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Why did you spend so much money, Chen Qi?"? Although you are also for me, it is too extravagant.


He Lingbing was born in a country very close to the sea, so she heard several rumors, one of which was related to a group of strange fish in a copper basin. Remembering his childhood past, He Lingbing couldn't help asking, "Shopkeeper, how much do you want to sell the white-scaled sea snake here?" The shopkeeper was an old man in a gray cloth robe, with a deep breath on his body, and it seemed that he also had the cultivation of a series of refining. Hearing this, he said with a smile, "Are you talking about those cloud-spewing sea pythons?"? This thing is called a white-scaled sea snake in many places. That's because there are only juvenile pythons near the sea, which are not big in size. These are cloud-spewing sea pythons that have become climate and can be refined as Taoist soldiers. I won't sell it without ten pieces of sense money. If the quality is slightly inferior, the price will be even higher. He Lingbing was a little hesitant when she heard this. She had only been practicing Taoism for a few days. With the help of Chen Qi, she had already broken through to the level of refining, but the rest of her time was not enough to practice magic. Where was the chance to condense money? Just as He Lingbing was about to walk away, Chen Qi asked beside him, "Ten pieces of money are not much. But recently, in order to do one thing, I changed all the money on my body into Vajra money. I don't know how to calculate this kind of money." Chen Qi grabbed a handful of Vajra amulet money. The old man hesitated a little. Then he said with a smile, "It is reasonable to say that the value of Buddhist amulet money is slightly higher than that of the cloud money circulating in our school.". But I'm afraid the little old man can't give you much empty head. He can only calculate it according to the value of a cloud coin. Chen Qi nodded and said, "I don't know how many cloud-spewing sea pythons Laozhang still has."? Not only the ones in your pot,push back racking system, but also the ones with worse heat and higher heat. The old man was slightly stupefied. Then he said with a smile, "That's easy to say. There are forty-two cloud-spewing sea pythons in my pot, and there are more than two hundred small ones in the house. These small ones are not worth anything. You can count them as a piece of money.". But you want to buy a higher line of sea pythons, I have two here, but the price is much more expensive. Chen Qi waved his hand and said, "No harm, no harm. Let me go and have a look." The old man flew out of his sleeve with a gourd,automated warehouse systems, in which the fish and dragon spread, and the whole body was transparent, which was very magical. In this gourd, the monsters in the sea are all full of heat, and there are even several big demons with a long history of Gang Qi. Among them, there are two cloud-spewing sea pythons with sharp horns on their heads, which seem to be signs of turning into dragons. They meander and swim in the gourd, and there are clouds and mists of water vapor condensation outside their bodies, which are like gods. Chen Qi nodded his head and said, "These two cloud-spouting sea pythons are of such fineness that they can already be regarded as cloud-spouting horn pythons. The next step is to turn them into cloud-spewing horn pythons. What is the value of this thing? Please ask Laozhang to make an offer." When the old man saw that Chen Qi was familiar with what he said, he knew that the little thief was a man who knew the goods. He hesitated a little and said with a smile, "It is reasonable to say that such goods cannot be traded without the money of the fifth class.". It's just that it's been in my hands for a long time, and no one is interested in it, even if it's a hundred yuan. Chen Qi laughed and said, push back racking system ,radio shuttle racking, "Sure enough, the price is fair, but unfortunately, I only have a few coins in my hand, but I don't have any money. Here are twenty coins. I don't know what Laozhang thinks." The old man was overjoyed. Although he said that the money of each grade could be exchanged in multiples of ten, the money of the higher grade was always scarce, and its value was much higher than that of the lower grade. Although the twenty pieces of money were said to be two hundred pieces of money, in fact, it was the old man who made a small profit. The old man was also forthright, and immediately said, "Since the guest is so generous, I can't be stingy, so I'll give him two more demon snakes with a series of congealed evil spirits as an addition.". If there is business next time, please take care of the younger one. The old man did not know where to come from, shaking his hands and carrying out two small red snakes. The two small snakes looked very cute, but the snake letter stretched and shrank, like a sharp-eyed man like Chen Qi, who could see clearly that the snake letter he spat was made up of a flame, which was no longer a real thing. The little thief had a sharp eye. At the beginning, he had read numerous books and records in Qingcheng Mountain, and he liked to chat with his brothers in the same school. He had a wide range of knowledge. Then he called out, "These two red salamanders are also of great value. How can Laozhang be willing to give up what he loves?" When the old man heard that Chen Qi recognized the origin of this pair of little snakes, he said with a smile, "You can see that what I practice is the Taoism of the water system. It is a waste to put this pair of salamanders in my hands.". This door cultivates heaven and earth Honglu big. There are very few disciples of Dharma. Even if there is, it is not rare to keep these two red-trained salamanders as Taoist soldiers. After all, the number is too small to be of much use. Chen Qi nodded, then flew out of a group of blue light, the purchase of the cloud python, as well as the two red salamanders together, and then took He Lingbing away. He Lingbing saw that Chen Qi suddenly wanted to buy Taoist soldiers for her. Although Ke and his temperament would not raise any doubts about Chen Qi, it was not without doubts. After they walked away, He Lingbing asked, "Although these white-scaled sea snakes are a little bigger, they can't be said to be precious. Why did you spend so much money, Chen Qi?"? Although you are also for me, it is too extravagant. Chen Qi shook his head slightly and said in a low voice, "I'm not that kind of person. I bought these cloud-spewing sea pythons because I knew that a Taoist formula implied the sacrifice of these monsters.". It is also the Taoist method of the cloud system, which can make up for your lack of means. These cloud-spewing sea pythons are in the hands of others, but a group of chicken rib Taoist soldiers, the power is really nothing, but with my Taoist method, the value has increased more than ten times. Chen Qi's practice of the Dragon and Tiger General Regulator is all-inclusive. He has not practiced many spells, but he knows them all. So just have to see these cloud sea pythons, on the decisive move,warehouse storage racks, otherwise Chen seven means have enough, also disdain to buy what Taoist soldiers. Small. Say .t.xt. God . Don 381, the sky cloud does not move the sword array Dragon and Tiger Chief Regent is a magic spell that cooperates with the cloud-spewing sea python in the true method of controlling ten thousand beasts. It is called Tianyun Immovable Sword Array. kingmoreracking.com