navy's landing combat fleet is considerable. In theory, it can deliver a battalion-level combat unit and corresponding materials at a time, which is very beneficial to enriching the tactical system of landing combat, and of course, it is also very effective in campaign and tactics. In the early morning of May 17.. The three battleships, Taishan, Huangshan and Songshan, which had been following the naval task force for a long time, were finally "freed". They could not show their powerful naval gun power in all the previous naval battles, but they would show the great ability of battleships in the next land fire attack. Because they have been incorporated into the temporary artillery fleet. At the same time, four cruisers and two destroyers, which also belonged to the shelling fleet, also broke away from the task force formation one after another. After completing the formation of the temporary shelling fleet, they will rush to the sea off Jeju Island. According to the operational plan, of course, it is also a rehearsal for the battle of Okinawa Island. They will complete an hour of firepower preparation with naval guns. Of course, the battle of Okinawa would have taken two hours, or even longer. The landing combat fleet has also moved to Jeju Island. The three advanced conventional combat ships that followed the fleet have cleared the sea off Jeju Island to ensure that there are no Japanese submarines within 50 nautical miles around Jeju Island. Although the task force has strolled in this area many times,plastic pallet manufacturer, the Japanese submarines can not be so advanced at all. As a result, they escaped the repeated searches of the task force and waited to attack the landing combat fleet. In any case, it is necessary to ensure the absolute safety of the surrounding waters. binpallet.com