The Wind and Cloud of Rebirth Rise Again

The Wind and Cloud of Rebirth Rise AgainThe Wind and Cloud of Rebirth Rise AgainThe Wind and Cloud of Rebirth Rise Again


"I didn't come to the countryside before, so I didn't know anything about the education in the countryside. When describing the education situation in the countryside, newspapers and magazines always use phrases such as" low enrollment rate of school-age children "," high dropout rate "and" backward education situation ". I thought the countryside did not attach importance to education! Gu Qing sighed with emotion. The root of educational backwardness lies not in the backwardness of ideas but in the backwardness of economy. In our survey, 80% of families spend one third of their family income on their children's education, and the vast majority of parents very much want their children to go to college. We have asked many villagers, when asked about the children's learning situation, they always said: "My children can be like you.". In fact, there is no reason why we work so hard. We just hope that they can learn more and find a good way out. Still remember an old man said to me: "Where my child can go, I will go, even if I break the pot and sell the iron." Lanci said lightly, I know he is already writing a survey of the current situation in the countryside! "Education is a heavy topic." My brother sighed. "In the past, we were too naive and naive. What we saw and heard was what others told us. We had never considered these educational and economic problems before. We always felt that they were far away from us." "Seeing these children, I always feel sad for them and worry about their future. We have a good family background and a rich family. We only stay here for a summer vacation. This experience is just an unforgettable response for us. But what about them?"? For these children from rural areas, reading is their only hope. Without enough knowledge,digital interactive whiteboard, how can they change their destiny? Do you want to repeat the way of your ancestors? My brother looked sad and angry. Without enough education, why should they go out to compete with others? Why should they go out? They have already lost before they go out. What are the children in the city doing during the summer vacation? They are receiving all kinds of elite education, learning English and Mathematical Olympiad. What about them? They don't even know what Pinyin is, what English is, or even instant noodles. They have lost at the starting point! "Brother, calm down!" I comforted my brother,interactive panel board, knowing that he was grieving for one of his students, for the girl who was less than 10 years old. The 10-year-old girl took on a lot of labor in the family, because her father died, her mother was ill, and the only thing in the family that could make a living was the vegetable plot, and she fainted today because she didn't have enough to eat. Isn't it compulsory education? Isn't it compulsory education? Why are there still so many people who can't read books? "Brother." The evening conversation was filled with sadness. Lilac "The country is always saying that we should grasp the economy, grasp the economy, but without the support of education, can the economy develop?" Lanci was also deeply touched. A large number of farmers have no culture or only primary school culture, which will inevitably restrict the development of rural areas. In my investigation, I found a very serious problem, interactive touch screens education ,smartboards for business, that is, the legal concept in rural areas is very weak, farmers do not pay enough attention to the law, the key is that they do not understand the law, resulting in a lack of understanding of the law. The degree of understanding of the Law on Farmers' Professional Cooperatives illustrates this problem. They don't know how to use the law to protect themselves. I heard that some young people in some families went out to work, but unfortunately they suffered work-related injuries outside and did not get compensation at all. They returned home miserably. Lanci looked at his record a little sadly. There are some things we really can't change. The deeper we understand, the more helpless we feel. Sometimes, I feel that we are very small, what can we do for them? The more I teach here, I find that we can do so little for them. It seems that we can't do anything. We only stay here for two months. What can we do in two months? "I remember reading a book that said something like this, and I appreciate it very much." I know that my partners have seen too many problems that they can't solve, and they are beginning to get a little impatient. "We go to poor places to volunteer, just like sowing seeds of hope on a barren land. Maybe we can't see the seeds we sow blossom beautifully now. Maybe the seeds we sow can't survive because of the barren soil. But as long as we keep sowing, we will see the seeds blossom one day." "What we are doing now is the work of sowing seeds!" "Sometimes we don't necessarily get what we pay for, but if we don't pay, we certainly don't get what we get!" "We have brought a kind of impact to the children here. They may not experience this change in the near future, but over time, they can learn something useful from us.". And haven't we learned a lot here? Several people nodded, and their expressions slowly calmed down, not as excited as they had just begun. Far away from the city life, we have learned to think calmly in a strange environment, to find ourselves, and to make ourselves grow. It is said that the complicated life in the city will make people lose themselves. I used to live and eat with Tibetans in Tibet, and I felt the meaning of life. Here, we spend most of our time away from the TV, so we have time and space to reflect on what we have done before and ponder the movies and books we have seen. Through this kind of thinking, we can often get new understanding and experience, and our mutual exchanges, but also let our views on the problem have in-depth research, unconsciously, a lot of mature thinking. Here, without the taste of materialism in the city, the body and mind return to the simple nature, which is very good for everyone's body and mind! "Go and see Miss Li tomorrow!" I suggest. Uh Teacher Li was originally a village teacher in a small mountain village. I heard the village head say that she was from Maoer Village. Her parents died early. She was raised by the villagers. She was admitted to a junior college. Faced with the pleading eyes of the villagers, she gave up studying and stayed to teach the children in the village. A person with three grades,smartboards in classrooms, not the official establishment of the state, can not enjoy the treatment of public teachers, but she still devotes herself to teaching the children in the village.